The Romance of Bible Chronology & The Chronology of The Bible

- The Romance of Bible Chronology: An Exposition of the Meaning, and a Demonstration of the Truth, of Every Chronological Statement Contained in the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament


Volume I, “The Treatise”,

Rev. Martin Anstey, B.D., M.A.,

305pp., pb.,

25.00 + P&H;

ISBN 1-58840-331-9


Volume II, “The Chart”,

56pp., 8.5 x 12, pb.,

14.00 + P&H.

ISBN 1-58840-233-9


- The Chronology of The Bible


Philip Mauro,

124pp., pb., 10.50 + P&H.

(a.k.a. Marvels of Bible Prophecy); condensing / correction of Anstey’s Romance of Bible Chronology

ISBN 1-58840-314-9