UFO / ET Hysteria, Delusion, Hoax, Deception

Someone emailed and asked:

I’m curious about something you said in a previous email to your group.  You said that space aliens don’t exist.  If that is true, what is it that people are seeing more and more of?  That we are getting little glimpses of?  Wouldn’t it seem logical to assume that Satan and his minions are the “extra-terrestrials”...?  How else did they get here, if not in a physical craft of some kind?  They are physical beings, are they not?

My reply:

Hi, It was good to hear from you.

Satan and angels (fallen or otherwise) are spirits (Psalm 104:4) first and foremost—though that is not necessarily “ALL” that they are—though their spirit “body” (for lack of a better term) is either also physical, or able to interact with the physical world in some manner, or be transformed into a physical body.

[See my books, What the Devil / What the Hell? A Comprehensive Study Identifying Angels, Satan, the Devil, Evil Spirits, Demons, Fallen Angels, and Hell, 798pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H and S.T.E.Commentary... Who Was the Serpent...? and the Waters that Covered the Earth, 774pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H; as well as my Rumination (article) How can an immaterial God who is Spirit create a material universe?  ]

Angels (fallen or otherwise), based upon narratives given in Scripture, can also appear or disappear (either having a “cloaking device”,* or they step in and out of our dimension) at will.

[* Angels can also control the magnitude of the display of their brilliance (as explained in my S.T.E.Commentary on Genesis / Judges, 711pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H; and S.T.E.Commentary on John 18-21, 800pp., pb., 40.00 + P&H; in regard to the “angels” that visited Sodom** and the angels at and in Christ’s tomb; as well as Elisha praying for God to open the eyes of his servant [not Gehazi], to see the spiritual forces, good and bad, that were all around).  As I have explained in my books, angels seem to shine brightly, to the degree of their proximity of service to the Throne of God—they absorb the radiance of God (“you reap what you sow” and “of whom much is given much shall be required” would seem to be generalized operating principles).  The seraphim (one of the highest classes of archangel) are referred to as having a brilliance like bright (possibly molten) burning (heated) copper / bronze / brass (whichever metal to which the Hebrew / Greek words actually refer).  God is Light, and Adamkind was made in His Image, and are called “children of light”; and God is called the “Father of lights”.  When Adam and Eve sinned, they (it would seem) lost this clothing of light (their celestial body) which is why they realized that they were naked (which was in addition to their internal guilt for having sinned).

** The angels that visited Sodom, (2 of the 3 having just been with Abraham) were clearly the Triune Godhead appearing in the form of 3 angels; as I explain in S.T.E.C. on Genesis/Judges.

Thus, since angels can control their brightness, whether they appear merely to be men, or whether they appear like a supernova, even blinding those at whom they unleash their glory, then it may be possible to infer that they also can control whether they are completely visible or invisible (as was the case with the angels who guarded the head and foot of Christ’s Corpse in the tomb—even as the 2 cherubim on either side of the Mercy Seat—were there the entire time, but only made themselves visible to some of the visitors (again, see my, S.T.E.C. on John 18-21 for greater detail). Scripture informs us

39All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.  40There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.  41There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.” (I Corinthians 15)

In the above passage, the “one glory of the sun” etc., seems to refer not to actual stars, but to other celestial beings: angels.  The passage is referring to terrestrial bodies or beings—man and animals; and therefore, the “celestial bodies” to which they are contrasted would refer to angels, and not “literal” stars (though literal stars indeed have different order of magnitude—and it is for that reason they are used in comparison to angels); even as the terrestrial bodies do not refer to planet Earth or other planets.

Angels are at times referred to as stars (Revelation 1:20 [though “angels” here in this first passage may mean “pastors”]; Revelation 9:1; 12:4; Daniel 8:10; Job 38:7) and lightning (Luke 10:18; Hebrews 1:7) due to their brilliance; and Christ Himself is referred to as the bright and morning star (Revelation 22:16; II Peter 1:19); and interestingly, it was a star that heralded His Birth, and which the wise men followed (Matthew 2:2-10; though that “star” may have been a comet or possibly an angel).]

Evil / unclean spirits are possibly the spirits that survived the death of the body of each illegitimate, hybrid angel-human produced by the fallen angels who left their first estate (celibacy) and sinned and abducted Adamite women (Genesis 4) and raped them; some of the offspring being freakish giants—not like some science-fiction “biblical” writers suggest, being 30 or 100 feet tall, but 9 to 13 feet tall as the Scriptural record indicates.  As I show in my books already mentioned, these abductions by fallen angels cannot be explained in any other way.  Another genetic anomoly of these freakish offspring, were sometimes having 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot.

