Books on The Bible and Archaeology / Origin & Transmission of the Bible

Titles by Sir Charles Marston

(British archaeologist, owner of the Sunbeam / Villiers motorcycle company)

- The Bible Comes Alive (c.1924) 303pp. text / 20pp. intro./ 40pp. of photos, around 380pp., total, pb., 18.00 + P&H.

- The Bible Is True: The Lessons of the 1925-1934 Excavations in Bible Lands Summarized and Explained (1934) c.300pp., pb., 18.00 + P&H.

- New Bible Evidence: From the 1925-1933 Excavations (1934-1935) 264pp., pb., 16.50 + P&H.

- New Knowledge About Old Testament (1933) 182pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H.


Titles by Karl G. Sabiers


- Amazing Story How Archaeology Proves Bible is True (1943) 89pp., pb., 11.50 + P&H.


- Astounding New Discoveries: Thousands of Amazing FACTS Discovered Beneath the Very Surface of the Original Bible Text (1941) 80pp., 8.00 + P&H.


- How the Bible Came Down Through The Centuries —from its ancient manuscripts —to our modern printed copies (1943) 91pp., comb-bound, 10.50 + P&H.


- How the Church Came Down Through The Centuries (1946) 63pp., 5.50 + P&H.


- Life Stories of Living Hymns (1943) 87pp., comb-bound, 11.50 + P&H.


Titles by Various Authors

- Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible (1902) Bates, 132pp., comb-bound., 10.00 + P&H.

- Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible (1874) Hayley, 452pp., pb., 22.00 + P&H.

- The Bible and Archaeology (c.1940) Sir Frederick Kenyon (head of the British Museum) 310pp., pb., + dozens of photos, 22.00 + P&H. (very rare) - firm believer in the veracity of the Bible.

- The Bible, the Scholar, and the Spade: A Summary of the Results of Modern Excavation and Discovery (1932) C. H. Irwin, M.A., D.D. (Irish minister, scholar, of Australia), 251pp., + added photographs and brief bio. info of the many eminent archaeologists and scholars referenced in this work, 18.50 + P&H.

- The Bible Verified (1890) Rev. Andrew W. Archibald, 256pp., 18.00 + P&H.

- The Books of the Old and New Testament Proven to be Canonical  and Their Verbal Inspiration Maintained and Established with an Account of the Introduction and the Character of the Apocrypha (1830) Robert Haldane, 176pp., Hb., 20.00 + P&H.

- Difficulties in the Bible (1907) R. A. Torrey, 192pp., pocket pb., 7.00 + P&H.

- Diggers For Facts: The Bible in the Light of Archaeology (1940) Kinnaman, Ph.D., 239pp., pb., 2000 + P&H.

- How We Got Our Bible (1912) J. Paterson Smyth, 152pp., & And God Spake These Words: How We Got Our Bible and Why We Believe It Is God’s Word (1926) Rev. W. H. Griffith Thomas, D.D., 127pp., 305pp., 6x9 pb., 18.50 + P&H.

- Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts: A History of The Text and It’s Translations (1895) Sir F. Kenyon, 255pp., + 50pp. photos, 20.00 + P&H.  Former head of British Museum (see also his, The Bible and Archaeology - firm believer in the veracity of the Bible.)

- Seventy Years in Archaeology (1932) Sir W. M. Flinders Petrie, 307pp. (+ 35pp. of photos), pb., 22.00 + P&H.

- Translators Revived: A Biographical Memoir of the Authors of the English Version of the Holy Bible (1853) & The Conversion of Northern Europe (1853) Alex. W. M’Clure, D.D., 250pp. + 40pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.