Scriptural Vignette Cameo Study #16 / Part 1 - Don’t Be Lyin’ or Fakin’ or You’ll Be Cryin’ & Achan & Maybe Fryin' -’ Joshua 7 (UPDATED)

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Humanism / Arminianism suffers another blow from merely the first verse of Joshua 7

Joshua 7

1But the children of Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing: for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the Tribe of Judah, took of the accursed thing: and the Anger of the LORD was kindled against the children of Israel.

In Scripture, the Hebrew word translated into English as accursed (doomed) is often also translated dedicated (devoted). The word means both things, though they seem to be polar opposites; but they are not. The difference is one of perspective: the perspective of the one doing the dedication, the perspective of God, the perspective of the one / thing being dedicated / doomed. Things that were dedicated to God were consumed on the altar, thus, the thing to be dedicated was “doomed” to die; it was accursed in regard to its own fate, and it was dedicated / devoted in relation to God. It could be rendered more generically, “set apart”.

[I may post a subsequent article that I wrote a decade ago, on Jephthah’s Sinful Vow and The Conquest of Jericho: What They Have In Common.]

In this case, it is the word translated as “accursed thing(s)” [both times it is a plural masculine noun], the Hebrew word #2764 khey-rem / kheh-rem, meaning, “physically (as shutting in) a net (either literally or figuratively); usually a doomed object; abstractly extermination:—(ac-)curse (-d, -d thing), dedicated thing, things which should have been utterly destroyed, (appointed to) utter destruction, devoted (thing), net”

from #2763 khaw-rahm, “to seclude; specifically (by a ban) to devote to religious uses (especially destruction); physically... make accursed, consecrate, (utterly) destroy, devote, forfeit, utterly (slay, make away).”

Note also here that God says that “the children of Israel” committed a trespass and “the Anger of the LORD was kindled against the children of Israel”. Yet Achan was one individual (and as we know from the rest of the story, all of his family, and all of his animals were stoned to death, and then consumed in a bonfire). Humanists reject truth if it does not conform to what their minds thinks is “fair”. THIS is the litmus test of a humanist, which accounts for most “Christians”.

[* You cannot be a humanist and a Christian. The terms are diametrically opposed. That is like saying that a women is a “chaste whore”. Likewise, a person cannot be an Evolutionist and a Christian. You cannot believe God and not believe God at the same time. You cannot believe God and believe diametrically opposed information both as being true. Tell me, how many of God’s Attributes / Divine Perfections / Characteristics of His Nature and Being can you NOT believe, and still believe in the true God...? How many of God’s Statements can you NOT believe, and you still believe in God...? If you believe that God or Jesus is DIFFERENT than what God Himself says, if you believe as truth anything that is the opposite of what God / Jesus said — you do not believe in God / Jesus; you are an idolator, a humanist with a Jesus fetish. You believe in something “God-like” (God-ish / Göttlich) or “Jesus-like” (Jesus-ish). If you believe in something other than God as the determiner of reality, you don’t believe in God. If you believe that a cat has fur, whiskers, and meows, and has 8 legs with suction cups, and likes water, you do not believe in a cat, but in some hybrid monster that is part pussy cat and part octopus — which means that the abomination is neither. Only in a perverse make-believe world in the deluded minds of those who reject the reality that God established, can it be believed that a hybrid abomination is any longer either of what the separate parent beings were. God forbade and outlawed hybrids of any creature or even plant — and the fact that 2 plants and / or creatures can mate and produce viable offspring does NOT mean that they are of the same kind / species. If out-of-kind breeding was impossible, God would have had no cause to forbid it! Polluted, sinful modern notions do not invalidate the Decrees or Law of God. Man’s mind does not cause God to change.

God is as HE has told us that He is (and He is IMMUTABLE and PERFECT), not as sinful man imagines Him to be. Someone who believes something that is opposite to reality is called psychotic; which most “Christians” are spiritually — utterly delusional. Since this psychosis and irrationality is not general demonstrated in any other area of functionality in life, it is not an intellectual problem, but a spiritual problem. They believe in sophisticated superstitions, idols, mythologies that they have created in their minds (taking disjointed, out-of-context, bits and pieces of Scripture, and supergluing them together, in what I call “Kidnap-Letter Theology”), and they then project onto the real God as if those notions are His and as if they represent Him — which they are and do not. They do not know God; and therefore, they cannot worship Him at all; let alone in “sincerity [true motive] and truth [actual reality, according to the rigid dictates that He established according to Doctrine]”. True Christianity is Doctrine / Theology; anything less is humanism. If God says that an individual does NOT know God, and the individual argues and says, “Yes, I DO”... —WHO is correct and WHO is deluded...?

If a man gave an expensive present to a woman who is NOT his wife, would his wife think that he gave the present to her and not that other woman? If a man bows down to an idol and prays to it, is he worshipping the true God? Stupid humanists (such as the Danish abomination, the defective Lutheran Søren Kierkegaard) who think that the man who bows to an idol is actually worshipping the true God are antichrist. Such have destroyed Christianity / Christendom from within; from within the minds of God’s people (in its schools, universities, seminaries, churches), which then opened the floodgates for Christendom itself to be invaded and overthrown; and now anything that contradicts what the ungodly masses want (that is, true Bible Doctrine and obedience to it) is called “hate”; and Antichrist Doctrine is taught in its place, teaching the very opposite of what God / Christ Himself declared. Thus, perverse humanists have hijacked the name “Christianity” and serve up poison instead of Life — and they (95% of all “Christians” and “Christian” churches) actually think that they are Christians. They don’t know the truth — and they would reject it if they heard it; and if Jesus returned preaching it they would crucify Him again!]