[Some claim that angels cannot reproduce; however, that is unbiblical and a blatant twisting (or profound demonstration of the person’s inability to grasp the obvious) of what Scripture actually says. Scripture says that angels do not “marry”...!  The teaching is not of an angel’s “inability” to reproduce—the teaching is one of God’s prohibition against marriage (and in all of Scripture, angels are mentioned only as being adult males), and without marriage any cohabitation is sin.  Understand: A commandment that cannot be violated is not a boundary, but a barrier—and it then is no test of obedience.  God established boundaries for angels and Adamkind and commanded that those boundaries be respected and not crossed: that they be obeyed.  Violating reproductive boundaries like these produces our very worst enemies.  Actions have consequences—sometimes permanent ones.  If you sow tares, hybrid, out-of-kind, corrupt, polluted seeds, or the seeds of weeds into your garden, you may never eradiate them (though continually you must try): Even a forest fire will not reach deeply enough into the soil and kill all seeds or roots. That is also the analogy that Christ uses; and the angels shall uproot every plant that our Heavenly Father did not plant, and everything that offends—and shall be cast into Hell; and the entire earth cleansed with fire.]

The angels who sinned in this manner, left their first estate of celibacy—and those specific fallen angels who sinned in this manner God has held in Chains of Darkness in the Bottomless Pit, awaiting Final Judgment (even as among Adamkind, there are elect and nonelect angels also).  “Sons of God” at times is a euphemism or figure of speech concerning angels when the narrative is one of very remote prehistory (Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7).  Had the “sons of God” merely been humans, there would be no reason for giants sometimes to be the result in the genetic roll of the dice.  The Anakim and other giant seed (detailed in my S.T.E.C. on Genesis / Judges) then married into specific tribes of Canaanites (Amorites, Horites, etc.)—and it was that blood from which Goliath descended; Gath being a royal city of the Philistines, but having previously been inhabited by Amorites and the Anakim. Goliath was a “champion” of the Philistines, who dwelt among them; having 4 brothers, and their father was a giant too.  Since Goliath had 4 brothers, that may be why David chose 5 smooth stones from the brook, before his battle.  Years later David battled against a giant, possibly one of Goliath’s brothers, Ishbibenob, and David was overcome and almost slain, but one of David’s valiant men, Abishai (one of Joab’s brothers), came to the rescue (II Samuel 21:16), and after that David was counselled not to go into battle himself.

Canaan was the only son of Ham that was cursed—Ham himself was not cursed (though he sinned foully).  Canaan was prophetically cursed by Noah before Canaan was born, being born of incest (Ham defiling his own mother, both also probably having been drunk, the atmospheric conditions after the Flood, now causing alcohol to be fermented to much higher concentrations).  Canaan married a woman descended from Cain; and in time the Canaanites absorbed individuals who had some Nephilim / Rephaim DNA.

[See my books, What Was the Mark of Cain...? —Including: “The Cain-Canaan Connection,” “What Was Ham’s Sin?” “Why Was Canaan Cursed?” “Where Was Eden?” “Where Did Cain Get His Wife?” “How Did the Descendants of Cain Survive the Flood?” ...and other curious things in Scripture considered, 584pp., pb., 27.50 + P&H and S.T.E.Commentary... Who Was the Serpent in the Garden...?).]

Thus, the bodiless foul spirits (that where released by the body of the giants, once they died), having been accustomed to their former body, crave to possess something (possibly being unable to interact with the physical world, without a body—which would certainly be frustrating, actually a prison; ironically, a prison from which they can only temporarily be freed by imprisoning the body that they commandeer).

So the fallen angels were already “here”.  Satan and all angels who fell and mutinied against God in Heaven, God cast to Earth—before Day 1 of Creation.  So, the question of “how did the angels get here if they did not have spaceships” is based upon two false premises: 1. that they were not already here; and 2. that they need a vehicle in order to travel here on earth, or intergalactically.

Fallen angels apparently can still travel supernaturally here on earth; for when Satan tempted Christ Jesus, Satan took Him to a high mountain to which they could overlook many of the powerful kingdoms of the earth in that region.  I surmise this was Mount Hermon (9,232 ft.) from which one can view Damascus, Syria, and Israel; or possibly Mount Ararat (16,854 ft.) from which can be seen Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan’s Nakhchivan, and Iran.*  Fallen angels apparently can still travel supernaturally into our atmosphere and also intergalactically for fallen angels opposed the angel Michael when he attempted to come to Earth to give Daniel a message.  Scripture also informs us in the Book of Job that God calls Satan and possibly others to stand before Him to give an account of their doings, on some regular basis—not because He does not know what they are doing, but as evidence that they cannot but obey Him; and that He is Supreme and they are subservient.

[* Mount Everest, though much taller, would not have been the peak, since the only nations visible from the top of the world on Everest are Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India—none of which have any relation to the nations of the earth in question; those of the Middle East and Near East.]

