On the Side of the Angels: The Story of the Angels at Mons; A Reply to Arthur Machen’s “The Bowmen”

On the Side of the Angels:

The Story of the Angels at Mons;

A Reply to Arthur Machen’s “The Bowmen”


Harold Begbie,


with photo and biography of the author and his nemesis, and preface by modern publisher.

158pp. total, pb., 14.00. 

ISBN 1-58840-534-6

Story of what some claim to be angelic intervention at battle of English Forces against Germans in France; others claim it “legendary” or war-time “propaganda”.

(Without having read the book, I personally would doubt the story is factual, based on the report that one British officer or soldier cried out to St. George to help them; saints in Heaven don’t help anyone and if we pray to them then I doubt Christ will deliver idolators).

Interesting nonetheless.


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[Simon Kenton, American frontiersman (see Narratives of America: The Frontiersman, Eckert) and Gen. George Armstrong Custer (See Custer, Wert) also had bullet holes through their coats and even had musket pistols shoved into their chest and fired, but misfired, in many battles.  I've read both of the below and they are excellent.  Kenton was my wife's 7x great-uncle, who saved the life of my great-cousin Daniel Boone; and Custer was also a cousin of mine.

- The Frontiersman (conquest of America’s NW Territory: today’s northern mid-west) Narratives of America Series by Allan Eckert; gripping historical novels based wholly on fact; depict how life really was, extol some great Americans usually overlooked in history.  (6 books in the series; inquire); this one covers the wars against British & indians, centered around Simon Kenton; greatest frontiersman/pioneer greater than Daniel Boone (saved Boone’s life few times), great man, God watched over him even as Washington in battle.  Little taught nowadays, incredible man - a true legend.  One of only 2 men who could fire and reload and fire musket while running full speed.  I highly recommend this book.  One of best I have ever read.  One of only men in history to have survived any (let alone numerous times the) running of Indian gauntlet; British/French treachery, frontier-life, Indian Wars, American independence; 626pp., large-size pb., pb., 19.00; incredible!  A must!

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