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For the first time translated into English, but improved into a better story. 


Sadly, Nieritz, being, it would seem, a liberal Lutheran, took the Roman Catholic position in the dispute between the people, Parliament, Oliver Cromwell, and Charles I. of England; and the book was a Cromwellian hatchet job.  I paid a Polish-American to translate the book for me, but had I known what the book said, I would never have had it translated... but when God gives you lemons you make lemonade.  I tried to retain as much of the original story line as possible, thought greatly improved the story at every turn; but I completely rewrote the ending and expanded it massively, into a masterful story; and in notes, indicate where my story line departed from Nieritz's original.

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Volume 14 - Clarus and Mary or The Child’s Woe, The Child’s Pleasure or Cromwell’s Daughter’s Servant (1840) 397pp., pb., 22.00 + 6.00 P&H within the U.S.


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