Angels (fallen or otherwise) don’t need spaceships.  Angels (at least, seraphim and cherubim, the highest order of archangels) have wings.  However, it is most probable that all angels have wings (which also can be invisible, as when the angels appear as men—and as Scripture says that we can entertain angels “unawares”), for they are first and foremost spirits (not mere ghosts) and a “flame of fire”; which most probably refers to their brightness while flying at great speeds.
Wesley Swift and other early writers / speakers / preachers believed in spaceship science fiction and “space wars” between angels; even as some still do today.  There is no Biblical evidence to support such notions.  They must twist passages here or there (and rely on extra-biblical texts, which they also twist) to piece together their scenario in the manner of a “kidnap letter”; and an interpretation of Scripture like looking at cloud formations, if you have a good imagination.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum are those in the no-Devil camp.  One retired fighter pilot (now deceased) who used to email me, a Colonel, had generally bad theology, denied Hell, angels, and Satan / the Devil, and demons; though he was dedicated at disseminating it.  He swore that on one flight mission 50 years or so ago he came into contact with a space ship and the speed and turning ability was light years ahead of anything known to be possible even now, let alone then, though he encountered it only for a few seconds—and he swore it was a spaceship / UFO.  I find it highly ironic that those who so vigorously deny angels and demons / spirits that God created (which the Bible DOES talk about)—believe in little green men, space ships, UFOs, and ETs (which the Bible does NOT talk about).

There are numerous possibilities of what these alleged UFOs are.

With him, it could have been due to high altitude stress, oxygen deprivation, hallucination, even sleep deprivation—or a combination.  Who knows...? with all the corrupt government “testing” on unsuspecting individuals, they could have “tested” a new drug on pilots without their realizing it, to see how many reported hallucenations.  If they had to routinely submit to psychiatric evaluation, it is a remote possibility that hypnosis with post-hypnotic suggestion could have been used for the purpose of “inventing” UFO sightings by reputable individuals (such as a military pilot).  Disinformation helps maintain chaos as well as being able to have a segment of their population wasting their money and time on investigating / studying so-called UFOs—rather than something of importance, such as all the treasons and conspiracies that the traitorous and alien members of Congress are carrying out each and every day.

Going 3 days and nights without sleep can produce some or all of the effects of being on an LSD trip.  It is possible that even in a shorter amount of time, based upon individual constitutions (strength of mind, determination, stamina), general health, disease, environmental conditions, mental and emotional stressors, toxins in the diet and environment (radiation, electrical fields, chemicals), etc. could also produce similar effects.  It is also possible that a brain tumor developing presses on an area of the brain that stimulates imagination; and the brain tumor could later auto-abort. Brain studies decades ago showed when areas of the brain are stimulated, they can cause all sorts of hallucinations, visual, audio, taste, smell, sensation; a tumor can cause such things, and that is why people with brain tumors (whether they realize they have one or not) seem to have a personality change or act erratically.  Areas of the soles of the feet and sections of the bowel also are connected by nerves to areas of other organs, including the brain.  Pressure on the bowel could possibly trigger a sensation area in the brain (even as flash memories occur from a sight, taste, smell, or who knows what) and flying get fighters and pulling Gs has been likened to being punched in the stomach.  If this is a possibly explanation, it should be realized that when there is a combination of factors, the odds of all the right conditions happening at the same time may be rare; even as not every punch to the jaw or forehead is a knockout; a person does not pass out every time of accute stress, even such as standing up too fast when semi-dehydrated: a person may see stars, have blurred vision, black spots, or dizziness; or sometimes a person may actually pass out.

Dozens of other examples could be offered to show that worst-case scenario does not happen all the time, but a very tiny percentage of the time.  Unless one actually is extremely introspective, or does a survey or controlled experiment, one may never even know all the factors involved, several or all of which may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Whether in the case of this particular Colonel or with others it cannot be ruled out MK-Ultra experimentation with drugs (the pilot not knowing that the “vitamin” or “vitamin shot” that he was given was not a vitamin; in addition to routine psychotherapy and hypnosis with post-hypnotic suggestions.  Maybe they would not carry out the “experiment” on every pilot, but maybe only those experiencing some personal stress, marital troubles, death in the family, drinking problem, drug addiction—so that if ever anything went wrong they would have deniability, and claim it is all in the individual pilot’s mind, due to all the “stress” he was under, his drug or drinking problem, insomnia, etc.

