The Bible Comes Alive

The Bible Comes Alive


Sir Charles Marston,

xix pages (introduction) / 303pp. text / 40pp. of photos at the end, and also a few pages added by modern publisherL  photo/bio of the author;

around 380pp., total, pb.,

18.00 + P&H.

(The Bible and archaeology)

ISBN 1-58840-538-9


also available by the same author

New Bible Evidence: From the 1925-1933 Excavations (1934-1935) Sir Charles Marston

(Eminent British archaeologist, owner of the Villiers motorcycle company),

264pp., pb., 16.50 + P&H.

ISBN 1-58840-422-6


To be printed next:

New Knowledge About Old Testament (1933) Marston, 182pp., comb-bound, 16 00 + P&H.


also available:


- The Bible and Archaeology (c.1940), Sir Frederick Kenyon (head of the British Museum), 310pp., pb., + dozens of photos, 22.00 + P&H. (very rare) - firm believer in the veracity of the Bible.


- The Bible Verified (1890), Rev. Andrew W. Archibald, 256pp., 18.00 + P&H.


- Diggers For Facts: The Bible in the Light of Archaeology (1940), J.O. Kinnaman, Ph.D., 239pp., pb., 20 00 + P&H.