The carnal mind is opposed / hostile to — at war with God. The carnal mind, especially of most “Christians”, likes to entertain flattering notions of it’s own “goodness” (again, this is a litmus test of carnality / humanism), and so, the carnal mind does not consider itself to be “at war” with God, but that they merely have “a difference of opinion” — again, not realizing that no human, no created thing has any moral, intellectual, or legal standing to have “a difference of opinion” with the Creator, God, Lord, and Sovereign of the universe! They do not even understand the concept of GOD, and they reject truth when it does not conform with what they want it to be. Such are friends of the world (adopting the world’s notions of “fairness”, “equality”, and “morality” and rejecting God’s) and therefore, the enemy of God, even though they think of themselves as being “good Christians”.

“6For to be carnally minded is death... 7Because the carnal mind is enmity [hostility, warfare] against God: for it is not subject* [in submission] to the Law of God, neither indeed can be. 8So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.” (Romans 8)

[* “Subject” here is a poor translation, as it is too vague and can easily be misunderstood due to the varied meaning of the English word. Yes, every single individual IS subject to, that is, under obligation to obey the Law of God. But that is not the issue (or subject, topic, focus). The carnal mind not only refuses to obey, but the carnal nature is incapable of obeying; which does not diminish in the slightest it’s duty to God or guilt before Him. Thus, the proper translation would be: “The carnal mind is hostile to God: because is not in submission to the Law of God, neither indeed can it be.”

Also, understand: As I have long explained, obedience is not merely going through the motions. There are numerous factors involved in actual obedience. Obedience to the Law of God is a synonym for the demonstration of true Love, for doing “Good Works”, for “walking in the Spirit”, “bearing fruit”, etc.

1. In order to actually obey your father, the person whom you are obeying has to be your father. This does not mean that you cannot obey him if he is not your father, which you can; it means you cannot obey him in the relationship of son to father. Thus there are varied levels of “obedience” which are hingent upon actual legal nexus and relationship.

2. In order to obey, you must also do the very thing that is commanded, in both the letter and the spirit of the command. If your father tells you to go work in the apple orchard, but you go work in the peach orchard; that is not obedience.

3. In order to obey, your motive must be pure. Obedience to God is not a mere chemistry experiment, in which you add the right ingredients and you get the exact result, regardless of morality and other factors (such as #3 and #4). A monkey can rest on the Sabbath. That does not mean that the monkey is obeying God (and it certainly does not mean that God is the monkey’s father). A person putting money in the collection plate, even if it is an exact tithe, is not demonstrating obedience to God, like the Pharisees, if it was done to be seen of men, the motive being carnal price so that others will think that you are “so spiritual”. Jesus said of such, “they have their reward” (that is, only the praise of man; and nothing from God). If the “obedience” is not rewarded by God, it was not obedience — because God promises to reward His children who obey Him. Obedience is worship, and God desires those who will worship Him in spirit and in Truth.

4. In order to obey your attitude must be right. If you are thinking, “My blankety blank blank dad / husband... I hate him for making me do this chore, etc.”, while doing what ordered to do — that is NOT obedience. It is disgruntled, hateful, disgraceful compliance.]

Mere mechanical keeping of the Law of God* is not obedience. Most “Christians” do all they can to “get out of” obeying God; by searching out hare-brained false prophets to tickle their ears and tell them what they want to hear; or they don’t even give obeying God a second thought. They simply believe the first charlatan, false prophet who came along and taught that Jesus abolished the Law of God; which Jesus said that He did NOT do and told us NOT to even think such (Matthew 5:17) — and which Paul said (Romans 3:31) had NOT happened**; and that the Law of God is Holy and Just and Good (Romans 7:12). It was not the Law that is the problem, but sinful man; and far from abolishing the Law of God, God would write it on our hearts! (Hebrews 8:8-11). Those who think that the Law of God was abolished do not love God because they don’t even know Him. So says God.

[* — which is what obedience is: There is no other kind of obedience or “good works”. God forever established the never-changing and only Standard of Morality, each time that He commanded, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!” Humanists (deluded into thinking that they are “Christians”, which they are not, because they follow their own ideas, not those of Christ) trash the Law of God, believe the very opposite of what Jesus said — think what Jesus said NOT to think (Matthew 5:17) — and like the Pharisees, invent their own notions of “goodness” and “morality”, which they use to replace the Law of God (Matthew 15:6-9; Mark 7:7-9), which is evidence of their being antichrist, and blasphemously (though anti-intellectually) think that God must conform to their corrupt minds. Again, they do not even understand the concept of GOD; nor can they think rationally in spiritual matters (which shows it is not an educational problem, or a problem of the I.Q., but a spiritual problem: being either yet unregenerate, or utterly carnal). They “do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the Power of God” (Matthew 22:29). They do not understand the Word of God because they spuriously interpret it according to their fallen minds, “Making the Word of God of none effect through” their tradition (Mark 7:13); being “4...lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness [good reverence], but denying the power thereof...” (II Timothy 3). God is Immutable, Holy, Perfect. He cannot change. Yet each humanist imagines that he himself is the center of the universe and “thinks” that God is supposed to conform to and orbit around him. This “thinking” is not on an intellectual level, because they do not truly think in spiritual matters. Those who reject truth, the rules of logic, reality, do not think — they have emotional, anti-intellectual, irrational daydreams.

Jesus is not Saviour of those for whom He is not Lord. Those truly regenerated are redeemed — bought with a price, and they are not their own (I Corinthians 6:19,20). If the masses of self-imagined “Christians” were regenerated / redeemed, they would know this. GOD / LORD means “Master, Sovereign, Boss, Emperor, Owner — the one whom you unquestionably obey” and GOD (the Biblical concept of God, which is the only God) also means “Creator”. God did not toss energy and matter out into space to “evolve”. God is not a mere spectator in His universe. He orders all. See my book, Does God Repent...? Can God Change His Mind...? [And an Utter Demolishment of the Humanistic Myth of Man’s “Free Will” and Arminianism], 506pp., 25.00 + P&H. God is as HE declared Himself to be; not as sinful, fallen minds think that He “should” be; based upon their own corrupt / perverse humanistic notions.