In other cases it could be advanced secret technology (and there are books on it—whether any of them are true or not, is another matter; however, just knowing of the inventions of Nikola Tesla that have been kept from the general public, especially because with his free-energy machine that harvested ambient / static electricity out of the air and delivered it for free, his backer J.P. Morgan went ballistic—not being a charity, but wealthy tycoon who wanted to become even more wealthy and powerful—and shut Tesla down and locked up all the data on his inventions).  The technology that exists is usually 15 to 20 years ahead of what is released to the public; and often the means through which they release the information, through desensitization, is through Hollywood movies.

[Enemy of the State is a prime example: a very well done movie.  About 18 years ago a neighbor had rented some movies and watched them all and offered them to me if I returned them before a certain date.  Enemy of the State was one of them.  After I watched them, I commented on Enemy of the State.  He replied, “That’s some crazy unbelieveable science fiction...” I replied, “Roger, that technology has existed for decades and is even being employed in numerous ‘test site’ cities, such as Tampa Florida”.  He replied, gobsmacked, “Naaaaah. I don’t believe it”.  Now you would be hard pressed to find a person who did NOT believe that it was true.]

In some cases UFO sightings are outright lies by maliciously histrionic people who invent elaborate lies to get attention, or for perverse pleasure in perpetuating a hoax, and of course there is good money to be made by those who write books, make videos, and hold conferences on such things, because there are people like card-carrying Star-Trek groupies who will buy anything.  A few people ran and hid in the debris after 911 attack, trying to claim they had been hurt; for attention, 15 second of fame, or maybe insurance money, lawsuit, etc.

Then there is also the phenomena of mass-psychosis, and the power of suggestion; even as some people, after a traumatic event, hear over and over certain stories, their mind imagines they saw something too; such as many of those who claimed to see the plane crash into the towers on 911, but when many were interviewed and asked exactly where they were when they saw it, it would have been impossible for them to have seen it where they said they did.

Then, of course, there is fraud in photo or video doctoring or even making a fake film, as was done with the Loch Ness “monster”—an individual confessed on his or her death bed to having made the fake video, with a serpent head attached to a small remote controlled boat, filmed to make it look like a sea dragon.  Of course, that was made with a poor quality video camera many decades ago, which were of poor quality.  However as video and computer technology become more sophisticated, so do hoaxes and disinformation.

There is evidence to suggest that no one has ever been on the moon and it was all faked—and NASA itself confessed that some film footage claimed to have been from the moon was filmed in a studio.  However, I find it hard to believe that with so many people, internationally, involved in the governments and space programs of different countries, and so many universities with space telescopes, and so many amateur astronomers that such a massive hoax could have been carried out and kept secret.  There are always conspiracy nuts with wild ideas.  Sometimes they are nuts; but that does not mean all their ideas are wrong.  But it does seem hard to believe it could be maintained on a global magnitude.

However, when you understand how many other hoaxes have been perpetrated and maintained on an international scale, for many decades, then I guess it is not so hard to believe after all.  There seems to be evidence that Niel Armstrong let the cat out of the bag and that is why he died unexpectedly at the hospital.  It is also, I believe, significant, that when people question the facts and massive inconsistencies in the “official version” of many different historical events are called, “deniers”...!  That shows that there is a powerful political reason for maintaining the “official version”.  If “denier” does not do the job and shame people into pennance to the all-powerful State or special interest lobby, they are called “Anti-something”, something-phobe” or a “hater”.

Since when does questioning blatant discrepencies make someone evil?  Why are those “slurs” not politically incorrect?  The opposition is equally a “denier”, “Anti-something”, something-phobe” and even more of a “hater”; and in some cases, even indict a person for “hate crimes”, merely for information—and the courts have ruled in Germany, Canada, and England, “The truth is not a defense”—and even prosecuted the attorney for representing the accused!  Those who champion “luv” and “tolerance” and “inclusion” are usually the most hateful, intolerant, and discriminating, excluding, persecuting, intimidating, threatening of all; even committing physical crimes against those who would dare disagree.  Again, that shows that there is a powerful political agenda for maintaining the current “official version”—and STAMPING OUT all opposition.

I am not saying that I believe no one was ever on the moon.  I have never studied the issue in depth; though I have looked into it a little.  All I am saying is there may be something there to look into.  If somebody chooses to believe something truly absurd, intelligent people just ignore him.  They don’t gather an army to carry out a hate campaign against him, subdue him, and shut him up.  Freedom of speech and press and even assembly is more and more becoming one sided (left sided); and the left will cause a disturbance at the peacful assembly of the right, and then blame the “violence” and disturbance on the right.  They protest against someone else’s right to believe, speak, assemble, and celebrate.

