Food Wars and the Coming Apocalypse

Someone emailed and asked:

What seems to be being set up with the food supply today brings me to mind of how Stalin starved millions of Russians to death? 
Do you happen to have an historical book that tells that story?


My reply:

Well, those who have been paying attention to current “events” should recognize many things that are stastically impossible:

- the election polls “closing down” in the middle of the night, sending lawful observers home (“nothing to see here; keep the line moving”, when one presidential candidate was ahead, then when the vote “counters”* went back to “work”, the other candidate was by some miracle ahead (like someone in a cross country race who hops on the back of someone’s motorcyle, who then takes a short-cut detour through the woods, and then is dropped off before the corner (where there are no news camera crews) 50 feet from the finish line, and he amazingly “takes the lead” and wins the race; the blatant ignoring of the Everestian mountain of evidence of election fraud by all levels of government, which evidence was compiled by a plethora of Ph.D.s, computer experts, and other scientists at the top of their fields, as well as evidence caught on camera, and other forensic evidence; and a coterie of powerful traitors surrounding an Anti-president who is non compos mentis, and their fraud and treason in hiding that fact and “handling him” to do what they want, also, being totally ignored, though everyone involved in the cover-up, including his family, is guilty of conspiracy and the highest form of treason to overthrow the government of the U.S.; the complete ignoring of Black Panther threats and intimidation of voters in 3 consecutive presidential elections and non-prosecution of other blatant election fraud crimes despite being caught on video;

[* Stalin said it doen’t matter who casts the votes, but who “counts” the votes.]

- a quiet walk through the Capitol being called an “insurrection” and the worst day in U.S. history, greater than the attack on Pearl Harbor or the Trade Towers detonated implosion—and without authority, the politicians calling in military troops and overnight installing a “border wall” around the politicians’ who were committing treason, despite the fact that for years they dragged their feet and attempted to prevent a border wall being installed at our border...! and the blatant ignoring of the burning down of our cities after the suicide by overdose of “St. George”, to the tune of $1 to $2 BILLION, and the assault and murder of people called a “mostly peaceful protest”; and then the mock trial and false prosecution of the police involved despite the fact that they were following the procedure that they were trained and ordered to implement (and despite the fact that you cannot choke someone to death with a knee to the back of the neck, and the only reason that he was being restrained was because he was on drugs, acting erratic, and resisting arrest), and the calling of the officers as “white racists”, despite the fact that only 2 out of 4 were white and the 2 who were not white were not protesting because they were following official procedure and the suspect was a large powerful, heavy career criminal with a long violent rap sheet;

- Anti-president Biden and his Anti-administration wanting to disarm patriotic, law-abiding, peaceful Americans—while abandoning $85 BILLION of high-tech military weapons and machinery and vehicles to the terrorists in Afghanistan; the abandoning of American citizens (and American allies) in Afghanistan to be murdered, while spending BILLIONS of dollars to illegally bring illegals into our nation and shuttle them around the U.S. and put them up in hotels at taxpayer expense, tying the hands of border patrol, calling for all illegals trying to gain entry simply to be released, the allowing of the stealing of several of our mega-cities to be declared “Sanctuary Cities”; was this a pattern started by Anti-president Obama in allowing the U.S. Embassy to be abandoned in Libya and leaving the U.S. Ambassador to be brutally murdered—officially ordering military in the area that could have come to the rescue to “stand down”; the fact that cities with the most-stringent gun control cities have the highest number of gun crimes and gun murders, and those with the least-stringent laws and the most guns have the lowest crime rates by guns; and that if you take away the crime statistics of those major U.S. cities, then the U.S. drops to about 190th in gun crime statistics; and nations that have the strictest gun control laws have the highest gun crime statistcs...?

