“Happy” Frogs Make Happy... uh... nothing...! — and other factors of the toxic CROCK-tail that create the “perfect gender-perversion storm”

[This will not be a quick read; but it should be very informative and even entertaining.  I spent about 40 hours on this, and it may still need some refinement and there may be some typos.]

‘This gay frog proves the unthinkable’ on YouTube


It is quite interesting that the commercial at the Youtube link above that first comes up—which you CANNOT “skip”—is an annoying commercial about the “empowerment” of a limp-voiced alien. Maybe he ate too many frogs growing up. I realize this “commercial” (social programming) may not come up first for everyone, but it did for me, each time.

This youtube is a very good short presentation that this guy has put together... Don’t worry, it won’t turn you into a “frog basher” or “amphibiphobe”. However, he leaves out several very critical issues in this discussion:

1. Media manipulation and propaganda and brainwashing in the schools. Even those whose DNA / hormones have not been screwed up by agri-chemicals are BOMBARDED with brainwashing propaganda and disinformation and even SHAME-TERRORIZED into accepting perversion (which is just one more step in the immoral jaunt—or rather, naked gay parade into Babylon and oblivion). Bombarded with the cartoons and children’s books from earliest childhood, and all the way into the teens through mainstream books marketed to those age groups, as well as through comic books (with a growing rainbow assortment of super-queeros), movies, public school indoctrination, Drag Queen story hour creates a toxic stew to marinate young minds in perversion and falsehood. Being raised by indifferent parents who do not choose who their children’s playmates are (the parents have the RIGHT, nay, the COMMAND and OBLIGATION from God to discriminate), and many children are raised by perverts (who are orphanage-farming young children to “flip” them to the dark side, since homoperverts cannot reproduce with other homoperverts*)—the lobotomized minds of the majority of the nation’s children and youth are continually marinated in a never-ending brine of perverse brainwashing. There are millions of abandoned infants produced by promiscuous, irresponsible women who get pregnant by randomly breeding, like dogs, with whatever happens to be nearby. The corrupt corrupt government unconstitutionally steals taxpayer money to pays state “foster parents” to raise these random mistakes; and the majority of state-sponsored “foster parents” are ultra liberals who then brainwash these youth with the Babylonian, melting-pot, gender-fluid, anti-god propaganda. This growing mass of random DNA programmed with Statist ideas eventually becomes the majority of the population. It signals not merely the Post-Christian Era, but post-civilization.

[* While the below will be a long “detour”, it should be an interesting ancedote, while also being evidence that homoperverts indeed do reproduce sometimes even if they don’t want to; though they cannot reproduice if they “stay true” to their homoperversion. These immoral creatures often violate the boundaries of their own “principles” (and at the same time hatefully and even violently attacking those who tell them that their lives are immoral and unnatural). Most all liberals violate what they claim to believe in: Evolutionist liberals, with all their “social” welfare programs, violate the chief tennets of Evolution: Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest. Such welfare programs also violate the Law of God. Most Communists — including Karl Marx — are hypocrites who use capitalism to get rich, because that is impossible with true Communism, which is unsustainable. As the old saying goes, “Communism only lasts until there is no one left to rob”.

In my small town, a half decade ago, there was a white-hating, Bible-thumper-hating half-Indian* / half Irish natural fruit and vegetable stand proprietor, whom I presumed was a homosexual (but all that information, of course, did not come out in the first encounter). After a while I was surprised when he talked about his children and that he hated his wife. “I thought you were gay”, I said, feigning surprise. He said quite pointedly, “Oh I’m gay alright!” He then said that he and a lesbian were briefly married and had a few children to please their respective families...! Wouldn’t that make a lovely Hallmark Card...! He hired mostly freaks like himself, and then was furious when everyone whom he hired stole from him. Go figure...! He had respect for me, because I was intelligent, talked in depth with ease on a variety of topics, and never robbed him (I would buy large quantities of things he had, like raw honey, for a little lower price for buying in bulk; and he would sometimes give me a whole bushel of peaches or something for free, if I would make preserves or something and bring him a fair share, and he knew I never cheated him).

* He looked white and the average person probably thinks that he is (due to brainwashing propaganda in the media and advertising, and the innundating our nation with aliens, who intermarry with our people, and eventually the average person thinks that the mixed population is white—which is often blamed for crimes committed by the mixed population); though he himself knows that he is not white and hates white people. He is far-fairer and ruddier than most in this town—or those in the entire U.S. South—most of whom are part Indian. He told me that his one grandmother spoke Irish and the other spoke Indian; and he expressed his hatred of the white Bible thumpers in this town; though in reality they are not white, but “identify” as white (until it becomes disadvantageous; then they will all probably revert to honesty and declaring that they are multi-racial). Regardless, despite his fair features, he was not shy about expressing his antichristian and antiwhite sentiments; which certainly came as a suprise to me (and it is just amazing that I did not curl up into a ball and start crying, or file a lawsuit against him, or vandalize his property, or sucker punch him with a brick when he was not expecting it, or come back with a gang and trash him... I guess I am just not “snowflake” / BLM / ANTIFA material; but somehow, in the racial-religious-gender game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, “straight, white, Christian male” loses to everything; so I am still the “bad guy”, somehow).

One day (that day that I finally learned definitively that he was gay, having only had suspicions) he continued his common bellyaching about how everything in his life is going wrong; even how everyone that he hires robs him (he even installed secret cameras to confirm his suspicions). I interjected: “Look at the type of people with whom you surround yourself. What do you expect from people who reject morality? Don’t you fear God’s Judgment? Don’t you believe the Bible?” He replied, “A person would have to be an idiot to believe that fool book”. I replied, “I disagree, I am a theologian and have written over 100 books after hundreds of thousands of hours of study, in studying the Bible, philosophy, history, civilization, language, science, and psychology”. “He stopped dead in his tracks and mulled things over in his mind, mumbling out loud and looking at me out of the corner of his eye, “hmmm, a theologian...?”

He then started spewing about all the different religions and how “spiritual” the Indians were, and that they didn’t need the white man’s religion: they had their own religion that was very “advanced” and “sophisticated”. I replied, “The Indians were savages who killed, robbed, enslaved, tortured, and even ate smaller tribes of their own people or any other people; and their religion consisted of getting high on payote [a psychodelic cactus] in sweat lodges where in delerium on a drug trip bringing their body to near-death experiences, with their brains shutting down, they had hallucenations they thought were “spirits” from another world; and having no written language (until white missionaries developed one for them), their drug trip experiences and superstitions were passed down via word of mouth, which most often is greatly prone to being changed each generation that it is retold”. He changed the subject and said each religion thinks its is the only right one. I replied that while that was true, only one of them could be right. The younger freak he had working with him in the shop, chimed in, “Maybe they are all right”. I replied, “That is impossible, it violates the Law of Noncontradiction”. Neither said another word (nor did they even ask what that meant; and I knew they would not know what it means), because I knew that they really could not engage in an intellectual discussion (only a discussion of bits and pieces of disjointed facts or error glued together with sticky emotions). He was complaining that he was losing money left and right because this town was anti-gay (though amazingly, after the Supreme Court unconstitutionally nationalized homoperverts and marriage—all the freaks came out of the woodwork, emboldened; which was years after he left).

I stopped buying anything from him (except what I had agreed to buy) once I actually learned that he was homopervert. But it was more his location, several miles from town, in the cornfields, in a “welfare town” in which the majority of businesses fail, and not due to his “anti-gay” paranoia of the town. The locals, most all being part Indian (who probably “identify” as being white, despite knowing they are also Indian) have no moral standards—not even the ones who go to church and have done so generationally; it is a mere “tradition” (that is dying out) and they live just as immorally as those who are outright pagans or atheists. Now, had he opened a tattoo, beer, cigarette parlor, and porn shop in town he’d be a millionaire! (if he took food stamps, that is, in its new nonshaming form, the EBT [Electronic Benefit Transfer] card, because the majority of the town is probably on some form of welfare or “disability”—some even 5th generation welfare recipients, who produce nothing other than the next generation of welfare recipients).

He invested in putting on a “fall festival” (hoping it would become an annual tradition—among the people he hated) and he hired live music, had carnival rides brought in, had people bring booths to sell food and whatever trinkets or crafts they wished; he had a surplus of apples and apple cider to sell (which he had bought, as most of the crops that he planted on the many acres that he leased, never really produced well); and he paid big money to have a corn maze cut via GPS professionals; he also put on a scary Halloween hayride, and had a paintball area so people could shoot “zombies”, etc. He went $15,000 in the hole and hardly anyone showed up. He was furious. Of course, it was the fault of the “Christians”. He then packed up and moved back to the county he had been living in; having only moved here until his aging father—whom he hated for being a “Bible Thumper”—would die. Again, what a lovely Hallmark Card that would make...!

I told him, “Well, once your life implodes and you find that nothing works, maybe you will remember “Crazy Bob” and that the Bible is true and God commanded us how to live, and that your life is in violation of the only morality, which He established; and you should seriously reconsider, because if you are wrong and there is a Hell,* Eternity indeed will be a fearful prospect”. He shrugged it off, but thanked me—and realized that I was the only “normal” person he knew, who actually cared and was not a hypocrite; though he did not vocalize it in those words.

* I once heard him bragging with his fellow-freaks that when he gets to Hell he is going to make himself its Ruler and claim his throne.

Despite now being $15,000 in debt* he went back into the store and came back with one more jar of honey (I having bought nearly his entire inventory, at cost) and he handed it to me and said, “Thank you, Bob, Merry Christmas!” (which was months away). I replied, “I don’t celebrate Christmas, it is a pagan holiday”. He then replied, “Then happy birthday!” I said “It is not my birthday”. He then exasperated, a little more aggressively said, “Just take it, Bob!” He put up a very hard exterior, and had a violent temper at times (and he was a big guy**); but that showed that he realized that no one else had the courage to tell him what I told him about sin and judgment—knowing that he would not want to hear it; but telling him anyway, in a kind fashion. He realized that the only person who had been honest, not cheated him, and cared even to tell him that his entire life was a sin in the Eyes of God, and his fate would be Judgment—was the only true Christian he had ever met; and that he hated all the “Christians” in this town, not merely because they were “anti-gay”, but because they were also hypocrites and he knew how they were all dishonest and no different than nonchristians. But he met a real Christian and had nothing but respect for me.

* Though it is not really worth much in light of Eternity and the fact that God does not judge on a “sliding scale” or “weigh” evil vs. “good” in the balances for salvation—but upon the nature, regenerate or unregenerate (each being only able to produce after its own kind), I will say that at least he was “honorable” in one area. One time I came to get the honey we had agreed upon at the end of the season, and I overheard him talking on the phone to his real estate agent telling him to just sell the property; and he hung up gruffly and told me that he just sold off his land with a trailer on it, taking a loss on the price, to pay off the debt he had just incurred. However, that is “too little, too late”; it is like a gangster with a machine gun who mows down a crowd of people, then stops to help a little old lady cross the street. In light of his general rejection of God, that bit of honor really does not count for anything in light of Eternity; but he was more honorable than most, who would just ignore the debt, or run and hide, or file for bankruptcy and rob the taxpayers. So I do give credit where credit is due, for the little it is worth. However, sometimes people will do the right thing for the wrong reason; if they have no other choice, or if it is in their best interest. Maybe he had a significant amount of property elsewhere, and could not really run and hide, or file for bankruptcy. I don’t know.

** When I was still wondering if he was homo, I was talking to my mechanic one day, who is a local “Christian”, while he was working on my aging vehicle, and since he grew up in this town I figured he might have some information. I mentioned the guy with the produce stand, and he replied that he knew him and went to school with him. I asked, “Is he a homosexual...?” He replied, “I don’t know about that... he has 4 kids... and he’s a big guy. I certainly wouldn’t want to make him mad by asking him; I would not think that he is gay, but anything is possible”. This mechanic himself is a big guy with fists like hams, very strong from decades of wrenching bolts on cars. So, that answer was frustrating: I was pretty sure I was right, but this guy who had known him for decades, having gone to school with him (though not close friends), didn’t think so.

Even when I first walked into the vegetable stand months earlier, and he introduced himself as the owner and welcomed me to his store, he told me that I looked like someone he knew but could not place the face; and thus, he liked me off the bat. He never “hit” on me or anything; I think that God made him think I looked familiar so that he would be receptive to what I would eventually tell him about his perversion, once I actually knew that he was. Quite often when I meet someone who sets off my “gaydar”, I want to ask, “Are you a homosexual?”—but if the person is not, that would be a terrible insult (or it should be) and it could make such a person mad, or really hurt his feelings, at the very least, ruin his day. So at times when I am not 100% certain, I look for signs or an opening so I can ask questions to find out. In such cases in which I learn the person is a pervert, I will then not befriend or give any more business to him (and the only reason that I bought the rest of his honey was because I gave him my word—before I knew for certain that he was homo—that I would buy all the jars of a particular brand of honey, at the end of the season, if they did not sell, at cost, if he wanted to sell them and at least break even).

It is sad, tragic, but you reap what you sow. When I saw that he was having trouble hiring people to help him pick certain crops, or getting his “friends” to help him put the plastic covering over a hoop greenhouse (which requires several people and a windless day), or that he needed help to make carpenter repairs to the shop, etc., I would have helped him for a few days for free; as I have often done for friends or people in need over the past 4.5 decades of my life; but I would not do so for someone in blatant sin; someone who is an enemy of God, an antichrist, an enemy of Christendom—for it would be a sin itself to help such a person. Most “Christians” have a perverse understanding of Scripture, and do the very opposite of what Scripture commands; thinking that each verse is a general, “one-size-fits-all” unisex principle; but it is not. Believing such boundaryless generic notions causes the entire Scripture to become one giant fishing snarl of nonsense; the result being that they average person simply cuts the 50 feet of snarl (each time it happens) out of the reel and casts it away). Such is not “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”, but is actually a sin that brings God’s Curse.

