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A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs

A Coordinated Chronological Table of the Patriarchs:

From Adam to the 12 Tribes of Israel and the death of Moses... From Creation to the Exodus...

[Covering 26 generations and 2,553 years of history, with around 3,000 co-ordinated dates.]

— a 10-year project - 38” x 50” full-color wall chart showing all patriarchs from Adam to Moses; how old each was at time of all other patriarchs (living and dead), age in relation to Flood, Call of Abraham, Tower of Babel, Sodom & Gomorrah, Exodus; dates in terms of age from Adam, and B.C. dates by 8 different methods / chronologists; incorporates 2 other smaller inset charts:

Calendar of events of the Flood


difference between Masoretic and Septuagint chronologies; clears up numerous chronological mysteries,

2 dozen pictures.

Most detailed, comprehensive work of this kind ever attempted.

A wealth of info.   THIS IS AN INVALUABLE WORK for any pastor, book author, researcher, layperson... 

Easily see who was alive and what age all other patriarchs were at the same time (or how long it was after their death or before their birth) and all ages at the time of other key events (the Flood, dispersal at the Tower of Babel, Call of Abraham, going of Israel down into Egypt, etc.).

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All on heavy, glossy, poster paper; suitable for framing; works of art; beautiful; one of a kind / nothing else like them.

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