Two SUPERB classical music quartets (and more) - Highly Recommended!

These 2 groups are phenomenal.

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Pachelbel's Canon are my all time favorites of some of the best classical pieces ever composed.


This first song is one of my favorites, the plucking of the strings sounds like horse hooves of horses pulling a carriage across a cobblestone road.

Funny, the steam at the right bay window ... I think this must be a personal residence and they have the drier going in the basement and fittingly, it is winter so the drier is producing steam, from the moist warm air from the drier.  It would be too close to the house to be burning anything... except maybe a BBQ grill, but my guess is a clothes drier.

[They replied and informed me it was the kitchens on the first floor... in England during the winter.  It must have been torture to have to sit there and play while smelling roast beef and mashed potatoes!]


Wedding String Quartet

Winter - The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)


full list of videos



The energy of this first song is electrifying!  Like a caffeine jolt!


Presto [Dover Quartet]

Vivaldi - Summer (Four Seasons)


full list of videos




Also, this guy is incredible... I first saw him on 60 minutes about 33 years ago... stuck with me forever...!





IQ of 5 year old


can play any song having heard it once, and has a mental repertoire of 10,000 songs (or some huge number) — any piece of music he has ever heard.  He is a living musical library. 

do a google search for other of his videos on youtube