** Those who believe that Jesus abolished the Law of God do not know Jesus or God; they are rebellious, tiny-minded children who can’t understand, and who don’t want to understand. Their god is their belly; and they are like dogs that return to eat their own vomit, and they are like pigs, who if bathed, return to wallow in the mire of their feces and urine, because they love their sin, even deludedly, perversely imagining that it is not sin. It is amazing that they can understand any novel or history book (as if any pronoun in the text refers to “everyone”, and not to a specific individual). Anyone who is so confused cannot follow the plot and plan of Scripture; and thus, they “make it up” as they go along, inventing their own storyline, reality, and ending.

Not every time that the word “saved” / “salvation” is used, does it refer to regeneration (the everlasting salvation of the spirit that survives the death of the body); nor does the word “stranger” always refer to the same class of people (there are strangers of our own people, alien strangers, a “strange” woman is often a woman who is not a man’s wife, that is, an adultress or harlot); nor does the word “heaven” always refer to the Abode of God; nor does earth always refer to our planet (but sometimes dirt, land, region, country); likewise, there are MANY different types of Law and they are NOT the same.* Do such Antinomians believe that the Law of Gravity abolished when the Law of God was allegedly abolished...? The Law of God is the never-changing Standard of Morality. It was not abolished (not one jot or tittle) — and never will be. The Laws of sacrifice for temporary atonement were not abolished either (and neither they nor the Law of God were the “enmity against us”); they were fulfilled in Christ. What was abolished, what was against us, was the Death Sentence, the Curse of the Law: “The soul that sinneth shall die.” It was abolished because Christ paid it in full on our behalf. But the Law of God itself never changed. The Law does not cease to exist if you are forgiven for violating it. Sin itself cannot be known without the Law of God (Romans 7:7). Do YOU not sin? Are YOU sinless? Scripture says that anyone who says he does not sin / is sinless (who walks in violation of the Law of God) cannot have fellowship with God / Christ Jesus and IS DECEIVED and A LIAR and His Word [Christ, the Truth] is not in him (I John 1:6-10). Furthermore, you CANNOT be “forgiven” unless you repent of your sin; sin being “the transgression of the Law” (I John 3:4). Whole swaths of Scripture are rendered meaningless and foolish if the Law of God was abolished; such as, “If we confess our sins, He is Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (I John 1:9). If the Law of God was abolished it is impossible for anyone to sin or repent of anything. Repentance is not a “good feeling”; though good feelings may accompany true repentance. Repentance entails STOP doing what God forbade and START doing what He commanded, accompanied by the confession of such sin and asking for forgiveness through Christ’s Sacrifice. When forgiven, we are to “go and sin no more” — not continue on in sin! The vast majority of “Christians” misunderstand Paul, because they are unregenerate or utterly carnal** — and they interpret everything to sinful man’s own advantage (as if God Himself is a “second-class citizen” in Heaven, and He only gets something if there is anything “left over” after everyone else has taken what they want), based upon what they like (their own lusts) and how they want to live.*** They choose to be confused because they don’t want to obey God and they don’t care about the truth. This shows in how they live. They are only interested in the truth or obeying God if it is what they want to do.

* See my books, S.T.E.Commentary: The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans, 758pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H; Are We Keeping God’s Law Yet?, in-depth discussion, reveals spiritual meaning behind laws of God, physical reason why given; detailed, practical, insightful study; 500pp., 6x9, pb., 25.00 + P&H; So, You Call Yourself A Christian...; powerful primer proving God’s Law could not have been abolished not only because of God’s Promises, but because of God’s Very Nature. What makes a Christian a Christian? What makes God God? Peter’s Vision did not abolish God’s Dietary Laws (neither did any other N.T. passage); 76pp., 7.00 + P&H. God does not hear the prayers of His people if they are in sin. If they don’t think that they are in sin they cannot repent. Thus, God sends prophets [evangelists] to call them again to repentance and the truth. If they ignore / reject those prophets, they shall be judged without Mercy. After a point in time ignorance itself is a sin, since God commanded us to daily study and meditate upon His Word and especially His Law. God forbade us to eat animals that He NEVER intended for food. The dietary laws are NOT “ceremonial”...! They have NOTHING do to with atonement. Just because sin “tastes good” (to those with perverse desires and who have acquired a taste for sin, whose god is their belly) does NOT mean that it is not sin. God said that if we ate that which He forbade (which things are vile by their very nature, that is, in their actual DNA arrangement) then we defile ourselves and make ourselves abominable. Lettuce can grow in the same soil, mining the same minerals, receiving the same rain and sunshine as poison ivy does. Putting the latter in your salad would possibly kill you (or make you wish you were dead). So it is animals. It is utterly irrelevant if money DNA and human DNA is 99% the same. Clay can be molded into a swan-shaped flower vase or a bedpan / toilet. Bricks can be used to build a church or an outhouse. Humans have 85% the same DNA mice, 61% with fruit flies; houseflies have 60% of the same DNA as humans; bananas 50%, honey bees 44%; roundworms 38%; humans and grapes and rice have 24% the same DNA. That is utterly irrelevant and a plethora of false inferences are drawn from such facts, by those who hate God and who cannot think logically, or who purposely deceive others with such anti-Christ propaganda (Evolution and all that it has spawned).

