One of the best songs ever: Janny Grein: We’ve Been Made More Than Conquerors — Count it all Joy

One of the best songs ever written and performed:

Janny Grein: We’ve Been Made More Than Conquerors — Count it all Joy

I was again reading in the book of James (and Isaiah) this morning... I meant to look for this song online yesterday, but forgot, but made a note this morning, even though I forgot about the note for about 6 hours...

Turn up the volume.... put it on "repeat" and listen to it half a dozen times....

Read also the short testimony on the youtube presentation 

I see that Janny passed away a decade ago.

That is sad... but I will say what I wished I could have said to her, were she still with us today:

I bought your album (1 or 2 of them) around 1978...? 

I have not been able to not think of you or your song whenever I read or think about the Book of James... for the past 45 years or so...!

One of the most-beautiful and moving songs ever written.

“Perfect and entire” in every detail... “wanting nothing”...! a depth rarely equaled in Scriptural musical perfection, instrumentation, ripping, uncommon harmonies, and emotional realism—POWER—that only a few artists have ever achieved... a few songs by Jonathan David Brown (a friend of mine), Steve Camp, Margaret Becker, Dallas Holm & Praise (with Ladonna Johnson?), Jeoffrey Benward (“Let the Church Rise”), Wayne Watson, and some of Will McFarlane’s songs are the only ones that equal or come close.

Thank you for nearly a half century of memories in musical and Scriptural perfection, from the tickling of the tenor piano notes and the massive bass piano intro, to the words and harmonies and instrument subtleties and overtures... all the way to the last raspy, vulnerable vocal fade out, and the repeat of the same tender tenor frolicking notes interrupted by the deep, powerful bass piano notes to end the song as it began... but this time as a decrescendo to powerfully cause the listener stop and to reflect upon the whole, and the Biblical Truth, to the very last deep bass vibrations that resonate alone.

This song is like an addictive snack, to someone who truly appreciates rare quality musical perfection and Biblical truth (not just a pretty song about nothing), and is a song that should be listened to with the sound up and the repeat on... and be listened to half a dozen times... (I listened to it AT LEAST 7 times while writing this “Thank you”); a song you wish would never end..., a song that you can never listen to just once, a song that ruins you for almost any other song, for such perfection can never be surpassed... a song that gives you chills and nearly brings you to tears... from the perfect pairing of the vocals, the instrumentation, and the comforting POWERFUL Scriptural content.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  May God bless you in a special way for this song alone... a Rembrandt!

Robert, Ancient Heritage Foundation