Colleges and universities that used to be centers of inquiry and investigation are now propaganda mills that disseminate only the “official version” and anyone who questions it is forced out; whether student or professor.  In nations like France, the government actually revokes a person’s earned Ph.D.; and destroys his ability to earn a living, possibly in the only field that he knows, and at the salary that he needs merely to maintain what he owns (since most people don’t own their house or car outright; and they bought their house or car based upon their ability to earn a living at a certain income)—all for the “crime” of “questioning” or believing something other than the “official version”; or talking to someone about it; or writing a book or producing a youtube to present his or her findings.  Police investigations, harassment, raids, search, seizures, court trials, fines, and even prison time are draconianly meted out, simply for questioning or holding a conversation on some topics.  This alone is evidence of totalitarian fraud.  No one pays any attention to crazy person—which is why such draconian laws of persecution and stifling all dissent are needed: because the proponents are not crazy; but well educated and informed.

Now, I am not saying that such draconian violent reaction, persecution, and prosecution in the courts happens for questioning UFOs or whether anyone has been on the moon; but they are related areas of thought that provoke hateful reaction.  People who don’t believe anyone has been on the moon are called “deniers”...!  In fact, most search engines have programmed algorithms for searches and return the OPPOSITE results when a person is searching for information on alternatives to topics questioning the “official version” of many topics.  Most blatantly, if you do a Google image search for “white couples”—it brings up everything but; maybe only 2% of what you searched for.  If you do a search for something like was Niel Armstrong killed because he exposed the moon hoax, it brings up stories about moon landing “deniers”.  Again, this is evidence of propaganda and the attempt to demonize and discriminate against those who believe differently on the topic; which is evidence that the “official position” is not true.  In some cases, the hurling of pejorative, demonizing, dehumanizing, insulting epithets such as “denier” and “hater” by some, may be due to their very tiny brain, emotionalism, and being programmed to have that “knee jerk reaction” about anyone who disagrees on most any important issue—and their brain does very little thinking at all.  The hypocrisy is so blatant.  In many instances, open debate on the topic is all but outlawed.  You would think if a person’s position was so absurd and so blatantly in disregard for the facts, that the purveyors of the “official version” would jump at the chance to humiliate such fools in an open, public debate and settle the issue once and for all.  That the very opposite is done—the passing of draconian laws with heavy fines, loss of earned degrees, and even up to 25 years of jail time, is, at the least, very curious.  Those who are deep in the Matrix just noticed a tiny blip in the code, blinked for a moment, then went back to their chosen delusion.

[In the meantime, as I write (August 24, 2022) a woman in Britian who has a youtube channel received a visit by police for her committing a hate crime (or something or other, no actual confession by the officers was made as to what her crime was)—their words, “because you said something untoward toward pedophiles”. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGC3BgW1qew —the youtube channel that posted this report dishonestly says in the title of the video that the woman was ARRESTED, when she was not; she was only visited for a 3 minute police interview).  The woman who was visited by the police because some pervert was offended at her video, stated the obvious (which nowadays reveals that someone is “astute’) and said (not in these exact words, but this is the fuller complete thought): I am offended at someone being offended at what I said about pedophiles, and I am offended that you police are actually here interrogating me for something that I said instead of actually going out and stopping pedophiles from raping children.]

Then, as to the explanation of UFOs, if there are no such things, there is the possibility of actually mentally deranged individuals, Schitzoids, psychotics—either on or off their meds; as the psychotropic drugs could possibly cause delusions and hallucinations as well as attempting to control them; even as Ritalin and other drugs that are supposed to control ADHDS can actually cause mania, depression, suicidal thoughts, aggression, etc. Furthermore, https://www.uspharmacist.com/article/nonpsychotropic-medicationinduced-p... reports, “Medication-induced psychosis has been associated with many nonpsychiatric medications”. Furthermore, https://www.karger.com/Article/Fulltext/477313 reports, “SP [supersensitivity psychosis] patients relapsing without drug discontinuation/dose reduction/switch of antipsychotics have a severe form of drug-induced psychosis”. [Brackets mine.]

Then there is also the possibility of recreational drugs and or alcohol drunkenness and even acute alcoholism halucenation in the first 48 hours of trying to sober up.

Then there is the possibility of actual demon possession, or at the least, demonic influence of the mind.

Then there is the possibility of demons actually causing apparitions.  These may be the “lying signs and wonders”.

[I have stocked numerous books on these titles for decades. I may not have all in stock, but inquire if interested and I will check inventory.

- Alien Intervention: Spiritual Mission of UFOs, Paul Christopher, 201pp., pb., 16.00 + P&H.

- The Great UFO Hoax, Kanon, 210pp., pb., 15.00 + P&H.

- Pentagon Aliens, Lyne 8x10 306pp., pb., 25.00 + P&H. UFOs are gov’t crafts with secret technology

- Saucers of the Illuminati, Jim Keith, 130pp., 15.00 + P&H.

- UFO: Deception of The New World Order, most documented video on this topic; 20.00 + P&H.