Evil never becomes good. Abominations never become wholesome. That which defiles you will never make you holy. God declared several other things to be abominations and causes of defilement — and those never change either (including homoperversion, bestiality, crossing all similar moral sexual boundaries that God established). The dietary laws, and sexual laws are what are mainly referred to, when the Immutable God declared in the New Testament: “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” (I Corinthians 3:17) The means by which God accomplishes this, most often, is according to the Law of the Harvest (you reap what you so); and that is one of the reasons why there is a plethora of disease that cuts off the lifespan of the majority of people (other causes are chemicals [pesticides, herbicides, artificial preservatives, colorings, texturizers, and flavorings], pharma meds (including most all vaccines, which are given to incubate disease to appear later in life for endless business for the drug companies, hospitals, and doctors), the toxification and depletion of the soil of nutrients).

God also declared, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” (Hosea 4:6) It is no surprise that Christendom is being destroyed, because God has forgotten (rejected) our children because we rejected Him. God is openly blasphemed daily throughout Christendom in every way imaginable — and protected by edicts / acts of Congress. Our children are the next generation of us. No more children — no more us. God will not embrace a polluted people. God does not compromise or conform to sinful man. Man must repent and turn from sin or be rejected and suffer Judgment. “Not liking it” or thinking that “it is not fair” changes nothing. God will not be “out-voted” by His perverse, insolent creatures, who think that even God Himself must bow to the demands of the “majority”.

** Paul is sometimes difficult to understand: which is one of the means by which God hides the Truth from the nonelect and those unworthy of it. Furthermore, their spurious and blasphemous interpretations of what they do not understand (their blasphemy against the Holy Word of God) is the means by which they earn the Judgment that God has ordained for them. Peter himself acknowledged that Paul at times is hard to understand; and that those who pervert the interpretation of Paul do so because God has ordained them unto destruction: “15...even as our beloved brother Paul also according to the wisdom given unto him hath written unto you; 16As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other Scriptures, unto their own destruction. 17Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness [stability].” (II Peter 3)

*** Perverse, irrational, out-of-context interpretations that contradict and violate other Scripture, and wildly concocted false inferences all blaspheme the Word of God. God does not view this lightly. His Word is His Mind and His Will. To corrupt and twist His Words to infer the opposite of what they mean is an attack against God Himself.

For example, when Christ was in the company of a woman who was washing His Feet with her hair, after having annointed His Feet with a very costly ointment / perfume, or other times, some Pharisees thought among themselves, “He would not be so friendly with her if He knew what kind of woman she is”. Liberals and Modernists, friends of the world, would use such a passage to validate hanging out with, having fellowship with, marrying, etc. anyone, regardless of the Commands in God’s Word. They would twist the words to mean “we are not to judge anyone” and “God loves everyone”. They PERVERT the Word of God.

Jesus was not “hanging out” with them, and any interaction that He had was NOT with unrepentant, practicing prostitutes or currently demon-possessed women! Christ confronted them concerning their sin (like the woman at the well); and others were around the gathering of men when Christ spoke and they were listening as they ministered to Christ and the disciples. Jesus was not “on a date” with them or just sitting around enjoying their company!

God’s Word is clear about complete separation from all persons whom God COMMANDED we be completely separate. Jesus was not “friends” with prostitutes and publicans (tax collectors) and adulteresses. He called them to repentance, they repented; and then they were fit to be in His company as He taught smaller groups of dedicated followers.]

Those who believe that the Law of God was abolished do not even know God (they worship a superstition invented in their own minds,* which is idolatry). One of the last books of the Bible to be written records:

[* —with a little help of their spiritually blind “spiritual” gurus: their blind pastors, book authors, professors, friends, parents.]

“3And hereby we do know that we know Him [Christ Jesus / God], if we keep His Commandments. 4He that saith, ‘I know Him’, and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him. 5But whoso keepeth His Word, in him verily is the Love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him. 6He that saith he abideth in Him [Christ Jesus] ought himself also so to walk, even as He [Christ Jesus] walked.” (I John 2)

[HOW did Jesus walk...? He “was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin” (Hebrews 4:15). “Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the Law: for sin is the transgression of the Law.” (I John 3:4) This was written even after the Book of Revelation. Did John “not get the memo” while in exile on the Isle of Patmos, that “Jesus abolished the Law of God”...? NO, because that nonsense is Antichrist false doctrine. When God’s people are in sin God will not hear their prayers; and if they don’t think they are in sin, how can they repent? That is why Christendom is like a ship, dead in the water, with a hurricane and tsunami approaching (and the water teeming with sharks*). If the Law was abolished, no one needs to repent or be saved and Jesus did not need to die. Such false doctrine is so stupidly laughable it would be funny were it not so blasphemous and so tragic as to have destroyed Christendom and it’s true people. The majority believe it because it is strong delusion sent by God to believe a lie, to live in wickedness thinking it is “spiritual”, so that they deserve the Judgment that God has ordained for them. It is not an intellectual problem, but a spiritual one. It is entirely convoluted, contradictory, illogical, irrational, and transparently false... yet 99.9% of “Christians” believe it to be true.

* which is why for my book, What’s Keeping God from Delivering America, Britain and Europe from Destruction...? [112pp., pb., 9.50 + P&H] I chose as the cover the painting Gulfstream by Winslow Homer. All of God’s people are slaves to sin — but operate under the delusion thinking that they are free; yet all that surrounds them is imminent Judgment; and they are so deluded they think that the Judgment will not affect them.