- the vast number of athletes in their prime, falling over dead, after geting the “jab” (if you have doubts and have not noticed this, do an internet search; there are literally hundreds)—a phenomena never-before witnessed in history that was traspiring worldwide on every level from high school, college, and pro, to Olympians; and the evidence of treason at every single point of the “pandemic”, from the origin of the “virus”, the fact laboratories created it, the fact that persons at the highest levels of the U.S. government committed federal crimes, perjury, and high treason; the toxins and pollutants in the “vaccine” which is not even a vaccine, but a DNA-altering experimental drug and its being forced on people by threat and coersion in violation of the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Convention, and the Nuremburg Code; the illegal shut downs while politicians travelled freely about their normal routine; the fact that old decrepit alcoholic politicians did not drop over dead or get deathly ill after their “jab” (which was either saline solution or a vitamin shot), though a massive amount of healthy people in their prime did die, get violently ill, or were crippled for life; and all of this, and the Everestian mountain of evidence by many tens of thousands of professionals in the top of their fields, Ph.D.s, doctors, nurses, and other scientists and investigators being completely ignored (though they have put their careers on the line and have nothing to gain; while the corrupt politicians involved have stock in the drug companies that are making billions off the circumvented consumer, direct-taxation funding on an endless number of “new variant” “vaxes” and continual “boosters”—that do not boost your immunity, but boost the bank accounts of the conspirators); the fact that fewer people died of “covid” than the regular annual flu, but that 70% of the U.S. population under the age of 30 and about quarter of the entire nation have an Sexually Transmitted Disease—and they constitution the majority of those who work in the food industry—and THAT is a pandemic that affects everyone; that masks do not work but incubate disease; that the Communist Manifesto was in full force (as it was set up to be) and the “government” (corrupt politicians) did all they could to restrict movement and communication of people; that remedies that were proven to work were ridiculed and even shut down; while dangerous procedures and drugs that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per “patient” (charged directly to the taxpayers, bypassing the consumer); all being completely ignored in all levels of government and a complicit, subverted, treasonous media;

see:: excerpt from the Epoc Times article: "Data14 compiled by the International Olympic Committee show 1,101 sudden deaths in athletes under age 35 between 1966 and 2004, giving us an average annual rate of 29 sudden deaths, across all sports. Meanwhile, between March 2021 and March 2022 alone — a single year — at least 769 athletes have suffered cardiac arrest, collapse, and/or have died on the field, worldwide.15"

- the fantastic number of food processing plants, chicken farms, cattle farms, granaries, etc. that have all mysteriously “burned down”, “blown up”, died “on their own”, or which have been purposely destroyed, recalled (including a massive inventory of Jiff peanut butter), or livestock that have been “culled” to “prevent the spread” of something—all around the same time, defying the laws of probability and creating patterns that were never-before witnessed in history; (if you have doubts and have not noticed this, do an internet search: the number is mind-boggling)


see also:

[email for the PDF if the link has already been taken down, as Mercola only leaves some stories up for 48 hours.]

see also 8 minute video that was also posted at Mercola’s above link:

- the collusion of the media, internet search engines, Amazon, and social media in banning information, calling it “hate speech” of “bullying” or “creating an environment in which people do not feel safe”, the use of algorithms to change search results and promote disinformation in all of the above areas; the incredible undercover work done by Project Veritas and evidence of treason and conspiracy caught on hours worth of video being public knowledge and completely ignored by the “government” at all levels;

Clearly, they want everyone dependent on them, and for all prices to rise... and for all commodities (food and infant milk formula) to become scarce and rise in price (because the price of everything rises when the price of petroleum skyrockets as our oil drilling sites and refineries were illegally shut down or leases not renewed, and greater restrictions placed upon the ones still operating) then ... it will be—

“Communism to the rescue” (which the majority of high school and college students have already been brainwashed to crave, thinking that it is the Saviour to Utopia—free everything for everyone without anyone having to actually work; and all will live in peace in harmony) because everything will be in short supply, prices will be exorbitant, and the majority are broke and starving, already in insurmountable debt.

And in order to usher in the communist utopia, it will be

“Billionaires to the rescue...!” (just sign on the dotted line—your entire life!). 

