Reformation Collection, Volumes 1 through 5

- Reformation Collection #1: Heroes of the Reformation (c.1900) F.G. Llewellin, 120pp., (Wycliffe, Luther, Calvin, Tyndale, Latimer, Cranmer); The Tudor Sovereigns and the Reformation (c.1938) F G Llewellin, 138pp.; Protestant Martyrs Under Mary Tudor: Lives and Memorials (1956) Protestant Truth Society, 120pp.; plastic comb-bound, 428pp., 22.00 + P&H. 

- Reformation Collection #2: The Reformation and the Bible (c.1940) F.G. Llewellin, 48pp.; The Early British Church and the Roman Occupation of Britain (c.1900) 135pp.; Faithful Unto Death: The Martyrs of East Anglia (1937) Philip H. Rand, 50pp., - Short History of the Reformation (1954) Protestant Truth Society, 80pp.; Through Fiery Trials (1955) Raymond H Belton, 61pp., (1. The Protestant Reformation; 2. The Morning Star of the Reformation; 3. William J. Tyndale; 4. Henry VIII and the Great Bible; 5. Edward VI--the English Josiah; 6. Mary--the Reign of the Stake; 7. Bishop Bonner and some Protestant Martyrs; 8. Thomas Cranmer and others; 9. George Tankerfield, the St. Albans martyr; 10. John Foxe, the martyrs' historian; 11. Was it worth it?); The Waldenses (no author) 16pp.; plastic comb-bound, c.400pp., 20.00 + P&H.

- Reformation Collection #3: Antichrist: Is He Here? or Is He To Come?, Protestant Truth Soc., with notes from Grattan Guinness and also from Alexander Hislop’s “Two Babylons” 15pp.; Can Roman Catholics Be Loyal to Both America and the Vatican (1958) Hulen L. Jackson, 8pp.; The Cross: Its History, Meaning, and Use (c.1918) Baron Porcelli, 16pp.; The Lord’s Table, and not the Altar (1875) Bishop George David Cummins, D.D., First Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, 18pp.; The Reformed Faith in the Modern World (c.1940) Floyd E. Hamilton, M.A., B.D., Th.M., 36pp.; Transubstantiation, by Rev. Tudor Rogers, Protestant Truth Soc., London, 8pp.; Why Millions do not call the Pope “Holy Father”: The Protestant Reply, by J. B. Rowell (Canada) 44pp., Dunham Publishing Co, Findlay, Ohio; What Do We Owe to the Reformation? (1927) John Charles Ryle, 32pp.; Why Were Our Reformers Burned? (1927) John Charles Ryle, 55pp.; plastic comb-bound, c.300pp., 17.50 + P&H.

- Reformation Collection #4: The American Papacy (1886) Elder A. T. Jones, 15pp.; Anglo-Catholics: Are They Loyal Churchmen? (1920) Rev. F.G. Llewellin, 46pp.; Anglo-Catholicism (A Review) (1930) Rev. F.G. Llewellin, The Protestant Truth Society, 126pp.; The Faith of A Protestant (1955) W. C. G. Proctor, 73pp.; The Oxford Movement: A Counterblast (1933) Avary Holmes Forbes, 56pp.; The Phantom of Reunion: Some Aspects of the Anglo-Catholic Movement, W. Dunbar McConnell, The Protestant Truth Society, 40pp.; Protestantism: Its Fundamental Basis, R. Mercer Williams, 30pp.; The Romanizing Movement in the Church of England (1917) Charles Adamson Salmond, Protestant Truth Society, 40pp.; plastic comb-bound, c.456pp., 22.50 + P&H.

- Reformation Collection #5: Christ Our One and Only Priest: Evidence of Translation Error in Rome’s Douai Bible (1955) Rev. Duncan McDougall, M.A., 15pp.; The Claims of Rome (1896) Samuel Smith, 80pp.; Is There a Roman Catholic Church? —An Excursus in Scholastic Theology (1891) Henry Charles Lea, LL.D., 15pp.; Is Romanism in the Bible: One Hundred Questions which Roman Catholics Cannot Answer, Stephen L. Testa, Scripture Truth Society, 20pp.; Letters to a Roman Catholic Priest (1946) Ironside, 48pp.; The Mass, Loraine Boettner, 16pp.; The Mass vs the Lord's Supper (1926) by Ironside, 32pp.; The Papacy: Its History & Dogmas, Leopold D. E. Smith, 48pp.; Personal Evangelism to Roman Catholics (1950) Jose Fernandez, 31pp.; The Roman Claims: A Discussion by an English Churchman (1953) C. P. S. Clarke (Canon and formerly Archdeacon of Chichester) 27pp.; Roman Claims and Bible Warrants (1902) E. J. Whately, 160pp.; plastic comb-bound, c.458pp., 22.50 + P&H.

Note: Publisher will print in paperback if there is enough interest.  Inquire.