So (despite this long detour we see that), even perverts will violate their “wonderful lifestyle” when they realize that their “lifestyle” is unnatural and since they know that they are unable to reproduce keeping true to their homoperversion, they know that they will die out if they don’t hypocritically reproduce heterosexually or adopt or troll for children to “turn”. In fact, many homoperverts marry a person of the opposite sex early in life, then after having a few children, tell their spouse they are gay and want a divorce (often having already been an influence for over their children). It is an abominable crime. This is the psychopathic reality of perverts: It is not enough for them to destroy their own lives, but festering with homo-rage,* they destroy the lives of others around them. They are terrorists* who don’t care about “collateral damage”.

* Homosexual rage was a diagnosis / term that came into use before political correctness became totalitarian. Homosexuals who were getting AIDS, because of their filthy promiscuity, and the mind-numbing vastness and frequency of it. Most people do not realize it, but homosexuals at that time were going out during the weekend and having sex with maybe 30 to over a hundred other men. Because the homosexuals began developing AIDS* and there was no “cure” for it, some of the demented, psychopathic, bitter, vengeful homosexuals who had AIDs believed that the reason there was no cure was because it was only affecting the homo population; and therefore, some of them reasoned that if more people, especially straight people, developed AIDS, then the government would spend more money to find a cure (and, of course, they did not realize that the “virus” was lab created and purposely given to some homosexuals who would then work as perfect “carrier pigeons”). However, perverse psychopathic people refuse to take responsibility, and blame everyone else. Thus, in homosexual rage, certain AIDS-infected homos began going out and violating their own lifestyle, began having sex with as many women as they could, including prostitutes, knowing that those women would then infect “straight” people. There were even a few who drew syringes of their own blood and attempted to inject their blood into fresh meat at the grocery store. Yes, these are rabid psychopath perverts—who regularly have sex with 100 men a week; which is entirely different than the false image of homos when they were first presented in sitcoms and dramas, as “neat, friendly, quirky, funny, intelligent, witty, fun people”. Of course the sitcoms or dramas do not present the true evil natures of many homos, in the vast quantity of their perverse promiscuity, in how they beat up their own lovers if they think they are cheating on them, and how they even engage in urine drinking, feces eating, and “fisting”, and other abominations (again, wouldn’t that make a lovely Hallmark card...?). It may very well be that there are more homos that beat up straight people than there are “homophobes” who are “gay bashers”; however, the dishonest politicians and media only report the “news” (with its own skewed slant) that perpetuates the myth of its own agenda; but the instances of homos beating up straight people is never so-presented in the headlines.

* Understand, I am not talking about the genesis of the AIDS “virus” itself, but how it was initially spread once introduced. Most probably it was lab created by W.H.O.; but that is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that the evil creators chose the homosexual population to spread it, knowing of their incredible promiscuity. This can be compared to why Samson caught 300 foxes and tied firebrands to their tails and set them loose in the Philistines’ fields of grain, instead of catching turtles and sloths and using them as the carriers.]

“There is a way which [that] seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (Proverbs 14:12)

Christ, the Personification of Wisdom declares: “But he that sinneth against Me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate Me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36)

When you plant poison ivy seeds you should not be mad when strawberries don’t pop up out of the soil. If you planted poison ivy seeds embrace the poison ivy and celebrate—it’s what you wanted...! If you realize that you planted the wrong thing there is only one solution: repent, ask God’s forgiveness, dig up and root out and stop planting poison; and then only plant good crops. A farmer (perverse or otherwise) should understand the Law of the Harvest. A farmer who thinks that he can ignore the laws of nature—or who rejects even the concept of nature having laws, or who refuses even to believe that any nature exists would be a failure as well as a fool.]

The media, advertising, and perverse-oriented toys that cater to perversion is child abuse. TV sitcoms introduce the first desensitizing level of immorality, by putting 1 out-group shunned immoral minority (which they want to become the in-group “new-morality” majority), played by a toned-down representative, passed off as a “cheerful, funny, quirky, neatly dressed, articulate, friendly” person... in a sitcom (situation comedy). Laughter (and smiling) is a powerful psychological tool of acceptance; it draws you in; you then falsely associate the good feelings / euphoria / generated endorphins from laughter with the immoral out-group individual (actually the entire class that individual represents) and the pairing of that “good feeling” with the shunned individual welds into acceptance and embracing (in those who do not have a firm chain attached to the Biblical Anchor of morality and truth). What God declared to be sin is now presented as “wonderful”...! This is perpetuated in “reality shows” in which the vast majority are liberal (even if deluded into thinking that they are “Christians”) who embrace, show kindness, and love everyone “equally”. These reality shows almost always have a homo of some type in it; which gives a false perception of it being “normal” and cause people to think it is prevalent; when the homos are purposely cherry picked to overrepresent their numbers in society. Then, when all the “nonhomo” people (“Christians” included) embrace, hug, smile, laugh, and tell the homo what a nice he is, all of his wonderful qualities, etc., that causes the majority of views to think that such is the “proper” response—even the “Christian” response, to people who are “different”. It has little to do with mere existential “difference”—it has to do with sin and abominations that God hates and which He commanded us forever to eschew.

The same mind control (of pairing together that which God commanded to be separate and eschewed) is carried out with advertising, on large posters even at gas stations. It seems really stupid to advertise gasoline to someone who is already at the gas station already filling up—already buying the product...! So, it becomes obvious to a thinking individual that it is not the gas they are trying to sell to you, but the acceptance of what God forbade. Above the gas pumps at a specific major gas company, for years, there has been a picture of two individuals who should not be together, because it violates God’s Law and even nature; but they are pictured in the front seat of a car, with their windows down, the wind blowing through their hair, and they are laughing and smiling (so that makes it right). It is brainwashing; desensitization or sin: programming of “acceptance”. It is immoral what they are depicting and it is immoral in the psychological programming that they are using to cause a moral shift in Christian society.

2. Estrogen-like hormone-like properties. Soy itself has been shown to have estrogen-like hormone-like substances, and too much soy, even without all the chemicals in its production,* even if it is not GMO (which only turns up the heat and stirs the pot with more dangerous chemicals), still screws up the hormones of humans who eat it — especially the hormones of children and teens in their formative years, while their glands and brains are still developing. Is it just a coincidence that in the public schools in the U.S., school children (today, about 50 million) have been being stuffed with soy burgers, soy tacos, soy pizza, etc. for many decades...? See the article by Jim Rutz** which he had to re-title “The Trouble With Soy”,*** because of hypocritical liberal backlash; that is, overt demonstrations of hatred and nonacceptance and the hypocritical practice of inequality, exclusion, and intolerance by those liberal destroyers of society who don’t agree with the facts because it reveals their position to be wrong—and so they lash out violently upon those who are not guilty of their evil perversion.

[* pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc., and then at the end of the season, a defoliant (Roundup?) is sprayed on the entire plant to kill it, so that it dries faster in the field.... yummy...!  See also: Soyabeans: The Fabulous Food That Supplies Meat - Milk - Cheese - Proteins - Amino Acids - Vitamins - Minerals (1950) by Miklos Worth (with notes added by modern publisher), 62pp., 5.00 + P&H. It should be noted that the author did not know, at that time, the harmful substances in soy—or maybe those harmful substances did not exist at that time...? It is quite possible that many decades ago soy did not have these harmful substances, but after many decades of hybridization, these homone-like elements in the soy bean were “unintended consequences” (or maybe they were intended...?). It should also be realized that the fermentation process of miso, natto, and tempeh neutralizes / renders harmless / changes the harmful properties of soybeans (and “fermented black beans”, which are black soy beans); but the fermentation process of tofu does NOT! Regardless, only organic, nonGMO versions of these products should be used (and tofu, soyburgers, etc. should only be consumed in small portions; not a double “meat”-soy whopper with soy fries and soy dessert).

** Rutz passed away in 2020: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/coloradoan/name/james-rutz-obituary...

*** 6-part series in 2006, originally titled: Soy is Making Kids ‘Gay’;

Email me for a PDF of this full report if this link ever goes bad; the original link at WND was removed; but I found all 6 parts in the link above.]

A liberal, godless, perverse society (including most “Christian” churches) will lash out at the moral population and accuse the moral, truly* God-fearing of “immorality”.

[* Very few people in society today are truly God fearing, including most “Christians”. The majority have had their minds “liberated” from God, and their minds and instincts have been programmed against anything smacking of inequality, responsibility, obedience, Law, slavery, master-servant relationship, fear, punishment, judgment, etc. They think that the God of the New Testament is a “much nicer guy” now that He is on His “meds” and undergone anger-management and cultural-sensitivity training. They think the God of the New Testament is not the same as the God of the Old Testament. They don’t know God. 31 years ago I met a “local”—one who cursed like breathing, used the f-word commonly, whored around, lost his license due to DUI, smoked pot, etc. I turned the conversation to the Bible one time, and the morality that God established in His Law, which never changes, and his reply was, “Well, I’m a God-fearin’ man, but I’m not much for doing what the Bible says”. His actual words, burned into my mind. Utterly anti-intellectual, anti-Christian, and self-contradictory. NO. If you do not obey God YOU DO NOT FEAR HIM. You may have a superstitious fondness or a confused “good feeling”; but you do not love or fear or even know God.]

The only way that evil perverts can ever “feel” better about themselves, is once they have dragged everyone down into their boiling cauldron of Babylonian stew, and after there are no more “straight, white, Christian males” left to blame everything on. However, the majority in society (including most “Christian” churches) are so brainwashed and friends of the world that they side with the world instead of with God (and they mindlessly think that God is on their side):

“1These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. 2They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. 3And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor Me.” (John 16). “”

“4He that saith, I know Him [God], and keepeth not His Commandments, is a liar, and the Truth is not in him. 5But whoso keepeth His Word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him.” (I John 2)

[Love is not a “gushy feeling”, though true love can be accompanied by gushy feelings or warm fuzzies. True love is obedience / self-sacrifice / determination / loyalty / dedication. Jesus said, “If ye love Me keep My Commandments” (and the Commandments were not some new ones, but the entire Law of God; which is not for salvation, but the Moral Standard by which God commanded His people to live throughout all their generations forever. Morality never changes. God never changes.]

The ridiculousness of the intolerant, militant, hateful, perverse liberals’ attitude and position is tantamount to a group of raping murderers who violently protest against the rest of society, accusing them of being “hateful anti-murders and rape-aphobes”. It would be funny were it not so abominable and so serious a matter in that every nation of Christendom has been lost to this mental derangement and Satanic religion of Political Correctness (whose anti-intellectual foundational tennet is “equality and luv and nondiscrimiantion of everything [except all those who disagree with us]”. It is not a matter of their being “free” to live openly as “normal” and “equal” (neither of which they are, or can be)—it is that they want to force us to celebrate their perversion with them. They demand that we bow down with them and worship and sacrifice to their gods, which includes sexual orgies and every imagineable and unimagineable abomination. They are the ones who want to destroy all, especially our race. We want to preserve our heritage (which God commanded); we do not want to destroy them—and yet WE are the “haters” and “racists”. Their “lifestyle” and nature destroys what God created and commanded us to preserve as He created it. They are antichrist.

3. The element of morality. Morality is established in God’s Word and nowhere else. Morality never changes. Morality was forever established each time that God commanded, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!” Those who don’t like the only, never-changing morality hate God. God’s Law is not “mix and match” or “pick and choose” via “Smorgasbord Theology”—pick what you like, and if you try something that you don’t like simply throw it in the garbage and go back for what titillates you. Humanism, in whatever form or venue, centers around man. Theology and true doctrine centers around GOD: in what He commanded—in the spirit and in the letter; not according to modern polluted notions. The U.S. and every nation of Christendom was founded upon the morality established in the Bible. Those who reject it hate God, are antichrist, and enemies of Christendom; they are anti-American and they are guilty of sedition, subversion, and the attempted overthrow of the true Government of the United States (the true people, under the U.S. Constitution, governed by the spirit and letter of the Common Law, of which Christianity / the Bible is the foundation).

Morality never changes. Merely because someone is “predisposed” (whether the result of nature or nurture, genetics or environment) to something does not mean that he* gets a free pass to be immoral. Life is not “fair”; and it is not our job to “make fair” what God did not make “fair”. This does not mean that we are not supposed to have compassion, within proper boundaries, but that NO one has any authority to break or even “bend” God’s Rules or “redraw” the lines of morality that God forever established.

[* Note: I am NOT perverse, demented, cowardly, or ignorant and I am NOT and will NOT be “fear-shamed” into using incorrect pronouns, or including every possible pronoun in every sentence; though it seems that everyone else in the world is, or is just ignorant and can’t use proper English.  May I suggest learning a new language that suits you, instead of destroying ours; and the same goes for our nation. If you don’t understand your own number and gender, consider these short articles: https://sacredtruthministries.com/articles/ogidds-obsequious-gender-igno... and https://sacredtruthministries.com/articles/supreme-court-and-congression... .  If you don’t know the difference between male and female, white or black, sweet or sour, good or evil, light or darkness, morality or immorality, truth or falsehood, singular or plural, maybe you need to be medicated and housed in a padded room to protect you and the rest of society.]

Does someone who is predisposed to cleptomania, manic aggression, rape, murder, cannibalism, pedophilia, or treason or a pathogenic liar get a “free pass” or extra consideration when he commits crimes...?

