There is a Fine Line between Genius and Insanity, and Between Pain and Pleasure, and Between Laughter and Tears

Someone emailed me and asked me a series of questions, and I likewise offered a series of answers. As it is somewhat humorous (from an outsider’s perspective; though he admitted also seeing the humor), I asked if I could remove his personal data and “share with the class”; in case it might help others somehow, even if only in perspective.

How MASSIVE is the so-called U.S. “National” Debt and All Debt Combined...? (Updated)

It is (so we are told) 239,000 miles from earth to the moon (x 5,280 feet/mile x 12 inches/foot) = 15,143,000,000 (rounded off) inches from earth to the moon (though I have not personally confirmed it; that is a little longer than my Craftsman tape measurer will stretch).

The Fear of the Lord, Evil, and Suffering—an important topic overlooked by most Christians [Is God In Complete Control...? Did 99% of His Creation Just “Go Bad”...? Can Anything “Take God By Surprise”...?]

If you don’t fear the Lord, you don’t love Him.  If you love Him you obey Him.  If you love Him you trust Him and know that all things He has ordained for His Own Glory; and our duty is to submit to what He has ordained.  God’s creation did not “go bad”.  Nothing evolves and nothing falls on its own.  God is Master of His universe.

What is Truth?

[This is a very in-depth, detailed treatise, which covers a lot of related information, which should prove to be quite enlightening as well as entertaining.]

Pontius Pilate* (who is greatly misunderstood) asked Christ Jesus, during His Roman trial:

Thought for the Day in a Dog-eat-dog World

Phytoplankton are eaten by zooplankton; zooplankton are eaten by herring; herring are eaten by tuna; and then man eats tuna—and then is irrationally “outraged” when a shark eats man.  However, if God’s children reject His Rule (and thus also His Watchcare), vomitously insultingly believing that they evolved from monkeys (and primal ooze) and even deny that God exists...

“Happy” Frogs Make Happy... uh... nothing...! — and other factors of the toxic CROCK-tail that create the “perfect gender-perversion storm”

[This will not be a quick read; but it should be very informative and even entertaining.  I spent about 40 hours on this, and it may still need some refinement and there may be some typos.]

‘This gay frog proves the unthinkable’ on YouTube

From Infidel to Believing... Darwin, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Antony Flew, Jordan Peterson, Ivan Panin and more ... the gods of the false chariots continue to crash... despite the majority of Infidels continuing in their delusion and denial

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The Inestimable Importance of the Bible and Christianity

The Bible is the bedrock of the U.S. and Britain, as well as our sister-nation republics of Europe. The undermining and corruption of the true faith has resulted in the undermining and corruption of our nations. Our nations and our nations alone have been known as Christendom. We have not been known as Christendom for a millennia because we were secular, pluralistic states.

“Nondoctrinal Christianity” and all “Christianity” that rejects Reformed Doctrine [the Doctrine Re-established at the Protestant Reformation] is Humanism & Humanism is a Euphemism for Satanism

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No aspect of God’s universe is on autopilot; neither can it “evolve” or chart its own course. 

God could not have made such a universe.


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