Thought for the Day in a Dog-eat-dog World

Phytoplankton are eaten by zooplankton; zooplankton are eaten by herring; herring are eaten by tuna; and then man eats tuna—and then is irrationally “outraged” when a shark eats man.  However, if God’s children reject His Rule (and thus also His Watchcare), vomitously insultingly believing that they evolved from monkeys (and primal ooze) and even deny that God exists...

“Happy” Frogs Make Happy... uh... nothing...! — and other factors of the toxic CROCK-tail that create the “perfect gender-perversion storm”

[This will not be a quick read; but it should be very informative and even entertaining.  I spent about 40 hours on this, and it may still need some refinement and there may be some typos.]

‘This gay frog proves the unthinkable’ on YouTube

Public School Education in America Today: Programmed to Fail Through Educational Warfare

[The below is an excerpt from chapter 2 of the second revised / expanded edition of my book, The Other Side, 3 in-depth examinations on: 1: False Prophets of Peace: Is Communism Really Dying?; 2: Public School Education in America Today: Programmed to Fail Through Educational Warfare; 3: Who’s In Charge, Who’s To Blame?: The Crises Facing America and Christendom Today; and 2 shorter articles, 648pp., 6x9 pb., 32.50 + 6.00 P&a

From Infidel to Believing... Darwin, Jefferson, Paine, Franklin, Antony Flew, Jordan Peterson, Ivan Panin and more ... the gods of the false chariots continue to crash... despite the majority of Infidels continuing in their delusion and denial

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The Inestimable Importance of the Bible and Christianity [Oddly enough, the majority of “Christians” don’t even care...! and that is why Christendom is fallen and shall never rise again until Christ returns to destroy the wicked and set up the Kingdom]

Those who don’t love righteousness are not of God.  They shall hear, “I never knew you”.  If you truly know God, if you are truly regenerate, you will love what He loves and hate what He hates—and obey what He commanded, the unchanging Standard of Morality in every area of life, and you will be offended when God's Law is violated and when God is offended and when Christendom is polluted and God’s people defiled and perverted.

Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S. for 2024 — Will This Herald Christ’s Return...? and the End of the World...? (Updated with a few Bible Passages) (with updated thought)

[Update at the end]

Total Solar Eclipse in the U.S. for 2024

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“Nondoctrinal Christianity” and all “Christianity” that rejects Reformed Doctrine [the Doctrine Re-established at the Protestant Reformation] is Humanism & Humanism is a Euphemism for Satanism

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No aspect of God’s universe is on autopilot; neither can it “evolve” or chart its own course. 

God could not have made such a universe.

The Karl Gustav Nieritz Library / Emily Sarah Holt Library / William Herchenbach Library (Updated May 11 2023 - New Titles Now Available)

The Karl Gustav Nieritz Library

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(Poster / Chart) Coordinated Chronology of the Reformers

Coordinated Chronology of the Reformers

Without the Reformers there would have been no American Revolution and we would all be Catholics on the Papal Plantation and in ignorance concerning the Word of God and Salvation.  The Reformers are our greatest heroes.  However, because the majority of "Christians" are utterly ignorant concerning the Reformers and the History and Doctrine of the Reformation, Christendom has fallen.  There is only one way to r


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