[Well, even those lines are becoming “fuzzy”, because to be eekwallitarian one has to be equally libberall with every sin, crime, and vice; or, as is the trend, all must practice “unequal” eekwallity if the guilty parties fall into certain “special” categories. Like the Orwellian “Animal Farm”,* the destroyers of society grant special rights to those who should have NO rights; and strip those who were the only legitimate possessor of rights, of all their rights. But that is not all that they do; they then brainwash or fear-shame-terrorize all into accepting the “new order” as the only way. Those raised in that generation will have known no other life, and will think that is “normal” and “how things have always been”—when it is not! It is like communists who force strangers into your house to live with you; and then punish you for noticing all of the criminal activities of those strangers, and then claim that those strangers have as much right to your house as you do—and that it is not actually your house.

* Animal Farm (1946) George Orwell, a classic; 114pp., pb. 10.00 + P&H; ; DVD cartoon, 24.00; DVD 2-in-1, Animal Farm movie & Moby Dick 13.00 + P&H; skillfully reveals the duplicity and corruption of socialism / communism through an allegory in which animals take over a farm, then the pigs begin to change the established rules to be in favor of the pigs at all the other animals’ expense. A must for children and adults.]

Regardless, everyone has a fallen nature stained with sin or the effects of sin and wickedness. Everyone has thoughts / urges / desires that violate the laws of morality that God established. This does not mean that every single person has every single possible thought / urge / desire, every single possible moment. However, some do—because they revel and roll in it and their “glory is their shame”; “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. What you meditate upon and ruminate about and set before your eyes and ears continually, will then begin to consume you because you have self-hypnotized and it has become part of your autonomic subconscious; the controlling system program that is continually running in the background of your mind.

Perverse advertising and even subliminals* make the matter far worse and far-more frequent—by a continual bombardment of the mind with overt suggestion as well as the continued classically conditioned response that has purposely been created so that the juices start flowing each time that the bell—whatever that bell may be (a trigger word, a certain song, beat, etc.)—is rung; and it is rung a thousand times a day. The bottom line is: Anyone who has a sinful thought / urge / desire is supposed to resist it (and confess it as sin and repent of it if the temptation is dwelled upon)—not take the Nestea or Mountain Dew PLUNGE into it, in passionate reckless abandon, wanting to be swallowed up by and marinated in it.

“15Unto the pure all things [that are pure] are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.  16They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” (Titus 1)

However, when the perverse gain control of society, they can easily stampede the stupid herd or cattle (or swine) in any direction that they want. So now, in the Age of Perversion (which followed the Age of Irresponsibility and the Age of Anti-Intellectualism), taking that immoral plunge is considered to be the highest form of “humanity”, to be admired, worshipped, and emulated—and those who do not celebrate with them and pollute themselves in filth are turned upon like hyenas on a carcase, as if moral people are the worst people on earth.

[* Subliminals in advertising or movies, etc. are supposed to be illegal, but which are used anyway (just like professional, college, and Olympians cheating and using performance enhancing drugs, hoping that they can get away with it undetected). In fact, subliminals are hardly needed (but they use them anyway) since most advertising is now obscene and blatant, in your face—to hard-sell the current perversion, using everything from burgers to bottled water and gasoline to Ferraris as the weapon that chambers the bullet. However, initially these antichrists used sex to sell everything from burgers to cars; but now, they use burgers and cars to sell sex (desensitization and the selling of perverted ideas as “normal”). It is a “win-win” situation for antichrists: They get rich selling their product and demoralize Christendom at the same time. Like fake polls, advertising gives an unrealistic picture of the level of “acceptance” and exaggerated widespread notion of the depth and breadth of the problem. According to fake news, fake polls, over-representation in movies, tv (dramas, sit-coms, reality shows, news shows, marketing infomercials, etc.) theater performances, advertising, literature (even comic books), the average person probably thinks 50% of the U.S. is LBGQTXYZ and another 45% are “on board” and “perfectly happy” with others being that way; and only 5% of “evil” people are “hateful” and against it (because, according to the media / renegade politicians who pass themselves off as “the government”, they are “knuckledragging, rednecked Neanderthals”; even though the very notion of “Neanderthal” itself is fictional; so they use fiction to sell fiction; once the ignorant majority think that fiction is real). The overblown number of perverts and those who accept and support perverts simply is not true. The majority are brainwashed into thinking that “acceptance” and “LUV” is the right thing to do, and the “Christian” thing to do”, which is the very opposite of truth. They do not undertake valid polls, or skew the statistics; even as they had to photoshop nonexistent people into political rallies of Hillary or Biden, to make it look like they actually had an audience; or like the same crisis actors pop up at different “terrorist attacks”; or like the fixed voting machines registered “Biden” even if you voted for someone else. Such tv programs, movies, the “news” etc., only show “favorable acceptance” and smiles, laughs, and hugs; and if anyone is shown to disagree, they are demonized and shamed and discriminated against. This gives a false perception of the actual percentage in favor of perversion; and also fear-shames others into remaining silent—and when they do so, they deny Christ: for Christ would not remain silent; and certainly would not hug and smile and laugh and accept sin, perversion, and abominations. The numbers are also increased by teaching loose morals in the public schools, universities, tv, even churches; and weak, sinful people allow themseves to fall into compromising situations, in order to “defile” such unsuspecting individuals. Then, after the alcohol and drugs wear off, that night or the morning after, they realize that they are “damaged goods” and defiled; and ashamed, they simply join the perverse mass. This is how pedophiles (priests or rabbis or anyone else) “turn” young children. The shame and guilt of being violated and “ruined” is a self-perpetuating vicious circle from which they can rarely escape. After decades of such filth, they prey becomes the predator; and the cycle continues.

What is the fruit of this “free love” and perversion that has polluted Christendom for the past 60 years or so...? — 33% of the entire U.S. population and about 70% of young people in the U.S. have STDs. THAT is an epidemic of GARGANTUAN proportions; not a mere pimple like this Coronhoax: whose numbers were inflated 1,000 times by calling everything “Covid death”, which was not—or no one would have believed it: “This just in, in breaking news, in Pennsylvania, due to a cold snap, 30 people froze to death of covid last night”; “In L.A., 50 people died in a Covid 500-car pile up on the expressway”; “In Chicago, someone committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with 45-calibre covid”. Those who reject the false narrative are called “deniers” and “anti-(whatever)” or “haters”, “conspiracy nuts”, or “disinformation spreaders”. It works best to demonize anyone by referring to them as “negative” something. Then, when masses of people die from the fake vaccine, the deadly bioweapon, DNA-altering, experimental drug (a mind-boggling number of athletes in their prime, and celebrities), they are not called vax-deaths but that “the family has withheld release of the cause of death as they grieve privately in their own way”. Everything is skewed.

Young people and aliens are the ones who mostly work in the food industry! This means, most likely, that 50% of the people working in the U.S. in food service have an STD (and many illegally flooding our nation have hepatitis, tuberculosis, and even leprosy; and some peoples who are observers of a middle eastern religion after relieving their bowels wash their backside with their bare hand and then go back to work). The food supply affects us all! I know someone who was delivering food for various restaurants during this fake plannedemic itself, and he said that while he was waiting for the food to be ready to deliver it, and was watching those undesireables preparing the food in hot kitchens, with their masks hanging down, breathing on the food—but sweat actually dripping off their faces into the food. Yummy! Back in 1983 I knew someone who had a friend who worked in an Italian deli / restaurant, and he said some of the guys who worked there spit in the food and pissed in the pickle barrel. Down in Florida around the same time a Jamaican, if I recall properly, was depositing his sperm on the hamburgers at the fast-food chain in which he worked. I live in a small town, but I have not eaten out or gotten takeout for 11 years.

The majority of corporations that grew wealthy off the moral, Christian American families are now turning on them, to cater to a perverse minority; and they produce t.v. commercials or other advertising pushing abominable perversions as the normal happy family; such as, if memory serves me correctly, Cain’s frozen potatoes, Barilla pasta, Campbell’s soup, Corn Flakes, etc.; and store chains like Target and others take a blatant side with the enemies of Christ, even refusing to sell Bibles in their book section—all of which should be boycotted by any true Christian. You don’t need their products to live. You enrich and power antichrists. Find an alternative company that has not sold out, make your own (and it will be healthier), or simply do without. However, most “Christians” will not. They will make any limp excuse to think that they can hold hands with evil and with Jesus; because their concept of Jesus is “Gandhi” (the false image of Gandhi being a peacemaker, when in reality he was a terrorist who realized the easier way to win was by faking peace; just like Mandela). However, Scripture tells us:

“1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (II Timothy 3)]

God declared, placing a curse on such—

“20Woe unto them that call evil, ‘good’, and good, ‘evil’; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!” (Isaiah 5)

4. Other chemicals / pharmaceuticals.  The amount of chemicals with which the average person is daily bombarded cannot be under-estimated. There are a chemicals in the food, water, electro-magnetic radiation (from dirty electricity from overburdened power lines, smart meters, cell phones, all appliances, including hand-held blow driers and electric razors, tvs, computer screens, etc.), chemtrails, and a plethora of prescription drugs that a staggering amount of children are doped with by immoral doctors (Ritalin and other similar drugs are massively overprescribed; as are also most all drugs for adults; and many other prescription drugs are abused, such as Viagra, and even drugs like Rogaine come at bio-chemical cost within the body, as all drugs have massive amounts of serious contra-indications / side effects / harmful “unintended consequences”). Most diseases and health problems are manufactured by the medical-chemical industry, through their vaccines, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other agri-chemicals, and doctors who treat the symptom instead of actually understanding and treating the disease itself; and the entire spurious fields of anthropology, paleontology, sociology, and humanistic psychology and all their psycho-babble and science-fiction delusions poison the minds of most people from childhood. Their teaching is humanistic and perverse and justify sin, and encourage it; and in so doing they destroy society, and accrue more wealth and power in the process in their attempted overthrow of Christendom.

An estimated 2.8 million children (under the age of 19 years) in the U.S. received ADHD stimulant medication (amphetamines [such as Adderall] and methylphenidates [such as Ritalin and Concerta]) in 2008—which drugs themselves can cause mania, anxiety, aggression, depression, suicide, and homicidal tendencies. Most terrorist teens, such as the Jewish Klebold and Harris of Columbine, were on such medication. Additionally, the Columbine school was a “test site” for the teaching of occultic “death education” classes, which were causing normal children to experience depression and have thoughts of suicide. The total number of vaccinations that doctors attempt to coerce parents to complete on their children from newborn to adulthood is staggering (and many doctors can get a several thousand dollar BONUS from the drug companies FOR EACH child under their care whose parents they “convince” to consent to giving all 100 shots, or whatever the exact number is, to a certain age). The mercury in vaccines is responsible for the massive amount of autistic children; and most probably it is the vaccines that are causing the ADHD so that the medical profession and Rockefeller oil (from which most pharmaceuticals are made) can make billions off drugs to “treat” these symptoms that they caused. Again, it could be the “toxic cocktail” of the vaccines, radiation from cell phones, soy, chemicals in the food and water, mineral imbalance in the body,* subliminals and blatant things in tv, movies, video games, comic books, electromagnetic radiation, etc. that combined are the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

[* So much sugar is added to food and especially soft drinks, that other chemicals have to be added so that the soft drink (with 9.75 to 14 Tablespoons of sugar) is drinkable (and one sugar soda every day for a year will cause you to gain 14 lbs. if you do not burn off the calories. Most artificial sweeteners are even worse and destroy the liver, kidneys, and the brain. HFCS / High Fructose Corn Syrup—renamed “Corn Syrup”, since it developed a bad reputation from being exposed, blocks the brain signaling that you have been satiated, so you keep eating or drinking. The iodine was replaced in the flour with Bromide, and Mountain Dew (and other things) have brominated vegetable oil, which displaces iodine which every single organ of the body needs (which is also responsible for IQ as well as proper functioning of organs, disease prevention, etc.). The sugar and carbonation create an acidic environment in which cancer thrives.]

When someone plays “MAD SCIENTIST” in a chemical laboratory (especially when he has no clue what he is doing)... it can only end in disaster. It is the same way when someone plays “MAD SCIENTIST” injecting those chemicals into peoples’ bodies (adults or children)—for the sole purpose of making the manufacturers super-rich, while treasonous politicians pass laws indemnifying them against all liability through criminal and civil lawsuits for the lives they ruin. This is child abuse and crimes against humanity.

As Jewish comedian-turned political commentator Bill Maher (who at times is blatantly and smugly crude) mentions in the short video link at the end of this article, many children are on “Puberty blockers”...! However, Sweden and Finland recently stopped the madness. Do you think that giving developing children puberity blockers may possibly contribute to gender confusion...? When the “experts” fail time and time again at everything that they do (politicians with the “Anti-midas touch”) it is not “bad luck”—and even if it were, people are fools to continue to re-elect them! When “everything goes wrong just right” for the enemy, nearly every single time (or at least, “when it counts”), it cannot be a mere coincidence. Those who do not believe in the conspiracy theory of history are either total ignoramuses or part of the conspiracy itself. Imagine a college football coach, who, exasperated, blurts out, “I can’t understand it. They shut us down every single play. It’s like they have a copy of our playbook!” —duh.....! When you add up all the factors, not merely polluting the nation in the water supply (chlorine and fluoride), in the food supply, with smart meters and 5G, with vaccines and / or experimental drugs immorally granted an “emergency use exception” (indemnifying them of all harm the drug causes); when politicians pass laws to protect such companies, or to allow manufacturers to use deceit and lies in advertising (like calling products that had BEAVER ANUS in it, “natural vanilla flavor”, because a beaver’s anus is “natural” but also happens to smell and taste like vanilla!)—they are not coincidences, mistakes, or bad luck. It is all calculated and on purpose, and it is conspiracy. Anyone who has the faintest notion of the laws governing statistical laws of probability know that (and they also know evolution is impossible for the same reason).