Can a person who does not know God / Christ Jesus be a Christian? Such a person may “think” that he knows God — but GOD says that he doesn’t, and GOD dictates reality. Can a person who does not have the Truth in him be a Christian? NO. He may “think” that he knows the truth; but in reality, he rejects it in favor of what he wants to believe and deludedly thinks that God / reality must conform to his mind. Christ said, “I am the Way, the Truth...” and He called the Holy Spirit, “the Spirit of Truth”. Christ Jesus had no commandments of His own. They are one and the same as those of the Father. Christ Himself is also Lawgiver and Judge. Jesus said “I and My Father am One” and if you have seen / known / loved Me ye have seen / known / loved the Father. Reality is established by what God decreed, not by what confused, feeble-minded, sinful, corrupt humans think is “fair”. God makes the rules. Those who reject the rules reject God.

Love is not a gushy emotion (though it can be accompanied by such). Love is obedience, dedication, devotion, self-sacrifice. “If ye love Me keep My Commandments.” (John 14:15) “For God so loved [the elect of His people in*] the world that He gave...” Since there is no Authority above God, God’s Love is obeying Himself or being True to His Nature and Promises; and it is self-sacrifice, which is what giving is. “Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son” (I John 4:10) “If ye keep My Commandments, ye shall abide in My Love; even as I have kept My Father’s Commandments, and abide in His Love.” (John 15:10)

* This is the inference and only logical resolution; as is also expressed in: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh [of the elect] be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” (Matthew 24;22) Furthermore, the Greek / Hebrew words for all (pas / kol) do not mean an all inclusive / universal “every last one” unless context (immediate, and in harmony with overall Scripture) clearly so indicates, which is extremely rare. It refers to an exclusive, limited “all” of the smaller group being discussed. We use all / every / everyone in the very same context and don’t realize it. “Everyone hates me.” Everyone in the world does not know you, so cannot hate you; and not even all those who know you, hate you. The “everyone” is a limited, exclusive, small group of those who are significant to you, whom you are thinking about. The “all” in Scripture is often limited to what God has already decreed, declared, promised, and commanded. God does not contradict Himself. His mind is not befuddled as those of His sinful children. If “God so loved the world” and “gave His Son” for the whole world, why then did Jesus say, “I pray not for the world” (John 17:9); and why then did the Apostle write “Love not the world” (I John 2:15) ...? Again, because Christ said, “I pray for them [the elect of His people in the world]: I pray not for the world, but for them which Thou hast given Me [out of the world]; for they are Thine”. God’s Thoughts and Ways are not our own — ours are to conform to HIS.

If you disobey everything that your father, husband, God, Saviour commands of you, you don’t love him / Him. You love yourself, while entertaining the delusion that your father, husband, God, Saviour loves you just because you are so “loveable” and that it matters not that you show appropriate behaviour demonstrative of true love. You giving what you what is selfish, not love. Such deludedly think that anyone else should simply be happy to accept whatever you are willing to give; just like Cain, who refused to give God what God commanded, which was God’s Right to demand, and Cain, in essence, refused, and said, “This is what I am willing to give: Take it or leave it.” God left it. So also shall be the fate that most “Christians” experience; which is why Christ said that MANY “Christians”* on the Day of Judgment will hear, “I never knew you. Depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness].” Lawlessness in general is violating what God commanded; while, in this case it is by “Christians”, who, like Pharisees, invent their own notions of what they think is “fair” and “moral” (which changes every year, farther and farther from Sound Doctrine and from the Law of God and from the only morality).

* Note clearly: It is NOT secular, pagan, or blatantly wicked people, who entertain no notions of being Christians — who reject God / Christ / Jesus without apology — of whom Jesus is speaking. He is speaking about those who think they are “good Christians” — even doing all sorts of “wonderful works”, who THINK that they are serving God, doing what Jesus would do, etc. — but since they do not truly know God or Christ Jesus, being unregenerate under the delusion they are converted, they don’t have a clue what God or Jesus would do! because they believe in a false god and follow a false christ. The Jesus they follow is more like Gandhi; a world-pleasing “Jesus” — the Apostate Church’s “Jesus”, which is actually Antichrist! They do the very opposite of what God / Christ Jesus commanded, and that is lawlessness. They shall find themselves rejected. Every tree is known by its fruit. If they produce the world’s / Apostate Church’s fruit they are not of God, but are His enemies. Most “Christians” don’t even know the difference, because their minds are polluted and they interpret the Bible through the perverse, corrupt filter of the world’s notions of “fairness, luv, equality, inclusion”, etc. They don’t know God or His Word. They don’t know morality. They only know the wicked notions that they were taught from childhood, thinking that it is Christian Doctrine, when in reality it is Antichrist doctrine. They have been brainwashed by Antichrist, the False Prophet, the Beast System. They would side with Antichrist over Christ, if the situation ever presented itself, because the world / Apostate Church endorses and protects their sinful lifestyle, and the results of their sin; which, in their polluted minds, they don’t think is sin. Christ Jesus demands sin and its fruit to be eschewed and sent away. Christ Jesus demands repentance and turning from sin; the world contradicts all that God commanded, calling evil “good” and good “evil”; and thus, the majority of “Christians” are raised with such perverse minds.