- UFO: Lying Signs & Wonders, Norio Hayakawa, Area 51, supersecret military technology mind control, weapons, etc. 2-1/2 hours; 25.00 + P&H.

- The Eye of The Storm (documentary on history of secret U.S. research into futuristic propulsion and energy systems; Tesla; man-made-UFO's; Philadelphia Experiment, Stan Deyo, 90 min., 30.00 + P&H.

- The Secret Development of The Roundwing Plane In The United States: World War II-Interaction w/ Inner Earth Society & Covert Extraterrestrial Influence, Livermore, 262pp., 8 1/2 x 11 pb., 35.00 + P&H. (gov’t. invent UFO hysteria)

- The Flying Saucers - From Russia? - From Another Planet? - From God? (1955) Kenneth Goff, 32pp., 3.50 + P&H.

- Flying Saucers (2 booklets in 1 Deceiver of World / Giants of Darkness), Howard Rand, 58pp., 6.00 + P&H.

I have not read any of these, so I can’t recommend whether any is good or not.]

However, God declared,

“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth His Secret unto His Servants the prophets.” (Amos 3:7)

This does not mean everything in every possible area of the universe.  It means that concerning His Covenant people and His interactions with them, and His determination of all major events on Earth in this life and in the next, that intersect with their lives as a people corporately in history — God will do nothing without having told His servants the prophets concerning His Plan.

Of course, God is Sovereign, Omnipotent and has all Right, and there is the (I believe, remote) possibility that He created life in far-off galaxies NOT interactive with our own, or in alternate realities / dimensions of which we have no comprehension, which, again, with which we have no ability to interface from our own dimension.  However, if there were ETs that could interact with our world, then I believe that God would have told us; because like angels, we would need to know their purpose, are they of God, did they fall with Satan? should we fight them, embrace them, ignore them? Scripture tells us to beware—because Satan can appear as an angel of light.  We are not to worship angels.

However, the vast majority of UFO / ET thrillseekers, groupies, enthusiasts, die-hard “believers” are excited about ETs for similar reasons that some seek the paranormal and familar spirits—to receive information that God has not given us through means that He has forbidden; information that violates His Word and gives people false hope or spurious direction.  The majority of those who believe in ETs lust after the (presumed) “advanced” knowledge that they think “other life” must have—and they think in terms of an evolutionary model and that all life in the universe, wherever it exists, “evolved”.  Thus, many would consider ETs as “saviours” due to the false presupposition that they would be smarter than us, have greater abilities, be more advanced, moral, etc.  Why believe irrationally optimistically instead of that they could be inferior, stupider, more evil, villains...?

They could be dregs, like post-civilization barbarism as presented in Mad Max movie series; creatures that have “evolved” or “advanced” in no way other than a space ship able, like a clunker, to sputter to the next planet, while presenting a facade that it is top notch technology. Maybe their only “advantage” is a longer life span to allow them to travel farther.  Maybe (as other sci-fi movies present) they are pure evil, predators, just looking for their next conquest, victim—or meal...! So the very Pollyanna optimism is unrealistic and delusional.

In seeking all of this “advanced wisdom and information” that ETs “could” have, it is also simply a blantant rejection of God and the information that He has given us (of which most are utterly ignorant—though that was not always so in our nation—and which most refuse to believe and heed) and His Commands that are to govern every area of life, which we are to obey.  From a true Christian perspective (the only reality) the very looking for hope in ETs and their advanced wisdom and the rejection of the true God would seem to be evidence toward the fact that any actual ET / UFO phenomena is demonic in some way.

[I am reminded of a Star Trek movie (IV: The Final Frontier) that came out in 1989.  When I watched it, I recognized all the propaganda and subtle psychology in it immediately, and after the movie I spent an hour writing out my thoughts; though I don’t know if I still have that paper in a file somewhere.  Based upon memory (and not having watched the movie again), I remember a God was presented—who appeared to be evil, with an incredible deep, booming base, vibrating voice; but it turns out it was a fraud; and if I remember correctly (which I may not), Kirk at the end concluded that there is no need to search for “God”, for he is inside us all.  That’s the short version; which will have to do.  After I wrote it all out, my 2 friends who went to the movie were curious to see what I was so fervently writing.  The one, who was about my age, agreed, though he said he did not notice all that as he watched it.  The other, who was a young college kid, who knew little, was blown away and said he didn’t see any of it, but after reading my analysis, he agreed.]