5. Single feminist mothers. “Empowered” single mothers who emasculated their husbands by divorcing them, taking them to the cleaners financially, taking the children from him also add significantly to the “perfect gender-confusion storm”. The boys learn that emasculation is the “norm” for males, so get used to it, cave in to cowdice and accept being neutered (and subconsciously, they may even rationalize—“It’s dangerous being a male, I might as well be a female; it might be safer)”; and the girls learn to be manish and “empowered” and “in control”—just like Jezebel.

In and anti-intellectual age, few people ever truly think; they don’t notice blatant contradictions; and they don’t think to the ultimate conclusion; they merely float passively, mindlessly like an amoeba in the solution of here and now; and in place of rational thinking, they wildly emote, run away with their passions and confused hormones. Hey, if a woman thinks “It’s My body, my choice”—then THE WOMAN should pay to support and raise the children for the next 18 years after the women divorce their husbands and their their children from their fathers. It is THE WOMAN’s fault that she did not kill her children when she had the chance (women should remind their children of that every now and then, I am sure it will be endearing and a wonderful bonding experience)... so THE WOMAN should pay for the children after divorce. Of course, I am not speaking in favor of abortion. My point is that they cannot have their cake and eat it too. They cannot have it both ways; and pick and choose when they want to be “equal” or even “more than equal” and “empowered”, and claim that it is “their body”—but then make the husband pay for her choices.

But there’s still hope, antichrist politicians keep expanding the age at which women can kill their children, so after a few more years women may be able to kill their children at any age—but, such women better hope that law is passed before “euthanasia laws” are passed: before their children have the right to kill their mother first, if they can prove that she is useless and a burden on society...!

It is immoral and unlawful for a woman to believe that she has all the rights and power—but not the responsibility...! That is anti-intellectual, delusional, dishonest, irresponsible, and antichristian. Without a man a woman could not conceive a child. Did the woman not participate in the making of the baby...? Did she just wake up one day in a Convent and realize that she had immaculately conceived...? Okay, so she carried the child for 9 months, maybe only half of which time her “lifestyle” was cramped...? so she willingly “endured” a little inconvenience for 4.5 months and then a short period of painful labor (if she waived having drugs to block the pain)—and because of that she thinks that she has 100% right of ownership of the child for the next 18 years, but thinks that her ex-husband has 100% of the financial obligation of what she claims to own 100%...? What type of mind-altering drugs are such women on...? Do any such women claim to be a Christian...? You will find no such “empowerment” in the Scriptures—just the opposite... but such reject the Word of God because they are not of God. Don’t shoot the prophet. I didn’t write the Bible. Your beef is with God and you are supposed to conform to His Demands, not vice versa; and if you don’t you are antichrist. Such will probably find themselves disowned when Christ returns.

“[Wives are] To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.” (Titus 2:5)

God does not call the elect of His people His sons and daughters, and the bride of Christ for no reason. Those who have a polluted notion of the direction of authority in either relationship are not of God. A woman who thinks that she is “the boss” or even in an “equal partership of authority” with her husband rejects the Word of God; and Christ will not return for a rebellious woman who has refused to obey the authority of her husband. The same goes for unfaithful husbands who abandon their wife and children, so they can go live in sin (as did the fraud Scofield; who then lied about it during his “ordination”). Scripture reveals:

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (I Timothy 5:8)

Those of God’s people who have been truly regenerated by God’s Holy Spirit will live as He commanded—in obedience to all that He commanded; as evidence that they are branches on Christ, producing His Fruit (not the world’s counterfeit fruit) and as evidence of the Holy Spirit’s Presence in them (Galatians 5:16-21). Christ is not Saviour of those for whom He is not also Lord. Your Lord is the one whom you obey. Scripture tells us that those who are redeemed are bought with a price, and no longer their own, and that they are to glorify God [via obedience] with their body and their spirits which are GOD’S (I Corinthians 6:19,20; Ephesians 2:10). Those who live as if they are their own, most probably were not bought with a price; not redeemed; not regenerated. Every tree is known by its fruit.

[Note: I have never been taken to the cleaners or had children taken from me. I speak with no axe to grind, but reality—the violation of the Law of God has been used to destroy society. It begins in the home; it the spreads like cancer to “government” and the “church” and every type of business. It is Antichrist—and that is why God depicts Rome and end-time Babylonian amalgamationism and the Apostate Christian Church as the Great Whore who has slept with all peoples of the earth.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn explained in 1983:

“Over half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia. ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.’

“Since then, I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our revolution; in the process of which I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: ‘Men have forgotten God, that’s why all this has happened.’

“What is more, the events of the [so-called] Russian Revolution can only be understood now, at the end of the century, against the background of what has since then occurred in the rest of the world. What emerges here is a process of universal significance. And if I were called upon to identify briefly the principle trait of the entire 20th century, here to, I would be unable to find anything more precise and pithy than to repeat once again: ‘Men have forgotten God’.” [Brackets mine. R.A.B.]

It was not a “Russian” Revolution; but a Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (and it was the same in the Revolution in France). See: Behind Communism (1952) Frank L. Britton; 2022 edition Retypeset, Improved and Added Graphics, About the Author, Introduction and Annotations by Balaicius, 133pp., 6x9 pb., 14.00 + P&H; and A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom; Balaicius, 176pp., pb., 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.]

Again, don’t shoot the prophet. I didn’t write the Bible. It is my job to proclaim what God established and revealed and commanded—and God never changes. Morality, His Law, never changes. God does not change with the times, God does not change with the evil world according to their perverse notions of morality or fairness or equality. Don’t shoot the accountant. It’s not my fault that 2 + 2 = 4. The majority of even “Christians” do not love righteousness or the truth; but are selfish and they worship self by sacrificing all to self as if they themselves are god; and they only believe what self wants to believe. The majority of “Christians” act like someone who, when he finds out from his accountant that he has a surplus of $50,000, is overjoyed. However, if he finds out that he is $50,000 in debt, he responds by declaring, “Mathematics is not fair! I hate mathematics. I don’t believe in mathematics!” That may sound outlandish, but it is reality in many ways, even closer than most individuals imagine. Does not the average person think that he has the right to inherit an ancestor’s wealth—but not his debt...? Explain to me why...

Again, we live in an Age of Irresponsibility, Anti-Intellectualism, and Perversion and Insanity. Peoples’ minds are polluted.

6. Drug culture / Free Sex Culture. Hollywood, “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” have played a great part in destroying the U.S. Alexander Solzhenitsyn said, “To destroy a people you must first sever their roots... A tree that’s rotten to its core cannot stand in a storm”. He must have learned this from Lenin, who said, “Destroy the family and the society will collapse”.

[Ukrainian Josyp Terelya, who survived many years of torture in Soviet Union prison camps, in his book, Josyp Terelya: Witness To Apparitions and Persecution in the USSR: An Autobiography, 344pp., pb. [out of print; good used copies 20.00 + P&H], revealed (despite Catholic mysticism, superstition, false doctrine, it is an excellent book and shows) that in the Soviet takeover of Ukraine their first plan was dechristianizing and that was done through the demoralizing / corrupting of the people, especially the youth, through alcohol, drugs, and free sex. Kenneth Goff, former communist agitator relates the same story—for he was paid to do so; see his: Confessions of Stalin’s Agent (1948) 80pp., 6.00 + P&H; Red Atrocities Against Christians (1968) 63pp., 5.50 + P&H; and Red Betrayal of Youth (1948) 32pp., 3.00 + P&H; all titles mentioned herein are in stock.]

The drug culture was the grease for the suppository. People on drugs do STUPID things (that’s why marijuana, morphine, cocaine, and heroine were called “dope”; though all “recreational drugs” can be called dope). It has been during the all-too-common drug and booze parties over the past 60 years or so (which have been glorified in movies; without which, I would never even have known about them) that sexual promiscuity is unleashed on a mass scale. Such “parties” are now considered part of “normal” American life (especially college life) in which music with perverse lyrics paired with emotion-stroking vibrations as the music is played at ear-damaging decibels (which also affects the brain and the entire body). The effects of the music alone (not even factoring in the drugs and alcohol) can be seen in old news reals of women practically turning to rubber, as they have a melt down of emotions and start crying, screaming, convulsing, and even passing out. Such music, paired with drugs, alcohol, and whoremongering boys and men who prey on them, resulted in the perfect storm. The immoral youth of the nation (which constitute the majority) for over 60 years have gotten drunk and high and did whatever stupid thing everyone else was doing—and at such “parties” teens mindlessly and thoughtlessly crossed every single boundary that God established in their promiscuous random sexual activity. Without the drug and booze parties and the culture it spawned, I would venture to say that 95% of the sexual perversions would have never taken place and the majority of illegitimate children would not have been born. This broke down all barriers as masses of youth crossed racial, gender, age and any other boundaries—even group sex; even with animals. Such perversion was even introduced into Japan, to fight against and show hatred of their parents and their traditional order of family honor—and upon cue, Japanese youth tore their own clothes off in the street and began copulating randomly with any and all strangers who were also participating. No nation, no people can continue in the face of such immorality.

Just like homopervert predators who defile children, participating in such perversion is like falling on a bear trap. Once a person has so polluted and disgraced himself, subconsciously, he is overburdened with unbearable guilt and shame—and Satan uses it as his tool. Instead of repenting and confessing their sin to God—the majority think, “I am vile, don’t deserve forgiveness, don’t deserve a good spouse in my life; anyone who knows what I have done would reject me”. This is why obese people remain obese. After some point they realize that their problem is gargantuan (though many dishonestly make excuses and seek after whatever charlatan will tell them it is not their fault) and they stop trying to eat right, stay on a diet, and exercise—they simply abandon themselves to it; giving up; and then actually believing the lie that it is “normal”. So it is with those who pollute themselves with sin and abominations. Those who are perverse, and journalists and “authorities” pervert people’s minds (telling sinners what they want to hear, to make themselves feel better in their sin) and call it “normal”; or they euphemize it as being youthful “experimentation”, “sowing of wild oats”, a “fad” or “phase”, etc. Our society is full of the product of those generations—and they constitute the MAJORITY. There are now even Contemporary Christian singers, who were at the top of the charts, some of whose worship songs were even included in church hymnals—who have “come out of the closet” as being queer. BUT, instead of confessing it as sin, then write songs about perversion, that it is normal, that God loves them, and they sing those songs in concerts in apostate “Christian” churches that will have them. It is one thing to sin—and be ashamed; it is an entirely different matter to sin and declare it not to be sin, and still claim to be a “Christian” and even a “minister”. God has given such over unto a reprobate mind, and strong delusion. They blaspheme Christ, and God and the Word of God; and they participate in the destruction of Christendom. What shall be their reward on the Day of Judgment? If truly regenerated a person cannot lose his election / salvation. However, the vast majority were never regenerated; they simply had a pseudo-spiritual emotional experience. Every tree is known by its fruit.

7. Queer Pressure / Peer Pressure; “experimentation”.  Schools that teach such filth contribute to the delinquency of minors, which used to be a crime; and probably still is on the books. Sodomy (buggery, pederasty) / perverse sex acts are laws still considered crimes / illegal in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas; though most probably those laws are never enforced. Incest used to be considered a crime; but some states in the U.S. do not even consider that a crime any more, as long as no offspring are produced (hey, if one is, just kill it—that’s the logic); though that too will be changed, allowed, and glorified, eventually: for all sin is merely one step to the next.

Every single person involved in teaching such filth in the public schools is guilty of child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and aiding and abetting the commission of things that are still considered crimes. Those guilty include the teachers in such schools, the school board, the perverts who write the school “text-books” Heather Has 2 Mommies, Jennifer Has Two Daddies, and a dozen perverse spinoffs, etc.,—and the politicians are all guilty of these CRIMES if they have not opposed every single perverse unconstitutional law that has repealed all laws of morality upon which the U.S. was founded.

Teachers in such schools are actually pimps, as they tempt, deceive, or pressure impressionable young children to “try it, if it’s not for you that’s fine”; even as drug dealers give out free samples to get people hooked. Once a child pollutes himself, the ego is destroyed and he is overwhelmed with true guilt—as well as with false guilt, the mindset: “No one will ever want me now, other than the perverts who ruined me”. In time they throw themselves into degradation and perversion; but most, subconsciously, still carry guilt and shame, and after their perverse activities and drugs and alcohol can no longer block it out, some commit suicide; while the psychopaths resort to “homosexual rage” and endeavor to destroy as many people as they can (even as abused children often grow up to be abusers), even having heterosexual sex to infect men and women with AIDS and other diseases out of their deranged hatred at being polluted, destroyed, or being given a sexual disease. Chicago city schools are now passing out condoms to 5th graders...!

8. Lying media and fake polls.  The media lies and fake polls are “invented” (or the date “fudged”) to brainwash and desensitize people, and give everyone the false notion that perversion is “trendy” and “everyone’s in favor of it” and that perverts are “almost the majority” and that “everyone is doing it”. Weak minded and low moralled people then give in and defile themselves, or accept it, not wanting to be “demonized” as a “hater” by rejecting it; and again, once they fall on the bear trap, it is unlikely they will escape or survive.