Even as God used Joseph with good intentions to save the people of Egypt by having them sell themselves to the government when during great famine they could not feed themselves, having already sold all their property to the government in exchange for food, that Joseph had wisely (by God’s revelation through Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s dream) stored up during the 7 years of plenty (before the 7 years of famine the likes of which the world had never seen)...

So also this all works toward the elite billionaires’ advantage for the conspiratorial “great reset” (completely lacking in good faith or altruistic intentions*)... where no one owns property and are themselves chattel of the State (and all that talk about abolishment of slavery, and slavery being so evil, they want everyone to be their slaves... go figure, what's good for the goose is not good for the kosher gander, or rather, wolf—or as Christ called the Edomite (masquerading as an Israelite) “King” Herod, “that fox”; though interestingly, Christ did not call Herod a “fox”, but a vixen, a female fox (the Greek word used is in the feminine, not the masculine), because most probably even as King Ahab allowed his evil Canaanite wife to control him, so also did Herod's wife; so whether the reference was actually to Herod's wife pulling the strings or referring to Herod in the feminine, which subordinate role he played to his wife, the implication is similar).  Also, Herod was not a valid king of Israel, being an alien, he was a puppet king established by Rome; knowing since he was a Canaanite, he would be loyal to Rome and his handsome salary, and not to Israel or Israel’s God). 

[* They subverted all of Christendom with creeping Socialism, in which for many decades the U.S. has followed the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto,** and not the 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  The Welfare State is a communist tool used to subvert and weaken all the nations of Christendom to the point that they collapse from within, by the absorbing of hundreds of millions of aliens, and putting them on a tax-payer funded breeding program, which has destroyed our cities, our currency, and our economy, and it has been a major part of the so-called U.S. Debt, which is unpayable because that much money does not exist and it was never even loaned; it is an utter fraud.  Regardless, once the nation falls to communism, to the dictator billionaires’ great reset, the welfare “Gravy Train” will grind to a halt at its last stop called “reality” and all those on welfare will be told to work or starve to death; and if they are caught stealing anything (all of which belongs to the State), even food to eat, they will be executed (so much for utopia).  The elite billionaires think that they own planet earth and after having used the immoral masses to weaken the nations through welfare programs that produce nothing but more welfare recipients, those immoral “tools” will be discarded (there is no honor among thieves), because the billionaire elite don’t want billions of “useless eaters” using up what the billionaire elite consider “their” resources (all of planet earth).  Thus, a series of lovely disasters and pandemics and intended “unintended consequences” have been being used, and will continually be implemented to reduce earth’s population down to a manageable half a billion or so people to serve the elite.  This plan has been being orchestrated for a century, and the elite proponents themselves even declaring such sentiments out loud.

** See: The Communist Manifesto (1848) [Originally titled: “Manifest of the Communist Party”] by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (56pp.) — with Illustrated Historical Introduction — & A Comparison of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, “Democracy,” and Marxist, Unconstitutional U.S. Law, with the Bill of Rights / the 10 Amendments to the Constitution and the 10 Commandments - also containing the Declaration of Independence, Common Law Citations, Court Rulings and Quotes on Freedom, by R.A.B.; Including background info., photos and more: Karl Marx, Philips Corporation family, Adam Weishaupt, Bernard Lazare, Winston Churchill, Dr. Oscar Levy, Maurice Samuel, Marcus Eli Ravage, Samuel Roth, Vladimir Lenin, David Ben-Gurion, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Harry Waton, Friedrich Engels, Moses Hess, Theodore Herzl, Jacob Schiff, Judah P. Benjamin, Albert Pike, John Wilkes Booth, Charles Booth, William Booth, Rabbi Isadore Loeb, Dimitry Manuilsky; exposes Marxist roots of modern banking conspiracy, and those who opposed it: quotes by Jackson, Jefferson, Madison, several U.S. Presidents who spoke out against it and tried to stop it and were assassinated (Lincoln, Garrison, Kennedy). 132pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H.