Of course, the question of whether God created other worlds / creatures on other planets in other galaxies would beg the questions (in humanistic “Devil’s Advocate” line of thought) of whether those other “experiments” also “failed” and whether Christ died to redeem those fallen creatures (if they exist) in other galaxies too.  Why we fell and then did not, if they did not, etc.  Of course, all this is conjecture and proves nothing one way or the other.  Regardless, God did not “fail”; our existence is NOT an “experiment”; nothing evolved or charts its own course; nothing fell apart and God’s creation did not simply “go bad” (He would be a rather terrible Creator, were that the case, since everything “went bad”, were it not His Plan; which is the accusation sinful / ignorant people make—and in Scripture, Old and New, disblief is a synonym for disobedience—Isaiah 45:9 “He hath no hands” infers, God is a clumsy, unskilled potter).  God determined everything as it is and has been and shall be exactly as He wanted it for His Drama in His Universe for His Glory and to demonstrate the full panoply of His Attributes.

Christ did not die for the fallen angels, nor for any living creature below Adamkind.  God did not create the world, as some tiny humanist minds imagine, because He was “lonely” or “bored”.  God is Perfect and Complete and Fulfilled entirely in Himself.  He does not “need” anything external to Himself and nothing exists external to Himself except that He created it—and He created it exactly as He wanted it: He is not a shoddy Creator (as the carnal mind so suggests and is rebuked: Isaiah 45:9-19, Romans 9:19-21).  He does not “need” anything to “occupy His Time”—for time, space, and matter are all external to God, things that He created, as it were, within our “shoebox of reality” or our microcosm, closed-system, environment, universe, all of which are external to God and operate based upon scientific and even metaphysical Laws that are external to God, but which govern our reality.

Another point I will add, as I have expressed in the past in numerous articles and books:

The elite who control all governments may use a faux “alien invasion” or other similar fraud to get all nations of the earth to surrender their sovereignty to “fight a common foe”.  In fact, the massive hologram firework display in china is further evidence that such a thing could be faked; and advanced hologram technology could have been and could in the future be used to fake an alien invasion.

[See: https://youtu.be/KY5aa1xoc38 ]

All these hoaxes, Hale-Bopp, Nibiru, Planet X, Mayan calendar, massive asteroid on collision course with Earth, alien invasions are all smoke and mirrors to distract simple-minded, emotion-oriented, fear-controlled individuals (in addition to selling books, videos, conferences) into busying themselves, spinning their wheels in the mud, focusing on, spending money and efforts on fighting a mythical enemy.  Since we can’t fight off the power of a tornado or hurricane or a flood or even harvest the energy of one single lightning strike on earth (and 8.6 million strike the Earth each day; each bolt can contain up to one billion volts of electricity)... what could anyone (even all 7 or however many billion people on Earth) do to stop an asteroid or planet hurtling toward earth?  What could any earthlings, even with the most-sophisticated technology, do to fight off space aliens, all the while Christendom is being invaded by real third-world aliens; and while we are under actual attack and real conspiracies by corrupt traitorous, and alien politicians and their Talmudic billionaire elite handlers who think that they own planet earth and all of us are their slaves.  Most likely, the politicians would tell us that they have met with and come to an agreement with the space aliens, and they will promise not to destroy Earth if all nations give up their sovereignty and if each individual gives up his guns.

These corrupt politicians have used the Welfare State and immoral dredges of society to weaken Christendom, but once the elite take over, they won’t want all those “useless eaters” consuming what they believe to be “their resources” (all of planet Earth); so in good ole communist fashion, the mindless, lazy pigs at the trough will be told that the goose has stopped laying the golden eggs, and the Gravy Train has made its last run.  The elite will then tell the masses on Welfare: “Now get to work or starve to death; and if you are caught stealing “the State’s” property in order to eat, you will be put to death.”  Good ole communism! —but that isn’t in the “glossy, color-brochure passed” out to the masses in the subverted universities and schools.

Thus, the plan of the elite is to kill off Earth’s population to a manageable 500 million (other source say 1 billion)—to be their slaves.  “You will own nothing and be happy—because we tell you that you are happy; and any who are not happy are ‘enemies of the State’ and will be sent to reprogramming camps, or eliminated”.

They do not actually say that they will “kill off”; but they are blatant in declaring that Earth’s population “has to be reduced” to those numbers.  All we need is a good ole “natural” disaster... or like the Joker said in the movie Batman (1989), referring to “Gotham City” (which is NYC), “What this town needs is an enema!”

