Something Old - Something New: The Doxology: Beauty and Truth and Heritage

The Doxology is something familiar to those raised Presbyterian.  Other denominations may not be as familiar with the song, which is sung as a benediction of praise.

Here is a fascinating, brief history of the Doxology and its author:


Here is a nice rendition of it; it is close to the traditional rendition, with some additions by Heidi Nadine:



Her other songs are wonderful.  Her own arrangements / renditions.

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This is a wonderful rendition of this song:

He Leadeth Me - A remake of the hymn by Bradbury/Gilmore from 1863 - arrangement by Heidi Nadine.


When I survey (arr. Heidi Nadine)


All the way (arr. Heidi Nadine)


This 3-part song is a beautiful instrumental... moving, her original.

Prairie Hymn Trilogy


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