9. Anti-discrimination / Friend-of-the-world Compromise / Bowing down in Fear to / Worship of the gods of Political Correctness.  Christendom has been destroyed by pseudo-Christians (the vast majority of those who think that they are “Christians”) who kowtow to political correctness and bow down to the beast and worship in fear; too cowardly to speak a word, choosing instead to “blend in”; most of whom, not knowing the Voice of the Shepherd, adopt the world’s philosophy, espousing an “interpretation” of Scripture through the perverse filter of modern society, that expects a Holy God to bow down and conform to sinful man’s notions of “fairness” and “equality” and blind acceptance and “LUV”. The majority of “Christians” are brainwashed thinking evil is good, or they are incapacitated, like a deer in headlights, by shame-terrorism by the Political-Correct Mafia. If you keep your mouth shut when someone else blasphemes those whom you love, you don’t love them. If you celebrate or remain neutral when perverts and Christ-haters, who hate our religion, our nation, our people, our history, our heritage, our race, and remain silent when they dance naked in the streets, strut around flaunting their perversion, revile our ancestors, our founders, our God and HIS STANDARDS, you are not of God. Would you remain silent when vile people insult, slander, defame, falsely accuse, mistreat, and abuse your children, grandchildren, spouse, sibling, parents, grandparents...? Would you continue to “be friends” with such people...? Why then do you permit the same blasphemies against our God, Saviour, and greater family of people, Christendom...?

“But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in Heaven.” (Matthew 10:33)

You deny Jesus when He is insulted and you remain silent; when you remain silent and paralyzed and indifferent when He would have spoken out and acted; when you ignore the trampling of His Name and doctrine—when abominable, unconstitutional laws are passed in which someone who uses the wrong pronoun can be fined $400,000, but it is perfectly acceptable to blaspheme Christ Jesus, our faith, and our Founders and ancestors. Being a “Christian” means being a follower of Christ—not a blind, deaf, and dumb stumbler along the road with a “fondess” for His Name or the “concept” of Jesus, but being an imitator of Christ, being a “little christ”, patterning your mind, thoughts, and life after Him. However, sadly, most “Christians” don’t even actually know His Name or what it means; and most do not understand His Doctrine—and if they understood His Doctrine most “Christians” would crucify Him again; or at the very least, stop following Him.

[Someone I know was in his town one day, running errands, and perchanced to strike up a conversation with a man standing nearby on the sidewalk. It turns out that the man was an elder in one of the local churches. The conversation turned to God, the Old Testament, the Law of God, and this “elder” of a “Christian” Church blurted out, “I hate the God of the Old Testament”. A woman who was in agreement with my books came to a point in which she realized that according to the Word of God, she would have to give up some things in her life dear to her; she replied, “I would not worship a God who made such demands”. The laughably absurd, and revoltingly disgraceful “Bishop” Desmont Tutu, “Primate” of the apostate Anglican Church of South Africa, before his death, came out in support of gender perversion* and said that he would not worship a homophobic God and if God did not admit LGBQTXYZ in Heaven that he would rather go “to the other place”. Wish granted...! Those who utter such words demonstrate that not only do they not know God, but they do not even know what GOD means: Master, Owner, Supreme-Sovereign, Lord. See:

https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/27/africa/desmond-tutu-lgbtq-climate-palesti... ]

One of Tutu’s daughters is a lesbian, and was ordained as an Anglican “minister” herself; however, after she married another woman, taking the other woman’s last name, Tutu’s daughter, Mpho Tutu “van Furth” was forced to resign. This destroyer of Christianity and Christendom expressed, “My father campaigned for women’s ordination, and so every time I stand at the altar I know that this is part of his legacy .... It is painful, a very odd pain, to step down, to step back from exercising my priestly ministry”. You are neither a priest nor a minister; and certainly not a Christian.

She should not have been ordained as a “minister”. It seems that she would not have been forced to step down, had she merely lived in open lesbian sin with the other woman; but “marrying” her was the issue. However, marriage is not the issue; marriage is merely a greater degree of flauting the homoperversion itself. The “science” claiming that perverts are “born that way” or that claims there is a “pervert gene” is a false narrative; but even if it were true, it does not make homoperversion right. Would it be all right if they discovered a “wife beating” gene? a drug / alcohol addiction gene? a gambling gene (thus excusing a person for gambling his family out of house and home—and even if YOU personally would not want to be married to such a man, would it be “just fine” for a gambling-gene man to treat his family like that?); what about an axe-murderer gene? chainsaw? What about an arson gene? pedophile gene? polygamy gene?

Actually, the one marital form that the modern Apostate “Christian” church rejects God does not forbid—and everything that He forbids they declare to be “wonderful”. In fact, they think it is perfectly fine for a man to commit whoredom with a dozen women—just as long as they are not “married”...!

What if they discovered a gene that causes political corruption... oh, that doesn’t matter, that is considered “normal” anyway, and no excuse is needed as they are “untouchable” regardless of their perversions, crimes, or treasons.

Whether some “scientist” actually finds “a gene”, or whether some “expert” imperialistically, god-like, “DECLARES by FIAT” a particular gene to be a homopervert gene is utterly meaningless. It does not make it right; and it does not make absolve the person of responsibility. It only means that the person may have to work a little harder to be moral; everyone has temptation. What about a fat gene? would it mean that a person should not exercise self-control, should not try to eat the proper foods in the proper amount and exercise? Would being morbidly obese be declared “normal”...? If so, what would the health and life insurance companies in their policies have to say? Could they increase premiums for something that is “normal” and “healthy”...?* Can unhealthiness be declared to be “healthy” by fiat?

* Should not someone who occupies twice the space and who weighs twice as much be charged a double (or triple, if they are 3x as large / heavy) fee on an airplane, bus, boat, or train? Should they not be charged a double (or triple) fee at an “all you can eat” buffet...? If you think “no”, most likely your hypocritical opinion would change if it was your business bleeding out. Do not tall and large size clothing charge more, because it takes twice or three times as much material, and two or three times as much time, and the finished product takes up two or three times as much space and costs two to three times as much to transport...? Would it be fair to raise the prices for everyone, to subsidize the overconsumption of people two and three times as large as a normal person? If you think, “yes”, you are a socialist. Not only is your notion of “equality” socialism and anti-Biblical, but your notions actually enable people to continue on in their sinful bad habits and irresponsible denial. Evil people (many considering themselves to be “Christians”) don’t care if a loved one is moral or a pervert, healthy or morbidly obese, “as long as she is happy”. Such do not know God.

Just because someone claims to have found a “homopervert gene” does NOT mean that a person was “born with it”. Just because they “call” it a homopervert gene does not mean that it is. Furthermore, that “gene” may not actually be natural, but a diseased mutation; or a “created” gene due to vaccinations, medications, radiation, or other “treatments” that the medical “professionals” “recommend”; in addition to the overload of a child’s system with GMOs, soy, and brainwashing via the media’s propaganda. The mind is powerful. There are what are known as psych-somatic illnesses, those in which a person (hypochondriac) “imagines” he has a disease—and there are also psychogenic illnesses or disease, in which the mind actually creates the disease, or creates the environment for the disease to thrive. Cannot genes that exist be “turned on” or “turned off” depending upon conditions? Are not some alleles dominant (manifest) and others recessive (latent)...? Could not various drugs and chemicals cause latent genes to become abnormal and manifest, and vice-versa? Is that not actually what “gene therapy” does? in hormone replacement or puberty blockers? Could not excessive soy do the same thing, since soy is loaded with estrogen-like, horomone-like substances? If a woman begins taking testosterone shots, does she not grow facial hair and develop other manly characteristics; if a man takes estrogen shots, does it not slow down facial hair and have his breasts begin to develop? Could not a gene “called” a pervert gene not actually actually “cause” homoperversion, but be an innocent bystander that is “hijacked” to follow along and do the hijacker’s bidding...?

In a society in which young children are fed soyburgers and other TVP products in the public schools which has estrogen-like, hormone like substances which can screw up a child’s hormones in the formative years—in addition to all types of vaccines and pesticides and artificial flavorings and colorings, texturizers, preservatives (practically an entire chemistry kit), paired with provocative tv programming in which homoperversion is suggested even in cartoons, and taught in the schools... cannot a child easily be PUSHED in that direction? Just because genes may mutate or change their expression from recessive to dominant, does not mean that the “gene” forces the person, but that the person forces the gene. Additionally, if a child is already bombarded by all of the above factors, and some priest, family member, local punk, alien, gang member, transient, or other sex offender predator abuses such a child even once, is it not possible that such abuse could damage the child psychologically for life...? Behaviour and thinking then modifies the brain to continue on that path; brain chemistry and activity changes, which can be measured. When any such “suspect” gene is fed, will it not become more prominent? If you lift weights with only your right arm, will not your right arm muscles develop and get larger and stronger, even though your left arm, or leg muscles do not? This is why Scripture tells us to flee temptation and to think on wholesome things. This is why God commanded evil to be put out from among us, not coddled. God said that He hated and visited judgment and wrath upon those who hate Him to the third and forth generation. That means if subsequent generations do not repent and eschew wickedness. However, instead of obeying God and executing those guilty of certain evils for which God demanded the death penalty, we put them on a taxpayer-funded breeding (welfare) programs and even allow the very worst in maximum-security prisons to have “conjugal visits”...! and so, reaping what we allow to be sowed, that third and fourth generation turns into the sixth and seventh, then ninth and tenth generation—and so on, perpetually, so that the very worst blood reproduces in the tens of millions; rather than it dying out in one generation by doing what God commanded. “The curse causeless shall not come.” “Be sure your sin will find you out.” “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap”—and all those around him reap his evil bumpercrop with him, if they do not obey God.

Corrupt drug companies and immoral politicians and “scientists” force vaccines and other types of shot or oral drugs, and some of them alter DNA, and / or deposit heavy metals, toxins, living micro-organisms, and nanoparticles of toxic metals in the body that can cause magnetism. Is it not outlandish for “scientists” to then declare, “We have found a magnetic gene”....? Is not much of such “science” the same as political elections with fake media coverage, not reality, but a “self-fulfilling prophecy”...?]

However, those “Christians” content to “blend in” in an evil, perverse, antichristian society actually deny Christ, the true faith, Christendom, our heritage, our identity, and they shall be absorbed by Babylon (you reap what you sow). Those who are lukewarm (those who fancy themselves as being “Christian” but deny what Christ taught—the Full Counsel of the Word of God, the unchanging Moral Standard that God established—and instead follow a Gandhi with a “Jesus makeover” and “Touched by An Angel Theology” (God loves everyone; God loves you just the way you are; no need to change a thing). Such constitute the Apostate, Harlot church—the woman who rides the beast and who has lain down and committed fornication with all the peoples of the earth (amalgamationism into Babylon). They refuse to conform to God, and expect God to conform to modern society. They reject everything contained in the Scriptures unless it is something that they want to believe; unless the Bible conforms to their sinful, confused, carnal notions. When Scripture does not do so, they either twists it in a polluted, convoluted “interpretation”, or they reject it outright, claiming the blasphemous lie that God “changed” and that Jesus “did away with” The Law of God—and in so believing they demonstrate that they know neither God nor Jesus; and they believe the very opposite of what Christ taught; and most are so dead-hearted and hard-headed that indictment does not even bother them and they have no concern or desire to even inquire (which shows that they are devoid of God’s Holy Spirit): for they have no intention of submitting to and conforming to God. They shall find themselves spewed out; meaning, “ye have no part in Me”.

Your Master, Lord, God is the one you fear, obey, and serve. The majority of “Christians” have the State as their god (mindlessly thinking that God expects us to bow down to every illegitimate, unconstitutional, totalitarian antichrist “law” of corrupt, treasonous politicians, but that God abolished His own Law and does not expect us to obey Him!). The god of most “Christians” is their belly, their lusts, their fears, their false notions of God (idols) themselves, and their children and grandchilden—regardless of morality; and they sacrifice all to them, whatever they want, rejecting the notion of sin, repentance, expiation, or propitiation.

They bow down to ever unconstitutional law of corrupt, perverse, and even illegitimate politicians, and they give in and embrace perversion when it enters their family—instead of obeying God and shunning such family members until they repent. Those who refuse to shun perverse family members (which people constitute the majority of “Christians”) do not know or love God. No one says that doing what is right is always “fun” or “easy”. To disown a loved one is painful—but it is the loved one’s fault for putting himself in a position in which God demands that you shun him. You either shun sin / perverse individuals or you shun God. You cannot serve two masters. Light has no fellowship with darkness. Once one sin is tolerated and embraced, equality demands that all sin be tolerated and embraced. This starts with not calling sin “SIN”, by being wishy washy, cowardly, apathetic, liberal, and such sow destruction into their very families by allowing theirr children to be anywhere near immoral people; whether adults or children—even if they are your own relatives! GOD SAID “NO!” Most “Christians” don’t care. They choose their perverse family member or in-law over God; in their perverse minds, thinking that God doesn’t care; and again, in so thinking they demonstrate that they don’t know God and the Truth is not in them. The do not love Righteousness because they don’t even know what it is. They don’t know the difference between light and darkness because they are blind, groping in the dark, thinking all is the same.

God discriminates. He commands us to discriminate. Those who don’t know what God hates, and those who don’t hate what God hates, do not know or love God.

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [rebuke] them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

10. Desensitization / Programming the “New Normal”.  Most dictators have expressed, in various wordings, the sentiment, give me your children and in one generation I will control the nation.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the Law, happy is he.” (Proverbs 29:18)

“But his [the righteous man’s] delight is in the Law of the LORD; and in His Law doth he meditate day and night.” (Psallm 1:2)

“6And these Words [the Law of God], which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: 7And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up. 8And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand, and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes. 9And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house, and on thy gates.” (Deuteronomy 6)

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to Me: seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” (Hosea 4:6)

The journey from infancy and childhood to youth is like awakening from a deep sleep and a dream covered in a misty fog, in which reality abruptly forces itself upon the mind, leaving the past and how one arrived at the present in mystery. This possibly mirrors, in a very small way, how Adam and Eve were abruptly brought into existence. Having laid this foundation, we need to realize that since children are young and their current “bag of experience” is very small, with little collected in it, and their time upon earth has been brief, with little history—even a few years of life, to them, is how everything has always been; the only history and reality that they have ever known. Thus, this is easy to manipulate and in merely a few years change one entire generation—tens of millions of people, for good or evil. After the Protestant Reformation and the teaching of God’s Word, which filled an enormous vacuum in the soul that was meant to be filled with only God, the general teaching and catechizing of children set in motion God’s enormous blessing, and the Golden Age of all the nations of Christendom.

