Gravity-fed Water Purifier for Planning ahead for Emergencies and Survival by Christian company

If anyone is looking for an emergency / survival water filter that is like Berkley, but better and less expensive, here is the site of a Patriotic Christian brother I have known for 32 years.  I have posted this link of my own initiative for a good product from a fellow Christian (not a Christian in name only, but one who lives as God instructed us to; not merely in theory, but in practice; not someone who calls himself a “Christian” but who then lives no different than the world).  If you do order / inquire, let him know where you heard of his site, since it is always helpful and interesting to know.  I speak that from personal, daily experience of being and author / minister in full-time ministry for 32 years: when people order a book, I am always curious how they heard of my book (since I am not on the NYT best-seller list).

As civilization breaks down, clean water will be a matter of life or death.  We just had -4 F. in my area in the mountains and the plastic line from my well froze and I was without running water for 6 days.  But, I plan ahead.  I have a deep well, so I did not need to use a filtration device.  But, I keep water stored up in 5 gallon food grade plastic buckets with air-tight lids with rubber gaskets.  I also stock Lugol’s iodine solution which is important for health, every organ of the body needs it and the body holds about 1,200 - 1,500 mg. and most people are deficient in it.  It increases optimal intelligence and brain health, fights and prevents cancer (supposedly cancer cannot live in a cell with iodine), sterilizes water on contact (5 drops per quart [32 oz.]; thus, in the 5 gallon water buckets I put 25 drops of Lugol’s, then sealed the lids, so that water will remain sterile in my cool basement, until I need it).  Contact me (see AHF contact page) for info on Lugol’s iodine, which is inexpensive and which a 2-ounce bottle will provide a maintenance dose of iodine for about a full year (3 drops a day).  Of course, since most people are deficient in iodine (chlorine bromine, and fluoride, which like iodine are in the halide family, displace iodine; and chlorine is in most city water and most bottled / canned products, and fed to most poultry / livestock; Mountain Dew has brominated vegetable oil, flour / bread / pastries, etc. are bromatinated).  However, Lugols in the diet regularly will displace those other halides.  Pure ascorbic acid Vit. C and Selenium can help the body’s absorption of iodine.  If one’s body is depleted, or if under stress, recovering from / fighting an illness, injury, infection, etc., the body uses more vitamins and minerals, so more are needed to be supplemented during those times.  I also put 10 drops in nose spray bottle with water (and or nose spray, and I also sometimes add MSM powder, xylitol [which is anti-fungal], and pure ascorbic C powder, and zinc) and that keep the sinuses and even lungs protected from pathogens that are airborne / inhaled.  Lugol’s iodine can also be used to sterilize wounds and can be used topically for a plethora of conditions.  It stains the skin, but is absorbed.  It will stain most anything it touches (and will stain the tartar, plaque on your teeth), but oxidizes and will disappear from most things (like formica countertops).  However it is a salt (sodium iodine and potassium iodide), so those who need to watch their salt consumption need to take that into consideration also.  Take your health into your own hands.  Educate yourself; and don’t be fooled by propaganda that tells you that herbs and vitamins and minerals are “dangerous”.

[LUGOL’S 5%: Each VERTICAL drop is about 6.25 mg. of sodium iodine / potassium iodide (2.5 mg. iodine, 3.75 mg. potassium iodide) and 2 drops is about 12.50 mg. of iodine/potassium iodide (5.0 mg. iodine, 7.50 mg. potassium iodide).]

Regardless, as civilizion deteriorates, and with potential terrorist attacks, water sources will be compromised, and already are with fluoride and chlorine, which are toxic, deadly chemicals; fluoride actually being toxic waste from the toxic aluminum industry, but it is used by communist countries, and farmers with aggressive bulls, to create a more docile disposition.

In addition to cooking and drinking, clean / sterile water is also important for washing dishes, washing hands, brushing teeth, washing face, hair, etc., so in an emergency situation, it is essential to have both a good supply of water in storage, and a method of filtration / sterilization for more water.  If in an emergency situation your only source is rain water barrel, snow, ice, a creek, pond, river, etc., you should filter first through a clean pillow case to  remove all debris, silt, insects, etc., then filtrate with a device like those below, and then also add Lugol’s iodine, which your body needs anyway.  Lugol’s sterilizes on contact.

Finally water is also needed to flush toilets.  If you are going to store water for toilet flushing, it is best to make sure it is sterile even as the drinking water—for you don’t want the two to be mixed up; and if you run out of drinking water, it all is sterile.  It takes about 5 gallons to fill the bowl and back of tank so it flushes properly.  Obviously, the more family members, the more often you go, the more water you will need.  We take so many things for granted, things our ancestors for millennia had to labor to acquire daily.  It is much easier for us—IF we prepare in advance.  If you don’t, your life will become 1,000x harder, not merely inconvenient; and it will be a matter of life or death.  “Go to the ant thou sluggard...”  “A wise man seeth trouble afar off and hideth himself / prepareth.”

Of course, the less water that has to be used flushing toilets, the more you will have for cooking, drinking, brushing teeth, washing dishes (and a nontoxic dish soap is also very important because you may not get 100% of soap residue off dishes / glasses / silverware, etc. by washing in water you are rationing.  Thus, it would be wise to have stored up some cheap paper plates, bowls, plastic utensils—and if you can buy or build an outhouse or a swedish composting toilet, your precious water will not be wasted.  If you live in the country and have your own woods, this becomes easier.  I’ve studied and written on survival for 32 years, and studied and written on natural health for 45 years.

The job of the elect Remnant (in addition to seeking out the lost sheep, supporting the Shepherds who are seeking them out and feeding the flock of God)... is to survive...!  Your body is the Temple of God and your duty is to protect that Temple and keep it from being defiled or killed.  The Bride of Christ, the wise young virgins are supposed to have oil in their lamps, awaiting the Bridegroom’s return.  They can’t do that if they are dead; if they run out of oil (which technically, in that Parable, refers to the Holy Spirit; the number 5 referring to Grace / non-grace of the elect / non-elect).  God will put it within the elect of His people to obey and want to please Him; and to care for the lost sheep who have not found their way to the fold (who don’t even know that they are lost; some not even knowing that they are sheep! but having adopted the mindset and customs of the jackasses, swine, and dogs).  Every tree is known by its fruit.  Roots have to grow deep to sustain a tree and produce fruit.

For info on Lugol’s solution of iodine, email me using email address at AHF contact page.

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