The Jewish Klaus Schwab and other NGO, unelected officials, elite billionaires have been planning and pushing for a time in which all people on earth will own no property—and be happy about it...! is a lie.  The condition in which people own no property is called slavery; and the elite billionaires will own all property, including all people.  There is a plethora of evidence to this effect, see this one brief video (and do an internet search for others):

Even as Churchill (whose mother Jenny Jerome was Jewish, daughter of an American Jewish real estate mogol) said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, so also the current traitors realize, “Why waste time waiting for a natural crisis when they can be invented?”

Again, when “everything goes wrong just right” every single time, time after time, year after year, decade after decade, in the enemy’s favor, it cannot be a “coincidence”.  When all of the “experts” who are paid the “big bucks” do nothing but fail... it is not just “bad luck”.


I stock these titles:

- Execution By Hunger, Dolot, 231pp., pb., 17.00 + P&H. (systematic soviet starvation of Ukrainians in the “Bread Basket of

- Harvest of Sorrow, Conquest (attempted extermination of the Ukrainians; film censored by tv. media) 411pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.

- Death at Katyn (1944) 48pp., 5.00 + P&H. Thousands Polish/Lithuanian) officers murdered by Soviets WWII, buried mass grave in forest—at Nuremberg War Crimes trials Soviets blamed Germans; now proven Soviets did it, recently, Russian government confessed.

- Soviet Evidence at Katyn: Document USSR-54 at Nuremberg, 48pp., 7.00 + P&H.

- The Secret Holocaust, Mullins, 34pp., 4.00 + P&H. see also Human Cost of Soviet...; 66 MILLION European Christians exterminated by Bolshevism.

- Human Cost of Soviet Communism, Prepared at Request of Sen. Dodd for Subcom. to Investigate Admin. of Internal Sec. Act & other Internal Sec. Laws of Comm. on Judiciary US Senate, 1971, 40pp., 4.00 + P&H.

and these

- Behind Communism (1952) Frank L. Britton; 2022 edition Retypeset, Improved and Added Graphics, About the Author, Introduction and Annotations by Robert Alan Balaicius, 133pp., 6x9 pb., 14.00 + P&H.

- A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom, R.A.Balaicius; exposes those behind Bolshevism and Communism and details the long-planned mongrelization of Christendom; 176 pages, pb., with 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.

See also my:

Calling the Remnant of Christendom: Come Out From Among Them and Be Ye Separate...!, 88pp., 7.00 + P&H.

P&H = 10% (5.00 minimum) within the U.S.

God commanded, Come out of her My people that ye share not in her plagues.  The plagues that fell on Egypt, and more, shall hit (in one way or the other), one of which was the destruction of a large portion of fish in the sea, cattle on earth, crops, and the seed of man—as God once again shakes heaven and earth.

Revelation 6 informs us

5And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, ‘Come and see’.  And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

6And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, ‘A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine’.

I rendered this whole chapter (and many other chapters of Scripture) to poetic form* and greater explanation of meaning in many passages.

[* Bittersweet Impressions & Inspirations, Vol. 1, original poems & few short stories, 310pp., pb., 6x9, 20.00 + P&H.

Sober & Sacred Reflections, poems of R.A.B., Volume II, 262pp., 18.00 + P&H.]

In my poem Visions of the Apocalypse - Revelation 6, I express:

In Scripture days, a penny retained its value—and pretty much all the way to the modern era.  From recorded history gold was worth about $18.95 / oz.

Then “inflation” began (which began 2 years after the creation of the Federal Reserve (in 1917) in 1919 ($19.95 / oz.) and doubled in 1934 ($34.69 / oz.); and then massively spiked in 1974 ($154.00 / oz.), then again in 1980 ($615.00 / oz.); and again in 2010 ($1,124.53 / oz.) and 2012 ($1,668.98 / oz.) and of course, ever since, it has fluctuated from $1,800 to over $2,000 / oz.—all due to government "counterfeiting", printing worthless money backed by no real precious or semi-precious metal as the Constitution demands—and thus the national debt is owed by the corrupt politicians who voted to illegally print money, and to every individual, corporation or nation that receives aid, subsidies, benefits, loans, salaried jobs with benefits and retirement, etc.; see my book, The Liberty Document: : The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020); Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful info.; 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.