It is not “spirituality” or “Christian” at all. They are under delusion, violating all that God commanded while inventing their own rules, and thinking that they are “spiritual” and that God is “so lucky” to have them on His Side. They shall have a rude awakening on the Day of Judgment (as well as every single person who has read my warnings for 32 years and still not repented, thinking that there is nothing of which they need to repent — WE ALL need to repent... DAILY). They don’t repent; they don’t want to learn more (unless it is convenient, free, and requires zero effort or change on their part); they don’t ask questions; they don’t tell others about the truth;* they don’t support the ones trying to save their lives — the truth does not change them because they are utterly carnal and unregenerate (thinking that they are “saved”, though Christ shall spew them out of His Mouth, meaning, “ye have no part in Me”; Revelation 3:16). At the very best, they died a spiritual crib death, if they were actually ever spiritually born. The fact that such words do not cause them alarm is merely more evidence of their unregeneracy. Their response (or utter lack of response) is unnatural for a regenerate person. A person who is not convicted by the Word of God exposing his sinfulness is unregenerate. Like the natural (unregenerate) man beholding his face in a mirror — seeing all the flaws, filth, things that need attention (dirt, a pimple, an ugly hair growing out of his nose, a booger hanging out of his nostril, a face that needs shaving, eye crust from sleeping, uncombed hair, etc.), yet go straight away making NO changes, and going about his life as if he never looked in a mirror and saw all that needed to be changed. Such don’t love the truth; and they certainly would not die for it. The truth to them is mere nostalgic information, if convenient. The majority are friends of the world. If the truth has not touched them to conviction and action,** it has not touched them at all. Furthermore, they think truth / reality / God must conform to their individual minds; demonstrating that they do not even know how to think logically, that they have never thought to the ultimate conclusion, their hare-brained notions, and that they do not even understand the question, let alone the answer.

* True life exhibits the natural signs of life; including the desire to reproduce! spiritually as well as physically. True love desires all one’s people to have true life also; for them also to understand truth, repent, be saved, experience blessing — and not suffering and Judgment. Those who are spiritually dead have no such desire; and thus, they do not share truth or point others in the right direction — despite the fact it is what God commands. They are spiritually impotent; spiritual eunuchs. Consumers and hoarders; not contributors. Again, they are concerned only with self, which is a hallmark of false life.

** obedience, appreciation. How many lepers out of 10 who were healed even went back to say “thank you” — to Christ Jesus GIVING THEM THEIR LIVES BACK...? Not only were they healed of a painful, embarassing, disfiguring, degenerative disease, but the disease caused them to be exiled from everyone: family, friends, acquaintences, neighbors, co-workers; even the Temple of God. The disease took their entire lives from them and made them repulsive outcasts. Jesus gave that all back to them for free! —and only 1 returned to express gratitude. The Judgment of those other 9 will be severe. They were unworthy of it.]

Returning to our initial discussion of the text of Joshua 7 (after that very lengthy, but much-needed groundwork),

1But the children of Israel committed a trespass in the accursed thing: for Achan, the son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the son of Zerah, of the Tribe of Judah, took of the accursed thing: and the Anger of the LORD was kindled against the children of Israel.

One person, Achan, committed the sin, yet God says “the children of Israel” committed a trespass, and that God’s Anger was kindled (not a light matter) “against the children of Israel”. This is not mere hyperbole or semantics; which is evident in the fact that God had the Israelites LOSE and flee in fear and suffered the death of 38 men of Israel when they attempted to conquer the tiny Canaanite city of Ai (ha-ee).

[However, other factors are involved in God’s Judgment for Achan’s sin, and in the devastating loss in the battle of Ai. Whenever God’s people make decisions without consulting God, disaster is usually the result. Abraham did not ask God, “Should I take Hagar, Sarah’s handmaid, whom Sarah offered to me, as wife, to raise up the Promised Seed...?” Likewise in regard to all of Jacob’s wives, Jacob does not seem to have sought God’s Counsel.* What they did was not immoral (though a perverse, wicked world who hates the order that God established thinks it is “evil”; while they think it is perfectly wonderful for women to live like whores and have as many partners as possible). The problem was not consulting God whether it was the best thing to do. Here, in Joshua 7, the elders did not seek God’s counsel in how to battle Ai. Had they asked, God may have replied, “DO NOT go to battle or I will see to it that you will lose. There is sin in the camp! Deal with that first; then we will talk about Ai.” Likewise, when the elders made a peace treaty with the lying Canaanites who pretended to be kinsmen from a far land (in Joshua 9; and there is more to that story too).

* The conflict between Rachel and Leah was the illustration, real-life example that God used to show, in advance of His Law given at Sinai, against “taking as wives a women and her sister at the same time” was a bad idea; and God outlawed it post-facto as I specifically word it. Note: God did not “change” because of man. God had ordained His Law from the start, but at certain stages of history, sometimes the giving of some laws was progressive, as man’s descent into sin, and its consequences warranted more specific laws, even outlawing what before had been perfectly fine (such as a man marrying his sister, or his aunt; but in time, the cumulative effect of DNA anomolies after a certain number of generations made too close of marriages within a family genetically damaging; and parent-child incest was never allowed); or allowing afterward what before was not a consideration (such as eating animals after the Flood — but with certain restrictions; because the degeneration of man’s body as the result of sin, especially after the Flood and the loss of Earth’s vapor canopy allowed more radiation to bombard Earth, and God determined more protein and other nutrients only animals have, was necessary). When one brings his newborn home from the hospital, the law is not laid down. It is administered progressively, as needed, over time.]

God held Achan’s family accountable, and even more astonishingly, all of their livestock and all of their possessions. This was for several reasons.

1. Clearly, his family knew about it. Scripture says that he buried it in the middle of the floor of the tent.

2. When something is set apart as devoted / accursed — separated as holy unto God, it is holy completely and inviolably. Even the ash and the smoke of the altar of burnt offering was holy! If something that was to be sacrificed touched anything else, that other item was then declared holy / doomed. God takes Holiness seriously — because He is Holy. He commanded us His people to be holy as He is Holy. The carnal mind rejects it. Again, the issue is that the carnal mind (including that of most “Christians”) does not have a clue about Holiness. Each perversely thinks from his own human perspective and if it does not make sense to unholy, corrupt sinful self, then self imagines it to be nonsense. Self is not God! God rebukes such carnal, deluded individuals, “...thou thoughtest that I was altogether such an one as thyself: but I will reprove [rebuke] thee, and set them [truht] in order before thine eyes.” (Psalm 50:21). Furthermore, “8For My Thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My Ways, saith the LORD. 9For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My Ways higher than your ways, and My Thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55) Thus, all of Achan’s possessions were touched by his having taken the accursed / devoted thing. Furthermore, it also served as powerful preventative warning to anyone else who would think God’s Commands to be unimportant.

