History of Puritans & Pilgrim Fathers (1888)

- History of Puritans & Pilgrim Fathers (1888): The Puritans in England (1849) W.H. Stowell, & The Pilgrim Fathers (1849) D. Wilson,


with an additional 230 pages by R.A.B. (500 hours of research / writing) of historical & theological introduction to Reformers, Puritans, Pilgrims, Nonconformists, Covenanters, Westminster Assembly, history of Anglican Church & Presbyterian Church in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales; Anglican Church & monarchs of Britain in persecution of Protestants who disagreed w/ Anglican Church’s Catholic ritual; insightful look at Great Awakening & revivals in England, Ireland, Scotland (& its Isle of Lewis) Wales, New England; 800+ short biographies & 250+ illustrations added;

total c.740pp.; 7 x 8.5, paperback

35.00 + P&H.

ISBN 1-58840-467-6