The Pulpit Commentary clearly explains:

“A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; a choenix of wheat for a denarius, and three choenixes of barley for a denarius. The choenix appears to have been the food allotted to one man for a day; while the denarius was the pay of a soldier or of a common labourer for one day.”

It should be obvious that if the average person has to toil all day long solely for enough money to purchase his “daily bread”—that he has no money for anything else: transportation, health care, clothes, rent, etc.  He is barely able to stay on his feet, and yet the corrupt government, like the video game “Donkey Kong”, operate as King Kong continually throwing and rolling 400-lb. barrels at the tiny little man just trying to make his way through life; that is, while the average person will be working to a standstill to just earn enough money to eek out an existence to be able to purchase enough calories available in a few handfuls of grain, all the while, the corrupt politicians are starting wars and riots and epidemics, raising taxes (yes, the “fat cats”, or rather, hyenas) want a few bites out of your tiny slice of bread, thinking that they deserve it and that you owe it to them.  Corrupt “government” taxation and misappropriation of tax money (and raising of their own salaries and benefits) is Grand Larceny as well as Treason and Tyranny.  But that is not enough, the invent another militant epidemic of Tranny-Tyrany; and enable and empower Tranny-saurus-Rex to overturn all of society in a perverse Jurassic Drag-Queen Park nightmare.

One of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music, Larry Norman, exaggerated the inflationary value in his song I Wish We’d All Been Ready, by his lyrics—

“Life was filled with guns and war
And everyone got trampled on the floor
I wish we’d all been ready
Children died, the days grew cold
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold...”

Although he reverses the order of the bread buying the gold, which is silly, but “poetic license” and although it is a “rapture” song, and its doctrine is unbiblical in that area (as there is no “rapture”*), the words do portray the seriousness and woe of the situation.

[* which is Jesuit-Zionist Counter-Reformation propaganda unsustainable in Scripture.  See: The Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy: A Brief Exposé of the History of these Subversive Doctrines—and Their Biblical Refutation, Balaicius, 164pp., pb. illustrated, 13.00 + P&H. revealing study: shady characters behind these false doctrines: Futurism, Dispensationalism, “any moment” “two-stage” “Rapture” Return of Christ.  Christ is INDEED returning; but not according to modern Antichrist heresy; new new-age false doctrines, not held by the Reformers or the great Bible leaders of the early modern era.]


Also, Dr. Joseph Mercola reports, in his article



“The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat”

June 21, 2022

[email me if the link is no longer good, as he only leaves some stories up for 48 hours; but allows anyone to download the PDF, to keep in circulation.]


that the lab grown meats that the billionaire elite are trying to replace our food supply with are actually GMOs (with unknown long-term health problems, and which are immorally being declared GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) and unhealthy seed oils that cause inflamation, are being advertised as environmentally friendly and prevent the slaughter of animals, and other lies or half truths.  In reality, the “lab-meat” can only be cultured by the continual draining of cow blood (while the cow is alive) and then draining the blood from the heart of the unborn calf, while it is still alive.

However, I interject:

The feminist animal-huggers can’t have it both ways.

If they believe that “terminating a human pregnancy” (even after birth) is not murder / killing, because of their imperialist authorityless dictatorial decree, that the fetus is not “life”... then “extracting” a calf from a cow’s womb is not “slaughter” and “no animal died” if the fetus is not “alive”.

What then is their definition of “life”...?

Lack of self-awareness?  No brain activity?  Unable to remain “alive” without being dependent on someone else or upon drugs?

Well, that also describes a good percentage of U.S. politicians / jurists.  But I would not eat a “burger” made from them either.  That too would be comparable to the story a few years ago about the Japanese scientists who made a burger out of human feces.

—and the various stories of the Chinese making soy sauce out of human hair; and cooking oil out of raw sewage from the nation’s sewers.

The bogus, disinformation “fact-checking” sites claim this is “not proven”; do your own internet search, including videos, and decide for yourself.

For information and videos on the cooking oil, see: