Medium-sized Posters

Medium-sized Posters

all are full color and illustrated on glossy thick poster paper; 6.00 P&H (within the U.S.) shipping in a protective mailing tube.

Up to 10 can ship together for $6.00 total in 1 tube (or they can also ship with the large posters).

(Poster / Chart) Coordinated Chronology of the Reformers

Coordinated Chronology of the Reformers

Without the Reformers there would have been no American Revolution and we would all be Catholics on the Papal Plantation and in ignorance concerning the Word of God and Salvation.  The Reformers are our greatest heroes.  However, because the majority of "Christians" are utterly ignorant concerning the Reformers and the History and Doctrine of the Reformation, Christendom has fallen.  There is only one way to regain it—and that is through repentance and a return


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