However, this power has been being used for evil, over the past century, and the minds and consciences of our children have been abducted by invaders, traitors, and other antichrists—putting them on the road to destruction and Hell. Each generation it has gotten worse and worse. This is how the enemy operates: They implement a small dose of their evil, if there is not enough “blowback”, outcry, resistence, they steamroll ahead, bulldozing over the few objectors in their pass, and each year blacktopping another layer of filth over the seared consciences and lobotomized minds of the nation’s youth and adults. I have written for about 3 decades, “Sadly, most people today merely age, they don’t grow or mature; the majority of people over the age of 20 today are adolescents running around in adult’s bodies”. This is a result of the planned dumbing down and demoralizing of every age group in the nation’s schools and through the media. Each generation the marinating brine of filth is increased to a greater concentration—the goal being to eventually reach the concentration known as a “saturated” solution (the concentration in which no more solids can be dissolved)—and in our case, a solution that creates such a hostile environment that true life is not sustainable. Humanism (which passes for 95% of what is taught as “Christianity” today) is the “step-down” plan to wean people off God entirely. Once the foundation and the internal supports have been trenched out and gutted, and all that is left is a thin, frail façade, a candy-coating, veneer, electroplating of “Christianity”, the majority will eventually realize the obvious: Why continue the ritualistic vacuous fraud any longer? It serves no purpose. It is anti-intellectual. It is dishonest. It is purposeless. It is psychotic. The good “feeling” has even evaporated, since all that is true has been removed. “Cotton Candy Christianity” does no more for the soul than its namesake does for the health of the body; it tittilates the palate but leaves a bad taste in the mouth; and you feel guilty for having even eaten it. Most adults, their tastebuds (and minds) having developed a little, lose interest in such empty-caloried nothingness.

Children who are 5 years old, who are raised only for 2 more years (which is nearly 50% of their entire life) —

- in an environment in which there are multiple locks on the doors, in which not only is it not safe to be in our major cities at night, but it is not even safe during the day, and it is not even safe in our smaller towns now;

- in an environment in which a rape occurs every 6 minutes, and a murder every 28 minutes in the U.S., in which the majority have “free sex” (regardless of any boundaries) even in grade school, in which people live together without being married, in which the majority of the population has a sexual disease, in which men can marry men and women can marry women—in which a man can choose to become a woman and a woman can choose to become a man— in which a woman who is pregnant can choose to kill her baby, in which spouses can cheat on their spouse, and that wives can divorce their husbands and take the children from their father and force the father to pay for their living expenses;

- in an environment in which they are taught at school and in cartoons, children’s books, and movies that they evolved from monkeys, that there is no God, that all races, genders, religions, political systems are “equal”, that white people are evil and that minorities founded Christendom, that socialism is good, that Christianity is evil;

- in which nearly all politicians and statesmen and judges are corrupt, in nation in which the dollar continues to buy less and less as the prices of everything rise, and that the so-called “National Debt” is over $30 trillion, in which half the nation has to work hard and their money is stolen from them to be given to immoral, lazy people who refuse to work;

- in an environment in which they are ordered everywhere to stand 6 feet apart, with their toes on a line, and be silent (to teach totalitarian compliance), with a mask over their face to shame them and rob them of their identity, and in which they must submit to being groped or strip searched at the airport; in which they are told that if they don’t wear a mask they could die or kill their entire family...

—will think not only that those things are true, but that they are “normal”, and that is “how things have always been”. But it is NOT normal and it is NOT how things have always been...! Those are the hallmarks of post-civilization,* which follows on the heels and overlaps with the Post-Christian Era. An entire alien culture and people are being superimposed over ours and us, and they are taught from childhood that we are the ones who stole the nation from them. There is the report of a young black girl at Wal-mart with her mother, who saw a CD for sale of the original 1982 musical movie Annie, starring Aileen Marie Quinn. The young black girl, upon seeing the display cried to her mother, “Mom...! Look...! They’ve made Annie white...! It’s just not fair...!” You see, in 2014 a “remake” of Annie was produced, in which Annie was black. That anecdote epitomizes the majority of what is being taught today.

[* —think of movies like the series Planet of the Apes or the Mel Gibson series of movies called Mad Max; basically like the passage of Scripture in the Book of Judges in which “every man did that which was right in his own eyes”—except on steroids and hallucenogenic drugs.]

Thus, in one generation, an entire nation, an entire continent, all of Christendom has been stolen from us; because each generation was apathetic, selfish, materialistic, and cowardly and said and did nothing at continual encroachments of a corrupt government and an alien invasion into Christendom for the sole purpose of genocidal replacement and grand theft of our heritage and all that our ancestors and Foudners and Reformers sacrificed to secure for us.

For this reason, the public schools, for decades, have not taught American History before the Civil War. The Civil War was not about freeing the Negroes, but about making everyone a slave on the Federal Plantation. Thus, they do not teach concepts of freedom or morality upon which our nations were founded; for they do not want their slaves to even have such thoughts; and the little that is taught about the Puritans and Pilgrims and our Founders is defamatory lies and constitutes a hate crime; and our children, if raised in the public schools, are raised without morals, without connection to their history and heritage, and are brainwashed into feeling guilty and attributing all goodness to the invating hateful third world that is replacing us. This is child abuse. It is sedition. It is High Treason. It is genocide.

Children—and adults—don’t realize that saying “NO!” and OPTING OUT* and wanting NOTHING TO DO WITH, and REJECTING and ESCHEWING, and not being friends with, and refusing to be around perverts or anyone else that you do not like, for whatever reason, IS AN OPTION, a GOD-GIVEN, INALIENABLE RIGHT—and it is also a GOD-GIVEN COMMAND based upon the MORAL BOUNDARIES that God established which NEVER change!

[* Actually, this too is the “bait and switch”. WE don’t have to “opt out”. Don’t fall for that deception;* a false disjunction—a trick (even as when in court a judge asks you are you “guilty” or “not guilty”—if you have broken no valid law, the answer is: NEITHER: I AM INNOCENT of all charges against me”). But even if you do, it is fraud and anything that is founded upon fraud does not create any obligation on the part of the person(s) who was deceived. We have God-given, inalienable, Constitutional RIGHTS and we don’t have to “opt out” of that which is unconstitutional; we can simply IGNORE it. The liberal socialist antichrists and perverts are the ones who have opted out of Christendom; and they are the ones who should be ashamed—and be deported to any number of existing Third-World, anti-christian, communist nations.

* Similarly, sadly, many STUPID people quit their jobs / resigned, when they refused to be given a deadly, experimental, DNA-altering “jab”. How can people be so stupid? If you quit / resign, you have not been damaged—you made a choice. Yes, that choice was based upon coersion, but that will require a court battle fighting uphill against the wind with the sun in your eyes. If you had simply let them fire you, the damage would have been irrefutable (and maybe they would not even have fired you—and you believed their bluff).]

11. Mass Hybridization / Cross-breeding / Violating the Boundaries that God Established / GMOs.  There is a reason that breeders of racehorses, cattle, goats, sheep, llamas, and even dogs and cats are rigid and discriminating about the breeding stock of their animals. All animals do not descend from a common ancestor; and neither do peoples, unless you don’t understand simple biology and unless you believe in some form of evolution. God created all and established boundaries and commanded that those boundaries be respected. Those who hate God think that they know better, and in their Satanic hatred of God, do all that they can to pollute every single species / kind of life on earth. They cannot strike at God, so they strike at His creatures. Those who believe the false doctrine of the Universal Brotherhood of Man and the Universal Fatherhood of God, and who believe the false doctrine that Jesus “did away with” the Law of God and “broke down all barriers” are “friends of the world” who espouse Antichrist doctrine and fall right into the trap of the evolutionist atheist one-worlders. God promised to preserve an elect remnant of His people. The invasion of Christendom by the Third World is to destroy that remnant.

God forbade hybridization of even crops and livestock, as well as our own children. God created all life perfect for His Purpose—but it is not all the same and does not all have the same purpose—and to pervert what He created is an attack against God’s Order and Plan and Authority. Antichrists (even many of those who think that they are “Christians”) think that the end justifies the means, and if they can brainstorm a favorable outcome in the violation of what God commanded, then they claim it is perfectly fine to do so (as if they are smarter and have greater authority than God Himself). For that reason the mule exists, which is a bastard (mongrel is the meaning in Scripture; not merely a horse and an ass that were not officially married, who got pregnant). God created boundaries to test obedience. Boundaries that cannot be crossed are not boundaries, but barriers; and impenetrable barriers are no test of obedience. Just because two creatures can breed successfully does not mean that that are the same species (otherwise, the command forbidding “out of kind” relations would have been senseless). Babylon means, “confusion by mixing”; which has been the downfall of every great Empire, and was one of the main reasons for the Flood—and it will once again be one of the main reasons for Earth being cleased the second time by Fire (“as in the days of Noah...”). Those who are friends of the world, who adopt the world’s philosophy and neo-pseudo-“morality” are the enemy of God.

Liars modernly claim that mongrels are “hardier” and “healthier” than purebreds. Such lies contaminate the minds of those who cannot think rationally. What is the definition and criteria of “hardiness” and “health” by which they make this imperial decree? It is the same reasoning as those who violate the boundaries that God established and breed a horse and a jackass to produce a mule. The fact that a mule may be more utilitarian or “hardy” according to some “cherry-picked” type of “criteria” does not mean that it is valid since God said, “NO!” Hybrids inherit and / or develop (from genetic anomolies resulting from the mixing of DNA not intended by God to be joined together) diseases. Just because a hybrid does not have disease susceptibility, or even if it has what are thought to be “improvements” does not make it right; and does not necessarily mean that it is “better”. Many problems are not discovered until after many decades or generations. But that is not the issue. The issue is not practicality by existential. God created all as He wanted it and to pollute it by crossing, which He specifically forbade, is sin and produces abominations. Just because a certain creature or human can live in a filthy environment does NOT mean that it is hardier or healthier—most probably it means that because it is already contaminated, then other contaminants do not affect it as violently. God made some creatures to be garbage disposals—bottom feeders, like shrimp, crab, lobster, clam, oyster, catfish, etc., and forbade their consumption because they are unclean. Just because clever man thinks that he has found a way to circumvent God’s Command does not change the morality of the issue; and many such diseases from eating what he forbade are the underlying cause of many diseases—but stupid man thinks that if you don’t immediately get sick, then it does not matter. Their ignorance and arrogance is antichrist.

If God made a certain creature to be a bottom feeder, or a garbage disposal (like pigs, rodents, ants, beetles, etc.), the fact that it can remain healthy in a polluted environment is nothing to brag about; nor is it something that we should emulate. A large percentage of blacks and coloreds in South Africa have AIDS and other sexually transmitted or other communicable diseases. Many raise lobsters in their own septic tanks, and then sell the lobsters along the roadside. They are selling biological hand grenades. That accentuates the problem, in showing the extreme. God declared such forever to be unclean because He created them to be unclean (and Peter’s Vision had NOTHING to do with abolishing the dietary laws or making unclean animals to be clean animals; see my booklet, So, You Call Yourself A Christian...). If you have a heart problem, cancer, allergies and you go to a doctor, one of the first things that the clinic will do will be to give you a list of food to STOP eating; and pork and shellfish top the list (and also anything containing gelatin, such as jello, which is mostly made from pig bones). Man often begins to obey what God commanded when the results of the Law of the Harvest catch up with him. It is humanism (which is actually Satanism) that deceives humans into thinking that they know better than God, and that they don’t have to obey Him if they can think up a plausible reason.

[Note: If the thought of “obeying God’s Law” is distasteful to you; if your first thought is of what you want, not what God commanded; if the concept that you might be sinning against God is a “non-issue” to you; if you are only willing to “obey God” if what He requires is convenient and something that you want to do... you are most probably unregenerate. God’s Holy Spirit, if He indwells someone, will not allow the person to think such putrid thoughts, but renew his mind. You were created to serve and glorify / worship God—which is primarily through obedience; not hypocritical lip-service in singing a hymn or having a “good feeling”, all the while ignoring all that God commanded throughout your entire life. If truly regenerated you will have new life and new desires.

“He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” (Revelation 22:11)

[The verbs used are in the form of a command:

“let him be unjust still” (aorist imperative active); and thus “be” is improper (which is a passive voice verb); and should be let him commit unrighteousness still; or possibly, let him continue in unrighteousness; or let him continue to work unrighteousness;

“let him be filthy still” (aorist imperative passive); or let him continue to be filthy / polluted;

“let him be righteous still” (aorist imperative active); however, this structure is different and it should have been translated to show that difference, which is notable. In the first two, “let him be unjust” and “let him be filthy” are verbs. However, in this passage, a separate noun is used for righteousness, and a separate verb is used for the action—and the noun precedes the verb which shows emphasis, and thus, should be: RIGHTEOUSNESS let him perform still.