This is what the pharmaceutical, vaccine, agri-chemical, food producer, and wireless companies—and so-called Covid and Monkey Pox, and the even more-deadly “treatments”, jabs, boosters, etc., all working towards, like heating up a pimple to eventually pop it (that is, create the “perfect storm” for a lovely man-made “natural” disaster).  This is why the corrupt politicians import aliens, import terrorism, import revolution—all the while attempting unconstitutionally to outlaw the Second Amendment and the right for and ability of the people to protect themselves as savages, are imported among them; all the while the elite, the politicians, the liberal, leftist entertainers and athletes live in ivory towers, gated communities, with security and armed guards; while trying to “defund” the police for everyone else.  This is why they have our military spread out in 150+ nations; and why they spend $40 to $100 billion (of money counterfeited by the Federal Reserve simply to be tacked onto the so-called “National” Debt) in order to undertake continual wars and “policing” those conquered nations that make certain companies fabulously wealthy—then after destroying those nations, we go back in and spend another $40 to $100 billion to build those enemies (called “friends” and “oppressed” people who need our help) back up again with financial aid and technology (that make certain companies fabulously wealthy) so that we will have to attack them again a few years later.  It is called “Job Security” as well as “High Treason” and “War Crimes”.

The constant wars and importation of savages keeps society in a constant state of chaos;* as well as destroying the economy by government “counterfeiting” money out of the air, backed by nothing; and getting people used to a Police State and being taught to obey all orders barked at them by any “government” official, or anyone claiming to be carrying out “government” regulations (like screaming for you leave the store if you don’t have a mask, won’t stand 6 feet apart, haven’t had all the “kill shots” yet; forbidding you to talk to your neighbors (most of whom, now, don’t even speak your language), order you to stay home and not work and destroy the entire economy of the nation; anyone who does not follow Defacto Government Police State Decrees, anyone whose eyes have not completely glazed over with the corona or cornea of death, anyone who disseminates anything other than the “official version” is to be silenced; etc.— all of this is to destabilize Christendom so it can fall.  But feel free to believe in UFOs and ETs and wear your official Star Trek uniforms, with your stick-on Spock Klingon ears, and play with your cell phone saying, “Beam me up, Scotty”...!

“Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” —James Madison, Father of the U.S. Constitution

[* It is all in Obama’s playbook. I’ve had these in stock for years, some for decades: Barack Obama’s Rules For Revolution: The Alinsky Model (2009) David Horowitz, small 51pp., booklet, 4.00 + P&H; and Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky, 224pp., pb., 14.00 + P&H written by jewish revolutionist author (1971) his book was embraced by revolutionists when they realized that they could not gain power over the U.S. by violent means at that time, so they turned to spurioius philosphy and polluting with socialism the minds of the masses in the schools and universities (which began in the 1920s)—same plan Hillary & Obama are following: seeking 1 party rule & destabilization of society by crisis after crisis aimed at full-blown socialist takeover. This was also made possible by the mind-polluting work: Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America, Mary Grabar, pb., 18.00 (reg. 20) + P&H; also, Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall, Chumley, 256pp., Hb., 25.00 (reg. 28.00) + P&H; Brain Washing in the High Schools (1959) 277pp., pb. 16.00 + P&H; Root, examines 11 of most used textbooks of his day showing students were being taught Marxism.  A very enlightening study showing how marxist revisionism began in U.S. schools in the 1950s; The Battle For The Bible (1976), by Harold Lindsell; 218pp.; out of print, good, used copies in stock available, 20.00 pb. / 30.00 Hb. + P&H; and the following book that I am reprinting: Progressive Education is REDucation (1956) Kitty Jones / Robert Oliver, 256pp., pb., 17.50 + P&H. early book by 2 school teachers showed deliberate plan of under-educating and teaching communism to children in public schools; Oliver, though having taught for 30 years was dismissed for writing this; and these that I have already reprinted: The Red Rat Race: The Unexpurgated, Bare-Knuckled, No-Punches-Pulled, Story of World Communism’s into our American Public Life, Our Schools, Our Press, Our Books, Our Movies, and Other Mediums of Public Information (1953) Morris A. Bealle, 287pp., 17.50 + P&H; Is There a “Subversive” Movement in the Public Schools? (1952) Paul W. Shafer (Mich. House of Rep.) 56pp., 8.5x7, rare, 7.00 + P&H.]

Jesus isn’t going to beam us up—He is going to come charging down:

11And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called ‘Faithful and True’, and in righteousness He doth judge and make war.  12His Eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His Head were many crowns; and He had a Name written, that no man knew, but He Himself.  13And He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and His Name is called ‘The Word of God’.  14And the armies which were in Heaven followed Him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.  15And out of His Mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it He should smite the nations: and He shall rule them with a rod of iron: and He treadeth the winepress of the Fierceness and Wrath of Almighty God.  16And He hath on His vesture and on His Thigh a name written, ‘KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS’.” (Revelation 19)

6Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you; 7And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, 8In Flaming Fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Christ Jesus: 9Who shall be punished with Everlasting Destruction from the Presence of the Lord, and from the Glory of His Power; 10When He shall come to be glorified in His saints, and to be admired in all them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed) in that Day.” (II Thessalonians 1)

[See also: The Fear of the Lord, Evil, and Suffering—an important topic overlooked by most Christians .]