Classic Hymn Masterfully Redone

INCREDIBLE and MOVING rendition of a famous hymn...




Superb!  There is timeless truth in William Cowper’s hymn and this rendition is regal.  Thank you.


True Christianity is Doctrine—every Word that proceedeth out of the Mouth of God (by which we are to live).


True Christianity is not warm and fuzzy “feelings” or “emotionalism”, though warm and fuzzy feelings may accompany what is true, when one is in obedience to God and all that He commands; knowing that morality never changes.


Those who think otherwise are in delusion and at war with God.  God is as He is; not as sinful minds imagine Him to be.


May God call His elect into the Light, the True Light: which is based on Eternal Truth, not the shifting sands of personal experience.


The universe is God’s universe, and it operates upon His unchanging Decrees; it is man that must conform to God, not God to man.  God does not exist to please man; but vice versa.  Our entire purpose is for our will to be conformed to His Will.


Superb song.  Thank you.


Crossroads music


originally written by Latin scholar and English poet and Anglican hymnist William Cowper (actually, pronounced Cooper) in 1774; one of the most popular poets of his time.


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