The Greek verbs for unjust and righteous are actually the same word, except the negative prefix is added; and unrighteous / righteous or unjust / just would have been more appropriate for consistency. The verses before and after v.11 are referring to Final Judgment. God minces no words. The unregenerate nonelect shall never repent. It is similar to Christ’s rebuke that also spurred on the wicked Edomite Pharisees (pretending to be true Israel):

“32Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. 33Ye serpents, ye generation [race] of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?” (Matthew 23)

“How can ye escape the damnation of Hell” is a rhetorical question with the implied answer, “—ye cannot!” Christ, in v.32 is urging them on in their wickedness, so they earn the full measure of the Wrath that God has in store for them. No one can repent and be saved, confess Christ, turn from their sin, and walk in obedience as God commanded, without God’s Holy Spirit initiating and enabling; unless God calls from death unto life, and out of darkness into His Marvellous Light. Dead men do not choose to come back to life. Nonexistent fetuses do not choose to be conceived. Sheep do not choose their shepherd, nor vineyards their owner / vinedresser. Any such notions to the contrary are humanism. “Turn us, O Lord, and we shall be turned.” It is the Goodness of God that leads to repentance.]

“15Unto the pure all things [that are pure] are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. 16They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” (Titus 1)

If a “Christian” lives his life in violation of all that God commanded, he is either an idolator or an atheist. If he believes that it does not matter what you do, and that God requires nothing, or that God abolished His Law (it was really a bad idea; but hey, it was the first world that God created, and He made a lot of mistakes), and that God will not judge all, or that there is no Hell (or if there is, it merely a temporary “rehab” program) then they worship a false god, a humanistic god that they (or their denominational surrogates) have spuriously created after man’s image and likeness; or they really don’t believe that God exists and all that is in the Bible is merely a “feel good” (if you ignore all the passages that you do not like, or spiritualize them away as “figurative”; or fall back on the silver bullet that can shoot down any argument: “Oh... that was the God of the Old Testament... Oh... that is in the Old Testament... Jesus did away with the Law of God, etc.); they merely believe the Bible is a nice “tradition” and “folkway” with inspirational Bible stories (and a lot of things that you should really just ignore).

There is no repentance if you continue in your sin and / or do not make restitution. Imagine a Catholic mobster who leaves the engine running with his favorite prostitute in the front seat, and one of his victims in the trunk, who then goes in for “confession”, throws a little money to the priest, lights a candle, then goes back out to continue his whoring, grafting, racketeering, intimidation, robbery, and murder. When God’s people marry alien wives it is sin; God always commanded the alien wives and all offspring by them to be sent away forever. A whoremonger continues to be a whoremonger, even if he “confesses” his sin, but continues on in it. If someone was a thief, he continues to be a thief if he does not make restitution as God commanded (which entails paying back between 120% and 500% of the value of what he stole). Someone living in various forms of adultery / fornication continues to be an adulterer / fornicator—even if he “confesses” his sin and “asks forgiveness” if he does not permanently end the relationship. Morality never changes. God’s Law does not change. God does not make exceptions for any “individual”. The “debt tab” continues to accrue each moment that the sinner does not truly repent (the “bill” is never paid if you continue to acquire new debt)—which entails turning from the sin, and turning to obedience, as well as confession and asking forgiveness.

“Behold, [to God] the nations are as a drop of [water in] a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, He taketh up the isles as a very little thing.” (Isaiah 40:15)

What then is one singular individual who thinks that God will “bend the rules” and make an exception for one person’s “feelings” (and choosing his sin and rebellion over love and obedience to God)...? Those who continue in such sin, once they learn it is sin, or who choose to believe a world-friendly doctrine that imagines that what he enjoys doing is no longer sin—do not know God. Those who give it no further thought, “err” on the side of man rather than in God’s Favor, who have no desire to live as God commanded, demonstrate their obstinate unregeneracy.

I knew a person who worked at the post office in town, and asked if I had any work that I needed done on my house and property for a side job so he could make some extra money. I hired him one day but then realized that he took more smoke breaks and rested in the shade, more than he actually worked. The second day he never came back. He liked the “idea” of a “side-job” and some extra money—but he didn’t really want to have to work. That epitomizes most “Christians”: They like the “idea” that Jesus died for their sins—but have no intention of submitting to Him as LORD and recognizing that they are not their own, but are God’s, and are to glorify God through their body and their spirit which are God’s, and walk in the “good works” unto which they were called (obedience to all that God commanded in His never-changing Law; which establishes morality in every single area of life). They want all the “benefits”, but none of the responsibility or obedience. Such are unregenerate.

The psalmist wrote “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God” (42:1). Panting after God refers to desire to please Him, which is through obedience. Obedience is not merely going through the motions. One who is unregenerate cannot obey God, cannot do good works (obey the Law God commanded), cannot please God: for love / obedience is not merely the isolated act. True love / obedience can only come from a regenerate nature, obeying in the spirit and the letter, with the proper attitude. Those who go through lip-service in anything, while living in unrepentant and unconfessed sin, cannot do anything that God will recognize until they truly repent. Obeying God’s Law cannot save anyone. That is getting the cart before the horse, and backward thinking; not understanding cause and effect. The Holy Spirit regenerates a child of God, and then indwells him and gives him new desires, convicts him of sin, empowers him to obey. Every tree is known by its fruit. Those continue in the life they want to live are not a branch on the Tree of Life, which is Christ Jesus. Those who are Christ’s sheep know His Voice and follow [obey] Him—and His Commandments were the very same unchanging Law of God, every jot and tittle.]

Some unclean animals were designed to be able to survive in a filthy environment; but that does not mean that we should eat them or crawl around in the pig feces and urine with them. Such is the very nature between that which is pure / holy and that which is impure / defiled. Cockroaches can survive nuclear fallout. Does that mean that they are “healthy” creatures? Hardly! They spread disease! Of course, some FOOL perverse scientist will think it a grand idea to splice / GMO cockroach DNA into humans to “improve” us. If a perverse scientist spliced my DNA with that of a gorilla—that offspring would not be a child of God...! THAT is Satan’s Plan—to destroy, corrupt, pollute, replace ALL that God created, especially His own children. It is Antichrist. It is Babylon. God despises Babylon.

Now, I shall mention one very interesting matter. In relation to the disinformation that frogs (or presumably, as was the inference in the movie Jurassic Park, all reptiles) “change their gender” when it is needed, I have only read such a claim about one other species of animal.

[* frogs apparently having some grand cosmic collective subconscious archetype to know this—too bad we crawled out the water and “evolved” and lost such a handy mechanism...! Is that really “evolution” if a species goes backward...? Just because modern “experts” (expert story tellers) pseudo-scientists tell us that man no longer needed a tail, and so the body of humans simply “lost” their tail” (that happens in the stock market too, but that is another story)—but that itself is foolish. Exactly at what stage of “evolution” did man begin to wear a suit and sit at a desk? When I work as a carpenter I certainly need a tail, to hold a tool, or a 2x4 in place, or to help keep me from falling off the ladder or the roof. According to the scientists, cave men did not need tails any more. Really? Says who...? However, that is a moot point because evolution is merely a fairy tale for adults who hate God.]

Three decades or more ago, when I had fish aquaria, and read about the different fish species, I read that the Swordtail fish (in the Poeciliidae family, which are closely related to guppies, platys, mollies, etc.; and like mollies and platys, they can come in an assortment of different colors), who are prolific livebearers, sometimes, though rarely, can “change gender” (though it is a one-way street). No, they don’t find a Sturgeon to perform an operation.

However, one or two individuals “claiming” that female Swordtails can sometimes (rarely) change gender into a male Swordtail, is entirely different than a Swordtail actually being able to do it...! The claim is that in some rare cases, after giving birth, the female’s hormones are screwed up, and she grows male genitalia and the tail grows longer. See the photo above. The female swordtail has a rounded tail; the male swordtail has a rounded tail, but the lower part of it extends out maybe up to an inch or more, and ends in a point, thus the “swordtail” name.

However, according to other sources, in reality, most probably the aquaria owner is confused: He has merely confused an immature male (with undeveloped genitalia and tail) with a female, and then confusedly “thought” that the female “turned into a male”, when in reality, it had been a male all along, and simply matured. The claim may also be disinformation / hoax concocted by attention-seekers, malicious people, or those who purposely spread disinformation in the sterile attempt to legitimize perversion.

Most swordtails are hybrids developed by crossing with platys. Thus, even if there is any documented case of a female after pregnancy turning into a male (wanting to eat pickles and ice cream may be more common), it is not “natural”—it is “unintended consequences”, genetic anomolies, a “bad roll of the genetic dice”, “contra-indications”, mistakes due to crossing species / kind in violation of the Laws of Nature that God established. To then claim that a circus side-show freak is evidence of something “natural” is the product of a twisted mind. Yes, due to radiation damage, pollutants, chemicals, toxins, drugs, freakish genetic anomolies / DNA error coding, all sorts of things can happen, though rare: two heads, conjoined twins, all of the organs inside the body being inverted, on the opposite side on which they are supposed to be, inverse uterus, 6 fingers and toes, a tiny fleshy flap like a tail, double genitals, etc. However, only a fool would consider a grotesque mistake as “natural”; only a pervert would want to be a freak.

Some creatures may be hermaphroditic by nature, but they are mostly species of unclean creepy crawlies: tunicates, pulmonate molluscs, opisthobranch, earthworms, slugs, invertebrates such as worms, bryozoans (moss animals), trematodes (flukes), snails, and barnacles. Anyone who would think that because these vile creatures are hermaphroditic, therefore, then it is natural for humans to be so—is mentally deranged.

[* Who knows... if people violate the dietary laws that God established, maybe their DNA will be screwed up in some ways. As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”.]

Other animals, can, under some circumstances, “appear to be” hermaphroditic; but in reality they are pseudo-hermaphroditic; that is, due to special genetic anomolies, a female goat will appear to have external male genitalia, but in reality they do not, and they are sterile. Most often this occurs when two naturally polled goats are bred together; and the offspring have a 1:5 to 1:8 chance (depending upon which source you read) of being pseudo-hermaphroditic. Most raisers of goats in the U.S. disbud (with a red-hot iron, or caustic chemicals) male and female goat kids within a week or two; this kills the horn in the root, if done right and soon enough, and the horns never develop, the scar heals, the hair grows over, and it seems as if they are naturally hornless. They are disbudded to prevent them from hurting each other, or humans, and to prevent them getting their heads stuck in a fence or a bush (and they can die of strangulation, exposure, dehydration if not discovered). If the disbudding is not done right, a deformed horn, partial or complete, may grow (like a hang-nail); possibly breaking off and bleeding, after it gets to a certain size, and is butted too hard.

However, naturally “polled” genetic breeds or individuals (among goats and cattle) have no horns. This is probably from a genetic anomoly. However, when two naturally polled goats are bred together, that increases the risk of other birth defects, in this case pseudohermaphroditism. The same can occur by breeding goats (or any other animal) incestuously; which also causes birth defects, diminished intellect, infertility, miscarriage, infant mortality cleft palates, heart conditions, low birth weight, slow growth rate, and though there is no evidence that incest causes albinism, often those born of incest have odd features that make look a little like albinism, and they often have asymmetrical facial features. There are no true hermaphroditic species among mammals or birds.

But like the video presentation by the whistleblower biologist who declared that the notion of frogs changing their gender, expressed in the movie Jurassic Park* is utter science fiction (used as desensitization brainwashing even decades ago, the majority believing it to be true simply because someone said it in a science fiction movie!), some knowledgeable individuals claim that it is actually impossible among Swordtails, for a female to change into a male. They explain that when there is a dominant male in a group of Swordtails, other less-dominant males’ development is delayed, which gives the appearance they are female. However, if female Swordtails ever do turn into males, it is extremely rare and is a “freak in nature”.

[* How clever! The mind-shapers, perverters, hijacker-terrorists of Christendom imbedded a simple thought, that would incubate and serve as a post-hypnotic suggestion, in the minds of the viewers, which would lay dormant until the time was ripe for it to hatch. When I first watched the “gay frog”, which presentation I used as a springboard for this article, when the narrarator mentioned the concept of “frogs changing gender”, the first thing that I thought of was the movie Jurassic Park. Then I realized the silliness of such thinking on my part. I might as well have thought to myself, “Well, yes, that’s true, I know: I remember hearing that in an episode of the Flintstones cartoon...!

Young minds are impressionable and easily misled. I remember about 3 decades ago, in a Taco Bell, I believe, they had a color t.v. blaring and there were some 10-year olds (or around that age) in and a commercial came on that featured Bo Jackson, who was prominent in the news for playing both professional baseball and football. The commercial was a parody, and showed Bo racing a Formula-1 racecar (or something like that), and the kids jubilated, “Wow, Bo can drive race cars!” and after several scenes they showed Bo wearing a tuxedo with an operatic voice dubbed in, and the kids exclaimed, “Wow, Bo can sing opera too!” They are probably in their 30s or 40s now. I wonder if they still believe in the Easter Bunny and Satan Claus. They are probably wearing “covid” masks and think that Biden is president too.

I can poke fun, because I myself am guilty of being ignorant in the past, and am still ignorant about many things. As I express in numerous of my books, the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting that it exists. Go ahead, declare it out loud right now wherever you are. Exclaim, “I am an ignoramus...!” Go ahead, it is liberating. If anyone gives you an odd look and laughs, look at them and continue... “...but, by the Grace of God I am a ‘recovering’ ignoramus... what about you...?” So, to embarass myself, I (with mixed emotions) remember one day in 9th-grade Civics class. The teacher, Mr. Schneider, asked the class, “Who can tell me why the Washington monument appears to be made of two different colors of stone? I shot my hand up immediately, certain that I knew the answer. The teacher called on someone else who said, “Because they could not get enough rock from the first quarry to complete it”. I thought to myself, HA, that’s wrong! how silly. And continued to have my hand raised to give the REAL answer. But to my chagrin, Mr. Schneider said, “Yes, you are right...” and proceeded to explicate. To my supreme relief Mr. Schneider had NOT called on me. How embarrassed I would have been if I had the first opportunity to answer, and had confidently answered, “Because Washington D.C. had a massive flood and the place where the color changes is where the water level rose to”. I can imagine kind Mr. Schneider attempting to suppress a smile, and then inquiring, “And where did you learn such an important historical fact?” And I would have answered, “In a Dennis the Menace comic book!” And the whole class would have laughed me to shame. Dennis’ father had pointed out the change in color and told a tall tale to his son, and Dennis, to his father’s consternation ran and started climbing up a flag pole to prevent being drowned in another massive flood. Indeed, young minds are impressionable—and so are adult minds, if they have not unlearned all the silliness and lies and error that they picked up along the way; especially if the source was someone they trusted, like a parent, teacher, or pastor (or Dennis the Menace).