Humanists (including those who deludedly think that they are “Christians”) respond, “How unfair of God!” (or they simply refuse to believe it) — rather than submitting to and obeying Him! God is under NO obligation to ANY of His creatures except to do what He specifically promised / covenanted / decreed to do. God changes His Nature, His Eternal Decrees, His Plan for NO one.

[Anyone who thinks otherwise does not understand:

- the meaning of GOD;

- his own infinitessimal, microscopic punyness in comparison to God;

- God’s Nature of Immutability (He cannot change);

- God’s Nature of Perfect;

- God’s Nature of Omniscience (He is smarter than any puny human’s brain);

God is the ONLY one in the universe who is truly “Holier than thou”.

- the nature of logic and reality: Not only can God not change to please one tiny emotionally skewed human brain, but He could not change to please 7 billion different brains all of which would want Him to change to be something different (since no one can agree on anything).]

Someone truly converted / regenerated does not automatically, as a knee-jerk reaction — or ever — impute wickedness unto God, for God doing something that sinful, tiny-minded, damaged-minded humans do not understand or think is “unfair”. The true believer trusts, knowing that God is Holy, Good, Just, True, Perfect, and Right(eous) in whatever He does;* and the solution is to look for the reason, the lesson, the resolution — NOT assume that there is a contradiction in the text, and NOT assume that God was “wrong” to do what He did.

* God is not Good because He does things that sinful humans deem to be good. God’s Nature is Good and whatever He does is Good (even if sinful humans disagree). What God does and says establishes what is Good and what is not.

Double-minded humanists / liberals, deluded into thinking that they are “Christians” will attempt to “compromise” truth, and invent the heresy that the God of the Old Testament was “backward”, “unevolved”, “archaic”, “Neaderthalish”, or that He adopted the wicked ways of sinful humans and operated according to the norms of their culture; but that the God of the New Testament is the “New, Improved” God, Who Himself has repented of His former wickedness (including racism, male chauvenism, and homophobia) and is a much nicer guy now that He is on His meds, and after having taken anger management and cultural sensitivity training. All such notions are blasphemy and are evidence that those who invent thoughts and those who promote such notions do not know God at all. It is like a blind man trying to explain the colors of a sunset or Monet painting that he has never seen; and thinking that he understands it better than someone who can see, or even better than Monet himelf!

I have referred to this for over 3 decades as “Kindergarten Theology”. Have you ever seen young children playing “House” or “Doctor”, or acting out / pretending something that they regularly experience, such as the T.V. game show Jeopardy, or imitating their preacher preaching a sermon (whatever is dynamic to them)...? It can truly be comical when they go through the motions and jumble a lot of words together that don’t make any sense, demonstrating that they don’t have a clue concerning the depth of meaning in all those events, but only understand the tiniest superficial of mechanical actions; not the purpose, not the actual real life underpinning it all and holding it together, like a foundation and mortar. THAT is the picture perfect illustration of the majority of ministers and liberal theologians and their parishoners whom like blind sheep they lead astray — all of whom are humanists, and understand the things of God as shallowly and vapidly as young children understand life. They don’t know God. They don’t know His Nature. He is foreign to their minds. Thus, their words are equally as strange and the picture that they paint bears NO resemblence to the true God. They are spiritually dead, and therefore, they cannot understand spiritual things, they cannot understand true life or truth — yet think that they are experts who can explain it. While looking at a statue like Michelangelo’s David, they, in explaining it and drawing it on paper, produce something that looks like a work of either Picasso or Salvador Dali: disjointed and perverse. If such want to know the truth, they need to check [leave] their humanism at the door, fall on their faces, beg God for mercy, confess their arrogance and ignorance and blasphemies, rebellion, and multitude of sins, admit that they know nothing, ask the Holy Spirit to regenerate them and renew their minds — and teach them truth, giving them a willing heart and mind to embrace the truth whatever it is, and to submit to it. God controls delusions (Isaiah 66:4; II Thessalonians 2:11). God controls the will (Philippians 2:13). Those who don’t mind being ordained to Destruction... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program. Those who want to know and please God, order: Does God Repent...? Can God Change His Mind...?, 506pp., 25.00 + P&H.


Update: Final Section that for some reason did not copy when originally posted.



Indeed, we ARE “our brother’s keeper”. While there may be a fine line between “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others” (Philippians 2:4) and “But let none of you suffer as a murderer, or as a thief, or as an evildoer, or as a busybody in other men’s matters” (I Peter 4:15) and “idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not” (I Timothy 5:13), it is a fine line that God commands us to walk. The health, the survival of our family, immediate and extended — and all of Christendom hangs in the balance, hingent upon our obedience to self-police our families, churches, and communities. James Madison expressed, “We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future... upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”