How cleverly they stick science-fiction passed off as actual scientific truth in a science-fiction movie...! And it happens in a continual stream of brainwashing in nearly every single program or movie; antichristian, evolution, perverse, blatant atrocity propaganda, and political and social lies... which continue to bathe, marinate, and pickle the minds of the majority who can never “think outside the trough” that is daily slopped by the media. With such an aire of professionalism, the majority actually swallow the bait—“hook, line, and stinker”. Rather than “wising up”; the majority get accustomed to the sharp pain of a hook in the back of the throat (and many go a step further and mindlessly pierce their lip, tongue, cheek, and nose...!).

It is also most probable that dinosaurs never existed; however, as with many areas of “history”, the disinformation campaign has been so successful that everyone believes it to be “unimpeachable truth” (I read it on the back of a box of cereal... it has to be true...!), without even having ever studied the actual evidence. They believe lies and disinformation, but the brainwashing is so complete, they lash out violently at anyone who ever suggests that reality is different from the “official version”. Many professional “displays” of “history” have been quietly removed from museums and books (even textbooks), once specific frauds were exposed in such a manner that they could no longer be passed off as truth. However, the antichrist establishment successfully forestalls that by the passage of one-sided, intolerant, bigoted laws (so much for “equal protection”) labelling such persons “deniers” and “haters” and “conspiracy nuts”; and many (once-) civilized nations (that continually absorb antichrists and savages) have passed “laws” convicting such truth speakers of crimes such as “defamation of the dead” or “hate speech”. The corrupt courts do not even allow the defense to present the evidence in court that would prove the accused’s innocence; the court refusing to allow it to be admitted into evidence, and even brazenly declaring, “The truth is not a defense” (that is, when the truth is outlawed—you are guilty simply for believing the truth).

Almost every single “dinosaur” skeleton in museums is not an artifact, but a forged, “life-like” (or more properly, “imaginational fantasy”) synthethic fake created in Chinese factories. In fact, sadly, many “Christian” doctrines are developed no differently than the paleontologists who find a singular tooth, and then construct an entire 20-ton, 120-foot long dinosaur from it; and the “scientists” claim to be able to tell you what the dinosaur’s diet was, how it lived, its history, its personality, attitude, habits, and mental capacity—even though the “scientists” can’t even remember what they themselves had for breakfast or where they left their glasses or car keys.

Such Bible “doctrine” or “theology” is actually anti-theology and Biblical fiction; and yet the masses (that is, those who still go to church or read mainstream “Christian” literature, or those who attend Bible college or seminary) suck it down like a Big Gulp Slurpy on a hot day. Many exhibits of events of “history” from WWII all the way back to the “dinosaurs” have been quietly, embarassingly removed from textbooks and museum displays; one of the most-notable being that of “Piltdown Man” (who, like all other “evolutionary” stages of “mankind”, never existed except in the minds of confused or deceitful men). “Piltdown Man” was a hoax masterminded and perpetrated by the creator and author of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, unlike “scientists” he was not ignorant of the facts, and he did not continue the charade until after the hook was set and firmly planted. He invented a hoax only to show the foolishness of and to shame the anti-Biblical “scientific” community; which he masterfully did. See: Unravelling Piltdown: Science Fraud of Century & Its Solution (1996) John Evangelist Walsh, 279pp., pb. (out of print, handful left) 22.00 paperback; 30.00 Hardback + P&H for very good used copies. See also: How Life Began: Answers To My Evolutionist Friends, Heinze, 158pp., pb., 10.00 + P&H & Vanishing Proofs of Evolution, Heinze, 94pp., pb., 8.50 + P&H; both very good, easy to understand, easily refutes evolution; also, In the Beginning... Soup?, 24pp., small-sized booklet, (smaller print, condensation of “How Life Began”), 1.00 + P&H.

“But what about all the drawings in caves?”, some may ask (being unabble to shake off the brainwashing). Well, the “scientific” dating of those drawings are just as suspicious as the drawings themselves. However, think about it: Imagine 200 years from now (which itself is science-fiction, if you believe the Bible and understand end-times prophecies and Biblical time tables / chronlogy / numeric symbolism) that a future “culture” that replaces us happened to “dig up” (while looking for grubs to eat) a Picasso or Salvador Dali painting, or some superhero comic books. Do you really think that any future generation “scholars” would actually believe that any such creatures actually existed? Only if they were ignoramuses would they believe such. For interesting information on the dinosaur hoax, see: https://youtu.be/ubkZVzVv4Nc ]

I also suggest that when hybridization is carried out by breeders, although a breed appears to have stabilized, odd things can happen. Imagine even ordering “universal” car parts (or for a lawnmower, chainsaw, etc.) that are not specifically made for your particular brand of car; even though the part may “fit” and mostly “work”, sometimes there are imperceptible differences that may cause the part to fail or not function perfectly (leak fluid, grind, lose pressure, etc.). Even in the breeding of dogs, for example, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, although it is recognized as a stabilized manufactured “purebred” a certain percentage of offspring will have a specific genetic deformity, and most breeders simply cull (a euphemism for “kill”) those unfortunately deformed offspring immediately after birth. Many breeds similarly have such DNA coding errors / weaknesses / anomolies, and may suffer certain health problems later in life (hip problems, heart problems, etc.).

Corrupt politicians and scientists, either being out of touch and lacking common sense or morality, do not realize (or do not care) that just because something “can” be done, does not mean that it should be done. Similarly, certain races have diseases common mostly to that race, and mixed-race individuals inherit all of those disease traits. DNA-coding errors are cumulative, that is, each generation will develop certain DNA-coding errors of its own from the time of their individual conception and throughout the development of the fetus. Sometimes the errors are minor and unnoticeable; sometimes they are more serious, even being the cause of spontaneous abortion. However, each generation also inherits all genetic coding errors from each previous parent generation. Some scientists have explained that humans cannot have been on Earth for more than 350 generations, because genetic survival would be impossible for the species to continue to have successful births to perpetuate the species, due to the mass collection of cumulative DNA errors that would render life inviable. Evolutionists, of course, do not like this; and as most dishonest liberals, ignore it, pretending not to know about it.

According to my own calculations and extensive study of the historical genealogies in the Bible, it is only about 184 generations from Adam to the present. God commanded His Law (every jot and tittle—which is NOT a “burden”; it is Perfect, Holy, Just, and Good and it is grace to your neck, health to your navel* and strength to your bones) to A THOUSAND GENERATIONS, which is a figurative expression for “forever”; but even if you misinterpret it “literally”, we still have quite a way to go.

[* I believe that at least in this passage (Proverbs 3:8,22), the Hebrew word does not mean “navel”; which is silly. The umbilical cord in vivo prenatally supplied nutrition to the fetus (and carried off waste material).  However, the belly button is a scar and unless someone knows of some magical nutritional source that you can plug in to your navel (new things are being invented and discovered each year, transdermal creams, nasal sprays, etc.), this is not what the word means.  I believe that the Hebrew word refers to DNA.  It is the Hebrew word #8270 shor (long o), meaning, “a string (as twisted)”.  Since those who are reading this are not unborn fetuses (unless your parents have you on some amazing “head start program”), you have no umblical cord, and the navel is actually the absence of an umbilical cord.  Also, the word that is rendered “health” is #7500 riph-uuth, and means, “a cure” that is, “a remedy”.  However, on the other hand, health is “maintenance and prevention”.  While the Law of God, indeed (if God’s people obey it), is also maintenance and prevention, that would not seem to be the point that this verse is highlighting; it is highlighting that the Law of God (after repenting, asking forgiveness) is also the remedy; as expressed in:

“Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good” (Ephesians 4:28)

The notion of prevention is what is expressed in,

“Let him know, that he which [that] converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins” (James 5:20).

This “hide” does not mean the actual concealing of sins in order to evade punishment; for Scripture also says that he that covereth his sins shall not prosper; and Scripture informs us that sin is to be exposed and repented of, or the sinner is to be expelled.  The way that converting someone shall “hide” a multitude of sins, actually refers to many future sin that will never be committed; even as Christ declared, after forgiving someone, “Go and sin no more” (not, “I have abolished the Law, so go and live however you please”).  The interesting Greek word #2572 kaluupto (long o) used here is a compound word: #2813 klepto (long o, whence we derive the first half of our word kleptomaniac), “to steal, filch”; and #2928 kruupto (long o), “to conceal”.  This seems to refer to both atonement (sin being covered in the Blood of Christ) and the notion that God removes the sin of the elect of His people as far as the east is from the west or to the depths of the sea. 

Actually, the word (#8250 shi-quu-iy) translated “marrow” (which I have paraphrased as “strength”) means, “a beverage, moisture, refreshment”; hydration might be an acceptable translation.  Thus, it could also be paraphrased as “life”, since mere moisture is not the intention, but what that moisture is in a living thing: life.  Imagine a potted plant in the heat of the sun, going without water.  The effects are immediately visible.  But even a sickly, malnourished, injured person has life; so strength or vitality is the intention; though more-picturesque, poetic, figurative words are used to add a different flavor.]

Many hybrids are sterile (such as the Mule), so it should come as no surprise if other freakish (sexual organ) DNA problems arise from cross-breeding ANYTHING that God forever forbade. Many scientists, in their hatred of God and in their attempt to destroy the entire planet, are continually attempting to create freakish chimeras (as GMOs are also, which are a step above hybridization) by splicing the DNAs of competely different organisms together. All of this, hybridization / cross-breeding, GMOs and chimeras are attempts to destroy God’s creation and are an assault and insult against God. Like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, they strike out against God and His creation and children, but will end up destroying all of us, in their Satanic attempt to dethrone God.

12. Gay Trolls on Parade and on Patrol.  Homoperverts cannot reproduce according to any of the never-ending imaginary, pervo-psychotic “genders” that pop up anew each day like pimples on a teenager’s face, so they have to “hunt”, “harvest”, and “turn them”; and that is why pedophilia will be legalized next. Like vampires, they go trolling for children—your children, anyone’s children, to abuse, pervert, and “flip” them; to damage them irreparably, so that they will be forever stranded in perverto-land. For the same reasons they “adopt”. To turn a popular phrase coined by English author and poet Alexander Pope, “As the faggot is bent so grows the tree”.  The English word, of Old French origin, means, “a bundle of sticks that are fuel for a fire”; though it can also be used as slang for cigarette(s). Another word with similar etymology is fasces, which also means “a bundle of sticks”; but due to association, it is more-commonly used in reference to the Roman emblem of an axe supported by a bundle of wooden rods encircling and tied to the handle of an axe.

Despite being antichristian and often unabashedly crude Bill Maher has some good information / humor on the infant formula “crisis” and peripheral topics:


However, it needs to be stated that sin, immorality, perversion, abominations are not something that a person “grows out of” and they are not merely “phases”. Yes, a young child with a bathtowel as a cape pretending that he is Superman is a phase that an individual will grow out of—but a child pretending that he is “Gay Superman” is not a phase, but a mental disorder / perversion. Those who are immoral imagine that there is no such thing as “morality”, no such thing as “sin”; again, “unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled” (Titus 1:15b). Such perverse and fraudulent euphemisms are a MAJOR part of the problem. Sin is also played down by calling such homo-encounters or heterosexual promiscuity “experimentation” or “sowing wild oats”.

In closing, George Bernard Shaw once said, “I quote myself frequently; it adds spice to the conversation”.  Well, I was surprised to find in an email today, someone else forwarding someone else an email that someone else forwarded, in which one person quoted me from many years ago, so I will quote someone quoting someone else, quoting me:

“Truth never changes; it merely becomes obscurred or hidden by those who fear and hate it. Truth is the mightiest weapon in the world; that is why evil men so greatly fear it, when it is in the hands of one who truly knows how to wield it — and when wielded without fear, hesitation, compromise, or thought of personal gain or loss; truth proclaimed for truth's sake alone. Truth can also become obscured or hidden after it has been neglected for so long that the dust and cobwebs have completely covered over it — until some virtuous soul wipes clean the cover that it might again be read by all. Because liberties and righteousness are easily taken for granted, God commanded us to not only observe what He placed in our charge, but to teach it to our children, and to our children’s children, to talk about them constantly all through the day, to write them on our walls and gates.” —Robert Alan Balaicius (referring to Deut. 6) [from America, Christianity, Liberty & Truth, vol. 1 (1994)]

Finally, remember: A moral person’s right to freedom of true religion, speech, press, and assembly, is NOT trumped (oh how liberals in America must hate that verb now), invalidated, negated, or superceded by a mentally deranged, emotionally imbalanced, immoral  person’s being “offended”.  Moral people (and God Himself) are offended by the sins and abominations and perverse minds of immoral people.  Even as with the phoney covid hysteria: My right to not be afraid is not overruled by someone elses irrational phoebia and right to be afraid.  If you are afraid: STAY HOME!  My right to travel freely is not sacrificed to your pathological neuroticism and self-induced terror of pandemic propaganda, boogey men, trolls, or monsters under your bed.  Keep your skeletons in YOUR closet, along with your preferred flavor of perversion.