[So much for the charlatans, traitors, fools, and invaders who presume to tell us that our nation was not founded as a Christian nation. The evidence is overwhelming. See my books, The Liberty Document, 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H; The Other Side (1991 / 2008 / 2022 2nd rev. / expanded edition) 3 in-depth examinations on: 1: False Prophets of Peace: Is Communism Really Dying?; 2: Public School Education in America Today: Programmed to Fail Through Educational Warfare; 3: Who’s In Charge, Who’s To Blame?: Crises Facing America & Christendom Today; & 2 shorter articles, 648pp., 6x9 pb., 32.50 + P&H detailed comparison older / current statistics crime, prisons, immigration, police & military, powerful quotes and information exposing education, false religion, corrupt socialist gov’t, thoughts and philosophy on freedom, Constitutional and Common Law; and my series, America, Christianity, Liberty & Truth: What Famous Men Had To Say, proof America founded as Christian nation; powerful quotes on Bible, Freedom, Race, Heritage, Self-Defense, Property, Constitution, debunking Evolution, Discrimination, etc. World’s greatest minds believed Liberty & Truth inseperable from Jesus Christ & Bible. Contain Supreme Court and Common Law citations.Vol. 1, 54pp., 5.50 + P&H; Vol. 2, 80pp., 6.00 + P&H; Vol. 3, 92pp., 7.00 + P&H; Vol. 4 (the final vol.) 405pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H; Incredible information! Indexed. All 4 Vols. 35.00 + P&H.]

There is a difference between being a busybody / gossip and our brother’s (kinsman’s) keeper / watchman on the wall. Sin incurs God’s Judgment on the sinner as well as all who know of the sin and yet do nothing about it, being silent, not confronting the sinner, not bringing it to the awareness of the head of the family, church, community. God commanded that in the day that we learn of such evil among us, to speak out.

[It should be realized that tolerating perverse abominations “in the closet” incubated and bred the perversion to bloom like the Bubonic Plague, once released and (unconstitutionally) legalized and legislatively protected, in addition to the constant brainwashing of the youth in the Antichrist media and schools (which is child abuse). See also my booklet, Libertarian Utopia —an Anti-Intellectual Delusion That Ends in Death - and other ramifications of false Bible doctrines and false philosophies that claim: “If a person’s happy and what he does isn’t hurting anyone, that’s all that matters”, (which uses the most blatant example of this mindset toward homo-acceptance) 72pp., 6.50 + P&H.]

NOWHERE is it even suggested in the Word of God is “tolerance”, “equality”, “fairness”, “acceptance”, “inclusion”, or “luv” of ANYTHING that God declared to be sin and abominations. In fact, the very opposite is COMMANDED. Those who do not obey God’s Commandments (which NEVER change — immorality never becomes acceptable; abominations never become wholesome; sin never becomes a lifestyle choice; vices never become virtues) do not love God / Christ Jesus and do not even know Him. He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Those who believe otherwise are the enemies of God, follow a false christ, worship a false god, and help destroy Christendom and God’s true people. What God declared to be sin and abominations 4,000 years ago still are today — and always will be.

If there was a mugger in your neighborhood, a rabid dog, a rattlesnake, a fire spreading, a bridge out, live electric power lines in the road and sidewalk, a tornado coming, etc. would you not tell all your family, friends, neighbors, church, community? Why then are “Christians” so cowardly that they will not do the same when it comes to the very survival of our families, neighborhoods, churches, and Christendom itself? There is only one answer: They are not of God. They are not Christians. They are humanists with a Jesus fetish, who are friends of the world. You don’t have to ask the Devil for permission to obey God and an honorable son does not apologize for the virtuous Decrees and Commands and Doctrine of his father. God commanded us to HATE evil (the nature of which NEVER changes; despite the fact that the majority call evil good and good evil; perverting the understanding and identification of everything). In order to obey the command to hate evil you have to know what evil / sin / abomination is. God commanded evil to be put out from among us; and commanded His people to ostracize those who refuse to repent.  “We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5;29) “The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.” (Proverbs 28:1)  Those “Christians” who cower in fear are neither righteous nor Christians.

The point is, we ought not to be existential busybodies, but checks and balances for the whole... even as their is a “Lord of the Dikes” in the Netherlands (about 60% of the nation would been flooded and under the water of the North Sea if the dikes failed; the Port City of Rotterdam itself would be 90% under water). However, although there is a Lord of the Dikes, that does not mean that every other true Dutchman / Nederlander should simply ignore any compromise in the dike that they see (or terrorists), thinking, “it is not my job”. ALL should guard the souls of the family, the kindred community, the true Church of God, Christendom. The Royal Law (James 2:8; sometimes referred to commonly as the Golden Rule), “do unto others” (Matthew 7:12, based upon the Second Great Commandment, Matthew 22:39 — within the framework of the morality established in the Law of God) — which is what the Philippians 2;4 refers to, necessitates each of us guarding the flock of God; not just those who have it as a full-time job.

God is not unjust. Israel committed a trespass infers that others knew about it and did nothing: both Achan’s immediate family and others who witnessed it and said nothing (possibly even gossipping in secret, but not actually bringing the crime to the attention of Joshua and the elders (or first confronting Achan, even as his wife and children should have done — in which case, if they had so admonished him, there may have been leniancy; and if nothing else, Achan alone would have been put to death and the several dozen soldiers would not have died at the battle against Ai). The family / church / community is guilty if it ignores sin! Imagine sin as a contageous disease, like tuberculosis or leprosy or Hepatitis C — because that is what sin is and that is how it spreads and that is the same result (destruction of all) if ignored.
The Hebrew word rendered trespass is not a mere faux pas.

#4604 mah-al (which is probably the origin of the Latin word-root mal, “bad”, malady, maladictor, malicious, etc.), which means, “treachery, sin:—falsehood, grievously, sore, transgression, trespass”. It’s root is #4608, which oddly means “elevation”, from its verbal root #5927 “to ascend”, is probably from a type of figure of speech that is an inverted comparison; for example, sinking to the depths of lack of intelligence can also be referred to as “the height of ignorance”. Thus also can morality be referred to as sinking to the depths of immorality, or the highest (greatest) example of such depravity.  Sin is also quite often the result of sinful pride / arrogance — exalting oneself above God (considering self as god, the highest authority).]